1. Lucas H says

    Watched this at my desk and tried concealing my laughter to little effect. Coco is hilarious!

  2. Miguel R. says

    I’ve seen pictures of Coco but never heard her talk. She is hilarious. I think she could read a phone book and I would still be laughing. Just a naturally funny, funny person.

  3. Caliban says

    Here is a *really* good story by William Lucas Walker, a gay dad, about taking his 11 year old daughter to meet Coco Peru for tea. Walker met Clinton Leupp (Coco) on a cruise and they became friends. When his daughter was born Coco declared herself the girl’s “fairy godmother” and sent gifts but the little girl had never met her because Coco’s act isn’t exactly kid-friendly. So finally they met for tea.

    It’s funny and touching, really worth a read (I swear).

  4. Brandon H says

    It’s Miss Coco Peru. Respect.

    As far as I’m concerned she should take over for Rupaul when she gets too old to walk down the runway without a colostomy bag.

  5. Jeff says

    I love Coco. But I do not shop at Target since their donation to anti-gay charities back in August 2010. They have great PR they’ve done nothing to rectify it and it seems forgotten by many. I wont be back until they make it right.