1. jason says

    I think values are important. Values are the basis for the gay rights movement.

    Do not let anybody tell you that gay rights are not based on values. They are simply trying to get you to think that our movement is some random, permissive one that is based on “anything goes”. On the contrary, the very essence of values and morality lies at the heart of the gay rights movement. Ours is not – and should not be – an “anything goes” movement.

    Criticism of male-male promiscuity is justified in my view but such promiscuity is NOT the definition of gay rights. Gay rights is about rights.

  2. jamal49 says

    Jason, honey, you’ve got a point. An inarticulate, slightly confused one but it’s a point.

    Just so you understand, where the “Values Voters” people are concerned, even if you are a monogamous gay man then you are promiscuous.

    Even if you are a celibate gay man, you are evil simply because you are gay. Your existence is an anathema to the VV’s.

    The gay rights movement has never been based on “anything goes” or “promiscuity” or any of those things that you find, uh, unjustifiable.

    Gay rights are civil rights. However, in a free society, what a person does with those rights is his or her business as long as they do no harm to another.

    Therefore, ditch the term “promiscuity” from your vocabulary. It is worthless and meaningless.

  3. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    One of the featured speakers is Ann Romney, who was anti-gay even when Romney was governor of Massachusetts. Andy, please post Ann Romney’s speech. It will be edifying to watch her try to morph into the 21st-century Anita Bryant.

  4. Sean Collins says

    Whenever I check in on this site, I am always surprised that people still take the comments of Jason, Rick, Ratbastard, Little Kiwi and all the demagogues of the left and right seriously.

  5. mike says

    Why are some of you calling people who love and want to protect this country “haters”? First off I am guy and more importantly I am a Conservative who desires that our great country continue on its path of greatness. Not this feckless, wandering and pandering to special interest groups; not this continuing of an endless apology tour that denigrates our country. You would not have this open discussion in a society that most of the poster here wish for; you would end up (if your survived) working in a slave work camp.

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