VP Joe Biden Assures Lesbian Couple of 25 Years: Marriage Equality ‘is Going to Happen’

Vice PResident Joe Biden visited and Obama for America office in Chillicothe, Ohio over the weekend and had a private meeting with a lesbian couple in which he assured them marriage equality is on its way:

Forward_bidenDuring the visit, he pulled off to the side to speak to two middle-aged women in private. The two women were Cathy Pool and her partner of 25 years, Mendy Yates.

During their conversation, speaking about marriage equality, he told the couple, "It's going to happen."

He "thanked us for the courage to hang in there,” Ms. Pool said. “He told us, ‘It’s going to happen.’”

Ms. Pool said the president announcing his support for same-sex marriage meant “everything in the world.”


  1. Frank Butterfield says

    Wow! This is wonderful!

    Also, I hope the VP was able to try the famous Chillicothe sandwich! 😉

  2. Frank Butterfield says

    Wow! This is wonderful!

    Also, I hope the VP was able to try the famous Chillicothe sandwich! 😉

  3. jakke says

    I was in high school when DOMA was signed and at that moment and until very recently, I thought I’d be very old before ever having the chance to get married.

  4. jason says

    Puh-lease, does anyone really believe Biden? The man is a walking train-wreck. Whatever comes out of his mouth is guaranteed palava.

  5. Nigel says

    Blah, blah, blah. “It is going to happen.” Well that sounds great but my life ticks by each and every day. When is it going to happen? How many years will this take to crawl through the courts? The statement I think about is “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “Whatever comes out of his mouth is guaranteed palava.”

    Yes, and Paul Ryan is the most honest man to serve in Washington since Tom Delay…who probably wasn’t a very good lay.

  7. says

    Of course Joe is absolutely right: marriage equality is inevitable.

    How soon it happens depends on which court cases the SC takes up and the outcome of those cases. It also depends on keeping anti-gay Republicans, like Mitt Romney, out of office, since they are the ones who will fight to keep DOMA in place till they go to their graves. Preventing Republican majorities is the best way to keep the momentum on our side.

  8. rick says

    It will happen sooner if we re-elect Obama/Biden and get the Congress back to the Democrats.
    If Romney/Ryan win, we’re screwed, unless the courts throw DOMA out.

  9. Pete N SFO says

    Elections are very much about who ends up on The Supreme Court… too often, people forget that.

    I have no doubt that this Administration is making a difference wherever they can because that day will come.

  10. Frank Butterfield says

    @Alan — Love that you got it! I never can watch The Harvey Girls (which I have many times because there is so much to love: the big train dance number in one take! Angela Lansbury vamps! John Hodiak is hot! Marjorie Main sings!) without getting hungry for a Chillicothe sandwich.

  11. Blake says

    Who knows how long President Obama / Vice-president Biden will take to make marriage equality a reality.
    But if romney / ryan win and the constitution is amended, it will take a very very very long time for marriage equality to be realized.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “Obama had two years of a democratic house and senate. He did nothing about gay marriage.”

    He’s going to continue to “nothing” EXCEPT appoint federal judges who will do something–probably something positive for marriage equality.

    Romney will appoint federal judges who will satisfy the Tea Party ultra right-wing conservatives. What do you think those Romney judges will do? They’ll do “something” all right.

  13. Icebloo says

    When will people stop being naive about the Supreme Court ? WAKE UP !
    The Supreme Court is broken. The whole system is a pile of s$it. It’s ALWAYS been biased to the right. ALWAYS. They will not vote in favor of gay marriage OR the removal of DOMA.

    We have to change the whole political and judicial system starting with the awful constitution. It’s not a BIBLE. It’s not created by God. It’s a terrible document that is holding our country back.

  14. says

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