1. Diogenes Arktos says

    Didn’t Ventura leave office with an incredibly low approval rating? If so, is this an endorsement we really want?

  2. Lucas H says

    He was doing an interview on my local NPR station this morning.

    I only heard like 15 minutes of it, but I was impressed.

  3. Paul R says

    They look so much like my cousin and his wife, it’s creepy. But then, my cousin is pretty creepy too. Still, good on Jesse for having principles.

  4. "The Gay" says

    What kind of an a$$hole asks if this is an endorsement we really want ?

    They’re speaking our in favor or marriage equality, WTF have YOU done ?

  5. Yawn says

    He’s a Republican and he didn’t do sh1t for gays when he was governor, so why would we care what he says now? And why doesn’t he shave his head? That little bit of long hair in the back and on the sides looks stupid.

  6. says

    the negative comments here are most likely made by partisan fanatics who think only extreme liberals are the only ones who can support gay marriage. HUH? How do you expect to WIN with that kind of attitude?

    Jesse is pro-gay and always has been. He enacted executive orders to give domestic partner benefits yet they were yanked by both dems and republcians.

    Jesse is an independent man who is very popular in the alternative media circles, whether you or I agree or don’t agree with those circles is NOT important, what is important is to protect the rights of gays lesbians, and Jesse’s endorsement is VERY much important. If some of you get out of your partisan shell for just a bit you may see why that is.

  7. Ken says

    The comment above by Jose S is exactly correct. Many people who comment on this site always bash anyone who is not a left wing liberal even when the speak out in support of marriage equality and other gay rights issues. This type of attitude hurts our cause. We should be thankful to everyone who is willing to help in our fight for equality.

  8. luke says

    Honestly thought he was a republican, old school wrestlers give off that vibe of being conservative. I’m not so sure the homo-eroticism of it really existed so much back then, even with deliberately flamboyant characters, but I don’t know.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    “We should be thankful to everyone who is willing to help in our fight for equality.”

    Be careful what you ask for. Just remember that the current Republican party is dead set against *anything* that Obama supports. For better or worse, it does matter to many people who does support us.

  10. jamal49 says

    For what it’s worth, Jesse Ventura is an Independent and was elected to be governor of Minnesota in 1998 as an Independent.

    Although some here dismiss him outright, he’s an interesting guy and has had a varied and interesting career.

    His tenure as governor wasn’t very successful but that was mostly due to the Democrats and Republicans doing everything they could to make sure Mr. Ventura didn’t succeed as governor.

    In short, Ventura was a threat to those two political parties and “the business as usual” two-party politics.

    But, Ventura has for a long time been a supporter of civil equality for LGBT people. His heartfelt endorsement here should be welcomed not criticized.

    To the critics here, y’all need to educate your dumb selves.

    And, Ken, “left-wing liberal” is kind of redundant. But, to clarify: No, as a liberal and someone who flies “left-wing forward”, I don’t always bash people who disagree with me here, there or anywhere.

    All I ask is that the argument be reasoned and factual. I don’t give a rat’s wazoo what your politics are.

    Life is for learning. Some of the people who post here should do just that: sit down, shut up and learn.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s fascinating how this discussion has developed. I’m obviously not from MN, but I am from a battleground state. Thanks, Jamal49, for someone finally answering my first question about Ventura. That makes his endorsement one we do want.

    I just reread the 21 August 2102 post about Hefner supporting LGBT rights and marriage equality. Some people there questioned whether having Hefner in our corner was a good idea.

    Here’s a bit of history of gay involvement in the political process…

    1972 – the first presidential election after Stonewall – Nixon vs. McGovern. Official RNC literature portrays the Democratic Party as for f@ggots and f@ggot-lovers. I’m sure the DNC was not amused.

    Next step – candidates refuse gay (of course we’re not LGBT yet) money and fervently pray that any group of gay party members does not endorse them

    Next step – candidates accept gay money, but only if we pay it very late in the game, so that the opponent can’t use it as a smear tactic. wavers on endorsement.

    Next step – candidates accept gay money and endorsement.

    Reading TR, you can certainly see how some candidates *still* use the gay card to try to smear an opponent.

  12. John says

    As a gay state employee in Minnesota during his administration and afterwards when our domestic benefits that he granted us were taken away by the Democratic governor who followed him in office, I say JESSE VENTURA 2016!!

  13. Curlee says

    I generally agree with many of Ventura’s beliefs. But his integrity is blemished by one distinctively ugly belief: he is one of those ignorant 9/11 conspiracy believers.

  14. Andrew says

    If he wasn’t up to his neck in all sorts of governmental conspiracy theories, I would welcome his support. However, I think that he is mostly a kook.