1. says

    beautifully done, and all too true.

    it’s really stunning that we have, for the first time in history, a president and his administrating putting EQUALITY on the platform and the typical cowardly gay conservatives keep pretending “this isn’t the right time” to care about equality.

    really? just because your own people in your life don’t care about equality doesn’t meant it’s not the right time. it must be a shocked knowing that it’s “the black liberal” President that is moving mountains, but ya gotta get over it.

    term two, brothers.

  2. shanestud says

    The most moving thing for my generation (now in our fifties) is to see this young guy exuding HOPE. He can actually imagine gay marriage for himself and the man he loves and having children, something we never ever would or could think possible.

  3. says

    I’m confused. According to the director, Dave Crabtree: “This spot was shot guerrilla style, just a skeleton crew, our actors and the tried-and-true lighting rig of the California sun. Luckily everybody was down for all the driving, lack of parking, and general running around. I loved every minute of it.” So this guy is just an actor saying lines???

  4. Lewis Gannett says

    How odd. This is a guerilla-style video shoot about the inspirational hopes of an attractive gay couple? Maybe. It’s also an ad for Chase Bank. Somehow that doesn’t make the video crew’s parking problems seem all that onerous. Unless I’ve missed something, this video is a clever corporate promotion that probably had plenty of funding. And what’s with the comment about “casinos”?

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