Angela McCaskill Calls For Anti-Gay Group To Stop Using Her Image


Maryland Marriage Alliance, one of the conservative groups trying to stop marriage equality in that state, thought they hit the jackpot when Gallaudet University suspended diversity provost Angela McCaskill for signing a petition to put same-sex nuptials on the November ballot. She had been intimidated and threatened, they said, and they used that very point, and video of McCaskill, in a recent commercial.

"When marriage has been redefined elsewhere, as Question 6 does, people who believe in traditional marriage have been punished," says the ad. Unfortunately for them, McCaskill simply wants to be left alone.

"No one has the right to decide what my signature meant," she said yesterday. She and her attorney, Wyndal Gordon, are now asking Maryland Marriage Alliance to remove her from their propaganda.

"She has been neutral. She has not opined one way or another. The marriage alliance folks have taken a position for her. Well, that’s the same thing Gallaudet did on the other side of the spectrum,” said Gordon.

Citing copyright ownership of the McCaskill video, Gallaudet has also asked Maryland Marriage Alliance to stop playing the ad, but the group says they have no intention of stopping.


  1. Ricco says

    No one can say what her signature means she says, ubt given the rhetoric implicit in the petition she signed are we supposed to pretend ignorance because her signature has now become inconvienient to her?

    She needs to step down from her position, or made to step down, either by the university, finding her another position that does not so overtly conflict with her bigotry, or by the students who will make her life an utter misery until she does.

    The woman is a joke.

  2. grego says

    she doesn’t want the distraction from the far right to complicate things, now that she thinks she can sue the Uni for some big bucks. Sad.

  3. AngelaChanning says

    There were reports she told the faculty member who found her in the signature database that she signed the petition without thought after her husband brought it to her attention after a church service. If this is true, she has thrown her husband partially under the bus, and this makes her a liar.

    However,this may boil down to the university’s policy and her employment contract. My guess is that the language addressing this is vague or does not exist.

  4. Steve says

    Rather late for that. And no, she hasn’t been neutral. Neutral would have been not signing the petition

  5. Alex Parrish says

    She has (had) a position of authority at the university and she was charged with promoting diversity — it’s not like she was the football coach. What person in this position signs a petition without reading and understanding it? Even if brought to them by their spouse? Either she is self-serving in claiming that she didn’t read or understand it, or she is grossly incompetent to think that she can make a public statement — like signing a public petition — which is counter to the very purpose of her position at the university. Either way, it is a fatal mistake for a person in such a position. Hope she learns from this — and puts what she learns into practice in her NEXT position.

  6. EchtKultig says

    These ads have been playing since the day after the controversy erupted – in fact I couldn’t believe how quickly they came up out them – how quickly can you make an ad buy at a local affiliate? If she was so distressed her attorney could have sent a cease-and-desist in less than an hour. This is empty political posturing on her part.

  7. EchtKultig says

    LOL…in agonizing between “up with” or “out with” I accidentally deleted the “with”!

  8. Booker says

    Even though I don’t think she should be fired for signing the petition, I think she’s being disingenuous about her reasons and her supposed ‘neutrality’ on same-sex marriage. The Maryland legislature legalized same-sex marriage, which is the standard way to pass a law. In a case like that, the only reason to hold a referendum is if you want to overturn the law, and that’s the only logical reason for her signature.

  9. muffinette says

    Perhaps voters should be asked whether Negresses should allowed to run universities. History and tradition say no.