1. says

    terrorist. INDEED. this man has blood on his hands.

    know what i’ve never ever heard, in more than a decade of LGBT youth outreach? some kid calling us up on a support line and saying “I don’t know how to come out to my parents, they’re really liberal and i just don’t know how they’ll take it..”

    it’s never happened.

    this man is the enemy. i was actually angry at how the country got behind attacking Dharun Ravi when the reality is that it’s men like Perkins and Santorum that are to blame – they’re the ones that inspire bigotry in Ravi, and theyre the ones who instill fear and shame and feeling of hopelessness in Clementi. THEY are the root. they are the cancer.

    all bets are off. when this man dies a horrible protracted death I will crack open a bottle of champagne.

    it would be better that he redeem himself in life and make amends and do the right thing. he won’t. so when he keels over i hope he takes his hatred with him.

    this is unacceptable in 2012.

    no family in history has ever been torn apart because of homosexuality. families being anti-gay are the reason for that.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    He SHOULD say “If we [parents] really love them, we’ll be willing to tell them the truth: that his father is an idiot and is both destructive to them personally and society as a whole,”

  3. says

    y’know, while my parents may have raised me to be gay (Massive Eye-Roll) there’s a very important lesson that my parents still managed to impart on me – “don’t let guys ejaculate inside you”

    if only Sarah Palin had imparted that message to her daughter, eh?

    although, word on the street is that her original advice was “Just make sure he finishes up your rear that Todd should have when we made Trigg”

  4. Homo Genius says

    Oh lord… more of the “choice” and “lifestyle” and “behavior”… As gays we really need to up the focus on making these words similar to “welfare queen” or “lazy mexican”. They are wrong, demeaning and offensive.

    Haveing a branch of the family thats really fundy its been funny watching them deal with the gays over the years. They settled into the the love the sinner, hate the sin mindset but then that doesnt hold up overtime and it gets hard to talk about sinful this and that when they start getting gaybies for grand kids…

    Sadly, even though the many of the parents have dealt and joined us in the 21st century there are still older people they just hide it from. Like the lesbian wife of 15 years cant come to christmas because no one can explain why she is there to grandma. As if grandma hasnt clued in that she isnt a “roommate”

    Anyway, Perkins rhetoric needs to be equated with racist KKK talk from 50 years ago. It should not be acceptable. He shouldnt be getting a pass from the media simply because he hides behind Jesus.

  5. Jay says

    How are my partner and I, living quietly in an apartment with two cats, who go to our jobs each day and then come home, occasionally spending time with family or spending an evening out, harm society as a whole? I really want that explained.

  6. says

    the thing is these bigots and the fools who listen and agree with them are not in any way immune from having gay children.

    growing up with bigots like this for parents? this is what results in far too many grown-@ss men becoming closeted Andrew Shirvells.

    hating gay people won’t make your kid straight. but it’s a surefire way to lose a child, in one way or another.

  7. Ryan says

    Perkins is a textbook case for a self-loathing, repressed homosexual. He detests the traits in others that he so desperately wishes he didn’t possess.

    “Maybe if I show my hatred for these gays no one will suspect I’m hiding a secret of my own”.

    (Good God Get a Grip Girl!)

  8. Craig says

    Everybody chooses their lifestyle. Sexual orientation is not chosen Some people choose abstinence, most don’t. Some choose to be a–hole “christians,” most don’t.

    Funny (sad) thing is this guy acts like he’s “pro-family” yet he is willing to destroy families over this issue.

  9. Jack M says

    Yes, love them unconditionally, but don’t accept them for who they are. Perkins is such a hypocrite he doesn’t see the disconnect there. Or maybe he does and is just interested in making himself look good. Either way, he’s an a**hole.

  10. Caliban says

    I hereby formally hope this POS gets ebola, preferably at the “Value Voters Summit” where it will spread to speakers and attendees alike.

    There, I said it.

  11. Lynn David says

    Wait a second! “That’s not to say that those whose children may have ended up in homosexuality were not good parents?” He doesn’t hold with Nicolosi’s causes of bad parenting and his reparative therapy for homosexuality? Likely he will change his mind if pointed out his misstatement.

  12. Seriously says

    When, as a parent, you find that your child has chosen to be gay…you must beat them repeatedly about the head snd shoulders while yelling “Jesus loves you”. Perhaps you will knock the gay out of them!

  13. Seriously says

    When, as a parent, you find that your child has chosen to be gay…you must beat them repeatedly about the head snd shoulders while yelling “Jesus loves you”. Perhaps you will knock the gay out of them!

  14. says

    And while you’re at it, be sure to beat those little red-headed bastards until they turn blonde. Beat those physically awkward brats because that will surely turn them all into ballerinas.
    Got a kid with a birthmark? Beat it off them!
    Got a left-handed child? Beat them too! (They actually did do that – left-handedness was considered a sign of the devil by the same primitive minds that run the churches today).

  15. says

    “Don’t condone homosexuality. Beat it out of your kids! If that doesn’t work, ship them off to one of our “conversion camps” where we’ll shame, starve and electroshock the gay right out of them! All Visa and Mastercards are accepted.”

  16. Guest says

    “Perkins claimed he would still love a gay child, but would tell them that their “lifestyle choice” damages them and society as a whole.”

    Actually your choice to be straight is a lifestyle choice or not be married. We love you Tony, but your choice damages them and society as a whole.

  17. PAUL B. says

    A few here have already stated the obvious desire to have this sad excuse for a human being leave the earth. The good news is…he will…and he’ll take a lot of his kind with him. It’s what we truly have in our favor…time will make them obsolete. Natural selection is working on our behalf…and maybe that’s what frightens them most about evolution. They know they’re a dying breed. We need to speed up the machine…warp 9 Scottie !!! Yeehah!!!

  18. Tothepoint says

    It’s not a f*cking choice you sorry motherf*cking bastard. You are doing immeasurable harm to our youth. Education will stop the spread of disease but education will not stop your diseased message. I don’t want our youth killing themselves out of lost hope for acceptance.

  19. Diogenes Arktos says

    “harm society as a whole? I really want that explained.”

    Don’t you remember that in their eyes we’re all child molesters, perverts, and other monsters?

    “Education will stop the spread of disease”

    Not if you homeschool the children to avoid having the come in contact with scientific information and tolerance in public schools. (Ever compare conservapedia to wikipedia?)

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    “Education will stop the spread of disease”

    In addition to homeschooling, the Religious Right are *very* fond of vouchers, which allow parents to select nonpublic schools – often to the same end as homeschooling.

  21. DAN says

    @Diogenes Arktos: I just went to Conservapedia and looked up homosexuality! OMG the claims that are made about us!! I now know where some of these anti-gay Towleroad posters get their ridiculous information. It now makes sense! Some of these claims are backed up by “research”. Seems alot of those researchers work at religious universities. No coflict there!

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