1. Continuum says

    The police have this guy’s name and age and God knows what other information about him.

    But, he’s moved and won’t answer his phone.

    So, what are the police supposed to do?


    The police should keep this a secret since other criminals might learn all you need to do is not answer your phone and the police can’t find you.

  2. The Milkman says

    And frankly, if Jin Yung Park was arrested, they probably have his driver’s license number and/or SSN. They could locate him in a half hour if he’s using credit cards.

  3. Robert says

    I have know nick for years and can say without a doubt that nick said something to provoke this attack. This is not a gay bashing hate crime he and the media have made it out to be an assult yes but not a hate crime. Nick has always had issues running his mouth and unfortunately his friend lost 6 teeth because of it.

  4. Rick says

    Exactly, Yupp.

    Mr. Oppelmann is nothing but a big pu$$y.

    As is Mr. Soret.

    Stand there and let another man beat the crap out of you and do nothing about it.

    Then hold a “protest march” afterwards, to try to make the world safe for cowards and sissies.


    Society will never condone cowardice, nor should it… gay men or men of any sexual orientation, so you all need to get used to it and learn to defend yourselves like men.

    Or you can get the crap beat out of you.

    Your choice.

  5. Rick says

    When my father used to beat me I would always take out my false teeth (he knocked my real ones out when I was 11) and then get on my knees with my mouth open wide. That was my signal to him that I was ready to fellate him and he didn’t need to beat me anymore. As you can tell from my posts it hasn’t messed me up in any way.

    For example, I like to tell people that they’re sissies and wimps but the truth is I’m still completely closeted and can only make my posts anonymously. Why? Because even though my father is long since dead and rotting in Hell with my feminist whore of a mother, I’m still terrified that I’m the f@g he always knew I was.

    So i sit here typing hateful things with one hand and masturbating my micopenis with two fingers on my other hand.

    Society will never condone cowardice, which is why pathetic gay men like myself should probably just kill ourselves since we’re not man enough to stand up, be Out, and do anything productive with our lives.

    Also, I hate blacks, fems, lady gaga, latinos, women, liberals and gay men who enjoy being gay men.

    Oh, and I turn tricks with my colostomy-bag hole.

  6. Rick says

    Ignore Little Impostor who once again denigrates my entirely consensual romantic relationship with my father.

    Although you do have a good point, it is rather hypocritical of me to call other people sissies and wimps when I myself am not in any way openly gay. But that’s because I have the right to privacy and it’s my choice and if these liberal fem-worshipping queens who want to be women behaved like I do then nobody would know they’re gay and they would not be bashed.

  7. Rick says

    Ignore the impostors posting as me, they are undoubtedly insecure limp-wristed fems who don’t like that I speak the truth.

    Here’s another piece of truth – the greatest thing I could ever do for the gay community and america is to have 10 or 12 drinks and drive myself home in the rain.

  8. Yupp says

    Rick : Well….I know we’re not supposed to live in a society where all the value of a person is on whether he can fight or not…And I know there are all kinds of variations (like a 25 year old hulk can probably beat up a 90-year-old couple), but…. still….in some of these cases it gets embarrassing. (Anyway, I’m surprised to see an Asian bashing anybody. I’ll be yelled at by the more politically-correct for that one too).

  9. Jonathan says

    Rick – your issues run much deeper than whatever story you’re presenting as your excuse. You’re pathetic and it’s a shame you have a keyboard. STFU. To the one who claims “Rick” has issues with running his mouth – his friend certainly doesn’t seem to think so as he’s there still sitting next to him. I’m sure he doesn’t consider you a friend and most likely, neither does anyone else.

  10. Rick says

    @Jonathan Only the first post bearing the name “Rick” in this thread is by me, the real Rick.

    The other three are from Little Kiwi, acting as an impostor, as he often does.

    If you were not intelligent enough to figure that out, then I don’t know what I can do for you.

    The “issue” in this case is what it usually is with gay men–despite being perfectly physically able to defend themselves, they don’t–because they have internalized the idea that their sexuality makes them of inferior masculinity and so they behave accordingly.

    That is what is pathetic.

  11. SayTheTruth says

    Some people are delusional. You can’t resort to violence as the rule of thumb, there will be ALWAYS someone bigger, stronger –and more importantly- trained or crazier than you, I suspect the Korean American guy obviously has a hefty hand, maybe trained in martial arts, so playing the hero card would have ended even worse. Most of Koreans I know are very conservative evangelic Christians, so it’s not strange to see some of them getting crazy at the sight of gay people.

  12. Rick says

    I’m the real Rick and to prove it I’m not going to prove it because proof is for liberals and I hate liberals.

    The mark of a masculine man is how masculine he tells you he is from the anonymity of his online internet handle.

    I’m so masculine that I tell people I’m masculine while still remaining totally closeted.

  13. ratbastard says


    You sound P-whipped. Sometimes a violent response is appropriate. You realize there are some people who only understand violence and power? You can’t talk your way out of everything, although I suppose you can try and run away with your tail between your legs.

  14. SayTheTruth says

    I guess some people don’t get what I said. Obviously you can defend yourself as much as you can, I was writing about the “let’s give him a lesson because we are two and also men” and all that BS. By the way for some morons and apartment moles down there, sometimes it’s better to swallow your pride and to live to tell the tale another day than risking your integrity –sadly some body parts don’t regenerate, you know- or your life. Some people believe that a fight is like in the movies, too much Resident Evil I guess. Real life can teach a lesson or two, I hope for those that think is that easy can taste it with a big spoon. By the way, yes, many Asians practice martial arts as well as many Mexicans like spicy food, so don’t be so gullible.

  15. Yupp says

    saythetruth : I’ve been in many very real fights in my life. Even a few when I was the subject of attempted gaybashing (by way more than one person). So I’m not naive about the blood-n-guts fight thing. But I’m not trying to make you an adversary here. I understand some of your points.

  16. Andrew says

    Thanks for posting hate crime. We now need suspect identified. Austin Police are sweeping this under the rug! You can pull the assault video from YouTube. Please help us win justice for us, and people of Austin!


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