1. hugo says

    does that mean that children in single-parent families (due to divorce or death) should be transferred to foster parents because the balance would otherwise be off?

    Creatively, I liked that artistic approach better, though, than the red-caped loons that stand at corners and yell at you to honk at them because that will somehow save ‘traditional marriage’ or something.

  2. says

    i think that is the point Hugo.

    these people keep talking about “mother and father”, which has nothing to do with the MARRIAGE argument.

    banning gay couples from marrying doesn’t stop gay couples from having children, nor does it mean that single mothers or single fathers magically get an opposite-sex partner with which to co-parent their children.

    it just means that gay couples with children have THEIR CHILDREN put at a disadvantage, under law.

  3. Putain! says

    Realité: There’s a lot more to parenting than combining sperm and egg.Not everyone who can create a child can parent a child. And as my adoptive parents proved, you don’t have to be able to creat a child to parent a child well.

    The lunacy in the video is brought to you courtesy of the putrifying catholic church in France, which even if largely irrelevant, isn’t dead yet. Unfortunately.

  4. Steve says

    Actually in France lesbians don’t have access to artificial reproduction technology precisely because they can’t get married. There are still other means of course – traveling to Belgium for example, or doing the insemination yourself – but it’s a lot harder than in the US there.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    Andrew, you should have paid attention to Rouquinricain on the previous posting. He noted that the two women were STRAIGHT. (He posted a link to the interview with them in Tetu.) He also noted that the principal problem people have with this issue is same-sex adoption by both parents. In fact, the text on top begins “Les opposants a l’adoption…”.

    That being said, I find this display bizarre.

  6. Steve says

    They *say* they are only against gay adoption (or whatever other issue), but when you dig deeper you nearly always find out that they are against gay people existing.

  7. Quest says

    France is very liberal when it comes to sex, they do not care if gays f**k each other. But they have never been liberal about things like gay marriage and gays having families. They don’t mind if the pervs have sex, after all they too are screwing everything that moves, but they are very conservative when it comes to their heterosexual privilege…They do not want to share things like marriage and children with homosexuals. France is still at it’s core a Catholic country with all the prejudices and hypocrisy which that implies.

  8. ratbastard says

    You know, there’s a reason why we have an old saying in America:

    “He’s either European, or gay.”


    I’ve lived in Europe [France] and traveled pretty extensively, and it’s a fairly accurate statement. A metro-sexual’s paradise. Most dudes over there were wearing skinny clothes and narrow shoes/sneakers long before it actually became hipster fashion. Though I understand the Japanese take the top spot for being metro-sexual.

  9. Fenrox says

    I love this. I love his expression. You know, I am somewhat heartened by it. Americans hate so much and just don’t invest in that hate, it becomes another thing for them to lazily succumb to. Clearly SOMEONE in that group had actual passion for this issue and I am relieved by that oddly.

  10. Petes says

    The sad thing about this whole farce is that if you go the website of the newspaper that filmed this (le Maine Libre) their top story at the moment is how a mother murdered her newborn baby and left the body in an abandoned industrial oven. I don’t seem to remember ever hearing a story of a gay couple murdering their newborn child, but it’s hardly a rare occurrence that some holier-than-though straight person does something like that. These people really ought to be ashamed.

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