1. THE QUEEN says


  2. charity is over-rated says

    I believe that is the standard initiation rite to join the Tea Party, so no big deal for Trump. He’d probably do it if he could keep the money.

  3. Mitch says

    Wonder why his Trumpness, with all his concern about our candidates’ integrity and the future of our democracy, didn’t make the same offer for release of Mittster’s tax returns, confirmation of his residency, when he actually worked for Bain…

  4. Rick says

    Homophobia on the part of Cobert. He clearly implies that “being teabagged” (i.e. having another man’s scrotum in your mouth) is disgraceful and a form of humiliation to be avoided at all costs.

    It is the equivalent of a homophobic straight man saying “Suck my d—” to another straight man, not because he literally means it, but as a way of insulting him and challenging his masculinity.

  5. andrew says

    Colbert’s offer to Trump, as vulgar/funny as it was, is the perfect response to the media whore Trump’s offer to the president. On another note: I always thought tea bagging was resting your balls on the bridge of the “lucky” recipients nose, not putting them in his/her mouth.

  6. andrew says

    @Rick: having a strangers balls in your mouth is “disgraceful” and “humiliating”. On the other hand, having your significant other’s balls in your mouth is yummy/erotic/fun etc.

  7. Rick says

    “On another note: I always thought tea bagging was resting your balls on the bridge of the “lucky” recipients nose, not putting them in his/her mouth.”

    No, it’s called “teabagging” because the scrotum is dropped into the “wet” mouth the way a teabag is dropped into a “wet” cup of water.

    And its use in this way by Colbert is homophobic.

  8. Rick says

    “@Rick: having a strangers balls in your mouth is “disgraceful” and “humiliating”. On the other hand, having your significant other’s balls in your mouth is yummy/erotic/fun etc.”

    So if Ryan Gosling came up to you in a hotel lobby and suggested that you come up to his room so that he could “teabag” you, you would refuse him on principle because his being a “stranger” and not your “significant other” would make it disgraceful and humiliating?


  9. andrew says

    @Rick: Of course I would refuse such a rude offer. If you have a thing for Gosling, swallow your pride and go for it, but please don’t swallow anything else.

  10. JP says


    Buddy, that’s your own bias coming into play by trying to generalize a specific event. Colbert obviously believes that Trump would find this personally offensive, so his goal is to personally offend Trump. He’s not making a broader gesture like you want to infer. He never says anything like “we all know how humiliating it is to be teabagged…BY ANOTHER MAN!” or generalizes his comments in any way – so why do you?

    All this shows is your over-sensitivity on the matter. It was a funny bit. Try to laugh a little, I promise it will make life better. :)

  11. Rick says

    @JP It is not my bias. If Trump had said the same thing to Colbert, all the “good liberal” lemmings here would be calling it homophobic on the part of Trump.

    I think what some of you just don’t want to have to face is that many “liberals” are just as homophobic as most “conservatives” are, at the personal level–where it really matters–regardless of how “prog-gay” their “official policy positions” appear to make them.

    They can be in favor of gay rights in principle but still deeply homophobic on a personal/vultural level and it has been my experience that a very large number of them are.

  12. MateoM says

    When will you people learn not to feed Rick/Jason? He’s a troll and he’s calling Colbert a homphobe merely to incite hostile comments and get this comment thread off topic. That’s what he does every single day on this site and it’s tiresome. So please ignore him in hopes that he will do something else with his pathetic life, or end it. Preferably the latter.

  13. UFFDA says

    Don’t be silly MATEOM, Rick/Jason are huge fun and often insightful being so far out of the lemming box as they are. One can argue with them all manner of ways, or take their point (so to speak). For instance as a liberal I am as in favor of straight rights as gay ones, but that doesn’t mean I’m not heterophobic “on a personal/cultural level” since their orientation is personally of no interest whatsoever. Were I straight such a remark towards gays would be roundly attacked as homophobic.

  14. andrew says

    @ Matedom: As much as I disagree with Rick, your comment that you would prefer that he end his life is a meaner thing than I have ever seen, the easily dislikable, Rick post.

  15. andrew says

    We all now know Rick’s problem. The poor guy is frustrated because his dream of having Ryan Gosling’s balls in his mouth (read one of his posts above), will never come true. Give the poor guy a little understanding. Just a little.

  16. Derrick from Philly says


    Matedom really doesn’t want Rick to die–not physically anway. It’s just that there is more meaness and cruelty in Rick’s comments than most visitors to this blog may realize.

    Rick despises a whole segment of the Gay world. His hateful philosophy is dangerous to many young Gay men.

    When I was young (oh, God, another story in the Life of Derrick…ok, I’ll make it brief) I couldn’t understand why some Gay men at the bars and Gay events were so mean and cruel to me. Finally, someone said, “it’s because you act so cunty–especially wearing all that make-up”

    Well, instead of making me want to conform and be more acceptably masculine it made me angry. I said, them fake b.tches. What they thought of as manly came across like vicious nerds–some of the ghetto variety.

    Now that I’m older and less feminine (for some fems when you loose your looks you loose your fem style also)those same Gay men who detested me now find me acceptable company–atleast the ones who survived the epidemic. Honey, they can all go to manly HELL for all I care!

    But most young Gay men who may also effeminate are not solitary souls. They want to be sociable and even have a love life. Gay men like Rick try to force them to conform, to become more masculine. And they threaten them with being ostracized–being alone. That is cruel.

    If you don’t want to be around me then fine, but don’t be nasty to me or some nasty VIRUS may come along and take your wannabe manly azz outta’ here (oh, yes, I’ve developed a mean streak too–had to. People always wonder why drag queens seem so mean. It’s a defense mechanism!)

    I used to think that Little Kiwi’s parodies of Rick were over the top–too vicious. Well, what’s that old phrase about fighting fire with fire?

    Rick thinks he’s helping young Gay men, but he’s simply trying to stifle the way many young Gay men express themselves.

    As we say in my old neighborhood of North Philly, “Rick need to mind his own damn business.”

  17. Michaelj says

    Ditto to what JP wrote, and what ANDREW wrote, about MATEDOM’s comment re: RICK being out of line.
    I guess I’m a cheap date, or at least cheaper than JOHNNY, for it would take far less money for me to open by mouth wide for Colbert’s balls. And for Gosling’s I’d give it away.

  18. andrew says

    @Derrick: Admittedly, I don’t read many of Rick’s postings, because those that I have read have been uninformed, offensive and flat out nonsense. So, I may not be aware of the depths of his meanness.

  19. BETTY says

    I like how RICK/JASON declares it homophobia and is offended by this, meanwhile his “womanphobia”, “effeminate gaymenphobia”, “minorityphobia”, and “feminismphobia” are on display each and every day here. It’s ok for him, but a COMEDY piece gets his panties in a bunch!

  20. sayWHAT says

    Dearest unthinking Obamabots: Please discuss:
    “But I’d like to know why Obama would go against his redistributionist nature and choose to deprive a charity of his choice from receiving a cool $5 million from The Top One Percent. Reportedly, Obama’s spent millions to keep these records secret, so there’s no question he’ll refuse Trump’s offer. And that’s what keeps me from caving to pressure that insists I jump on the Trump-Is-A-Laughingstock bandwagon.

    In a perfect world I could jump on the bandwagon, but it’s the media and the left who have set absurd standards involving every nook and cranny of a Republican’s past. And if it takes a stunt like this to call attention to this glaring double standard and the shadowy past of our secretive president, we’re better off with Trump than without him.

    Now we know that keeping whatever’s in those records secret is more important to Obama than a charity receiving $5 million. Moreover, voters everywhere have now been reminded of this fact.

    Laugh it up, but in my book that’s a good thing.”

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Gregoire: Your comment reminds me of “The Sound of Music”. The song “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” has the line “she could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl”. Now, select one or more appropriate problem people…

  22. BEEB says

    @SAYWHAT: are dilusional? So you are going to fault the President for not taking this loser up on his challenge and blame Obama for the money not going to charity? The President is should NOT stoop to this childish, moronic level of behavior. If this is where you want to take the office of the President to, then I suggest you find another country. You GOP idiots are so offensive and childish. Destroy any Democrat and tarnish and tear down the office just so YOU can get back into power. You should be ashamed of what you are doing to this country. Sickening.

  23. SAYWHAT says

    Bless your heart. It’s “delusional” and no, I’m not. I just want this “president” to be the awesome transparent guy he said he would be. I wonder if he’ll display all of his awesome transparency in regards to how his administration ignored the repeated calls for protection from terrorists. Calls that came from Americans in Benghazi, BEFORE they were brutally murdered by terrorists.

    Sorry to have to make you think.

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