‘Des Moines Register’ Thinks They Know The Real Mitt Romney

For the first time since backing Richard Nixon in 1972, the Des Moines Register today backed a Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, because they think Romney's business background will help stabilize the economy.

Though the editors say President Obama made the right move with the stimulus package, they think only Mitt Romney can renew consumer confidence, which they claim will result in more industrial investment. The paper also believes Mitt Romney can overcome the obstructionism that hampered President Obama. But the Republican can only do so if he abandons the right wing agenda that helped him win the primary:

Romney should not squander an opportunity to build consensus in
Washington by wasting time on issues that animate many in his party. We
cannot rewind the clock on progress for minorities, women, gays and
lesbians. We must make it easier for immigrants to come here to live and
work legally and stop making criminals of those who are living here
lawfully, paying taxes and raising families. The federal government must
continue to insist on clean air and water and encourage clean and
renewable energy.

The paper, which endorsed Romney during the primary, acknowledges that Romney shifted to center after winning that race, but thinks the man we see now is the "real" Romney, meaning he's more moderate than he let the right believe. His campaign's recent announcement that they still support a Federal Marriage Amendment says otherwise.


  1. Mikemike says

    Of all the tropes, this one is the most annoying. Because he ran one institution that has one set of goals (profit), he can therefore run another one that has different goals (the security and well-being of its citizenry)?

    Businessmen are not saints, and governments are not businesses.

  2. Tim NC says

    oh fer gawd’s sake. It doesn’t matter one bit whether Mitt is conservative or moderate. It’s the makeup of the congress that will send Mitt the far-right legislation. The republican controlled house isn’t going to become moderate just because Mitt “might” be moderate. And, Mitt sure as hell wouldn’t veto anything they send to him.

    They claim Mitt was moderate as the Gov of Mass. But, that was only because he was forced to be. The legislature there was 87% democrats. And, Mitt vetoed a record number of bills they sent to him. They turned around and overrode a record number of his vetos. That’s how he got a moderate record in Mass. By veto and override. If the people of Mass were so impressed with his governing qualities, why is he being trounced in Mass by Obama? Do you suppose that maybe the people of Mass know he isn’t the moderate he claims to be?

  3. EchtKultig says

    “We cannot rewind the clock on progress for minorities, women, gays and lesbians.”

    LULZ. Not sure if this is shear arrogance or false optimism. Look at the recent survey on race relationships and attitudes in the US…doesn’t look like the clock is advancing, that’s for sure. If there’s any lesson from modern history, it’s that “progress” is rewound all the time.

    Anyhow, “last Republican since Nixon” speaks volumes, look at how that turned out! And Nixon would be so liberal compared to today’s Republicans he’d be kicked out of the party.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    Well said, MikeMike and just because someone at the DesMoines Register has an editorial column doesn’t mean he/she can think. The logic behind this editorial seems to be — Mitt said dumb stuff but he didn’t mean it and we trust him because he told us too — and you should too. Balderdash! Voting for Willard is buying a pig-in-a-poke.

  5. Steve says

    Mittens doesn’t know anything whatsoever about running a business. He only knows about buying companies

  6. gregory brown says

    How astonishing it is to think of Nixon as a Moderate/relatively Liberal Republican! I’d be happier if we had a few genuine moderate and Conservatives Rethugs around, like Eisenhower and Goldwater. The Tea Piss soaked pretenders to conservatism ought to go to the chopping block sooner than later. Lets see some GENUINE Class Warfare for a change. the offending eyes or arseholes should be plucked out.

  7. jesse says

    The DMRegister does reflect Iowa thesedays, which is not as nutty as fundie Kansas and Missouri, but close, an the huge elderly population and little growth population elsewhere is pushing the paper to write this. Frankly, I think once people reach retirement age they should not be allowed to vote. They simply have too much say on a future (the next 20-30 years) that they likely won;t be around in.

  8. be careful what you wish for says

    That recommendation seems to be based on wishful thinking. What a laugh. I guess someone was under pressure to write something, anything to fill a page of that rag.

    If Romney gets in there might be a whole lot of crying in the red states as their federal subsidies are eliminated and their state taxes go up.

    And for women voters they may find out in two years that the state has a higher priority in deciding what goes on in their wombs than they do.

    Yep, wishful thinking could end up with a whole of crying going on.

  9. Talisman says

    LOL..there is no “real” Mitt Romney. He’s going to say and do exactly what he thinks it will take to get him elected. And if he is running this country, he will do exactly as he is told to do, either by the Mormon elites or the Republican hierarchy.

    And running a government is nothing like running a business – it is often quite counter-intuitive. Remember, the last few times we’ve elected a “businessman”, we’ve ended up in a depression (or near depression).

  10. Mike says

    The Des Moines Register saying Romney can overcome bipartisanship is like saying if we surrender to Al Quaida, we can have peace. The Republicans held this economy hostage and cheered for American failure. You want proof, look at the record number of filibusters. You want proof, go back to 2009 and watch how they cheered and gloated when the United States lost the 2016 Olympic bid. The only time they love this country is when their obscenely wealthy rich boys are running it. The Des Moines Register editorial board is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  11. Steve says

    I read a great analogy earlier: Romney doesn’t have a position. He has a waveform encompassing all possible positions until someone with a specific goal makes an observation and collapses the waveform into a state that exactly matches what he wants to hear.

  12. Michaelandfred says

    I guess his record 800+ vetoes in Mass and the equally astounding 750+ overrides wasn’t enough to prove them his inability to work across party lines? This bit of nonsense is the most irritating in an election cycle of irritating nonsense. The idea that Romney is some kind of bridge builder because he managed to create healthcare in Mass…..with a 78% democratic legislature. Wow, what a trick Mitt. Maybe you can convince baseball stadiums to sell beer and peanuts as well.

    Mitt’s inability to build bridges, his hardcore conservative stances on almost every social issue and his stripping of the poor to give to the rich is why he ran out of office with a 35% approval rating and dared not run again. No here he is selling the same snake oil and people just suck it up.

  13. marshallt says

    LOL… that gave me a chuckle. We endorse the Republican candidate but hope that he’ll behave like a Democrat in office… what country have they been living in?

  14. Byron St. James says

    We all know that the repugs are champing at the bit to gut environmental regulations, among other things. Sometimes (like most of the time) I feel that America is doomed to go down the same wrong path time after time, without ever learning anything. We are well on the way to third world status- if not aleady there.

  15. Caliban says

    They must have consulted a Magic 8-Ball if they think they know the “real” Mitt Romney, because he hasn’t released more than 2 years of income taxes, his tax and budget plans are a mystery, and he won’t discuss his religious beliefs. So what did could they have based the endorsement on, his shoe size?

  16. woodroad34d says

    So desperate. Looking for anything in Mitt Romney that they can stomach so they won’t be forced to vote for someone who has actually brought America forward…albeit slowly. There was a study done that asked: can CEOs be good leaders. The answer was ‘no’ because they act like dictators, leading by fiat, and are unable to work well with others–very undemocratic. The Des Moines register should look at Romney in toto — his bullying of innocents, his part in the destruction of the economy through Bain Capital, his putting of church before his country, and his shadowy financial dealings and taxes. Even his big prize on his resume, the Olympics, were not what he says they were: a large part if not the majority, were government handouts–not private sector (he lies about that, too). This will be another Nixon administration if he becomes President. Can we actually handle another disgraced and impeached administration; ’cause that’s what’ll happen.

  17. Francis says

    Consumer confidence is higher than it has been in a years and for the first time we see people are starting to feel positive about the track we’re headed on as a country economically. So the “only Mitt Romney can restore consumer confidence” is false. The rest of the piece isn’t worth commenting on. Romney supporters have nothing to back themselves on outside of “he’s not Obama”.

  18. BobN says

    Yes, yes, elect Romney to carry out Obama’s agenda even though Romney has campaigned against that agenda. Makes prefect sense, Des Moines Register editors.

    On assumes the editorial board are ardent supporters of drug legalization…

  19. Bill says

    Just out of curiosity, can Romney legitimately claim to have run a company that actually created jobs. By create jobs, I don’t mean merely hiring people – if you hire 20 people by using business practices that cause other businesses to have to lay 40 people off, you haven’t created any jobs at all – you’ve eliminated jobs. Does Romney think he can move Chinese jobs to the U.S.? About the only way to do that is to reduce what Americans get paid (including benefits), and which isn’t what the voters have in mind when they want less unemployment.

    Now, if you develop a new technology (e.g., you invented the transistor), you can claim to have done something that created jobs, but Romney hasn’t invented a damn thing.

    People should start calling Romney on that. I think he’s just trying smoke and mirrors, with the emphasis on smoke.

  20. MikeH says

    Obviously they would rather having a lying hypocrite who will say absolutely anything to get elected rather than a black president. To say but they endorsed Obama the first time around ignores the train wreck which was/is Sarah Palin. Build consensus, they mean surrender to the right wing idiots. Not go backwards in civil rights? Didn’t they read the pledge that Romney signed about marriage equality? Either he is completely against gay rights or he is a huge liar. Both are just about as bad. Bottom line to say that you are voting for someone because you don’t think they will fulfil their campaign pledges is just about the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. How stupid are these people? And if they are willing to throw a minority under the bus for an illusionary economic plan which is basically tax cuts for the rich that says loads about their values.

  21. MarkUs says

    “Obviously they would rather having a lying hypocrite who will say absolutely anything to get elected rather than a black president.”

    “Black president.” That’s all he is to you huh. I’m sure just like that’s the only reason we want him gone is all you see when you see him. You can always run another black in four years. Maybe Colin Powell.

  22. EchtKultig says

    LOL…there is no “real” Mitt Romney.

    Sadly, there is a real Romney. It’s just been “hidden in plain sight”. Romney=The Mormon Agenda. End of discussion. He pretended to be a “moderate” in Massachusetts because he had to be; it was a state controlled by a democratic legislature.

  23. Wilberforce1 says

    This is the standard talking point. But it’s totally wrong, and it’s a sign of the democrats’ weakness that they haven’t disproved it.
    The real issue is the policies that Mitt would support, tax cuts and deregulation, which crashed the economy in the first place. The GOP and Romney has been selling this for 30 years, and just because he reversed himself a month before the voting doesn’t mean he’ll cross the party line. After all of his flip flops, anyone who thinks he won’t push GOP policy is hopelessly stupid. But of course, there’s a large group of Americans who’ll believe whatever they’re told, no matter how crazy.

  24. simon says

    Usually the New York Times readers have more taste and more informed than those of DMR which is more popular among teabaggers.

  25. Bill says

    When James wrote, ‘”Black president.” That’s all he is to you huh,’ I think he missed the point of that comment. Someone was claiming, rightly or wrongly, that the newspaper in question cared about whether we had a Black president or not and would prefer not to have one unless the other choices are much, much worse.

    I voted for Obama last time and will this time. I don’t care what his ethnicity is. What I care about is his policies, his judgment, etc., all of which are better than Romney’s.

  26. andrew says

    The Des Moines Register is telling the people of Iowa to vote for Romney because he was lying to the Republican primary voters when he said he was a “severe conservative”. He is actually a moderate who can now admit that since he has the nomination. The truth is that Romney has no core. He has no consistant set of beliefs that energize him. He is a man who will say anything because he just wants to be president of the USA.

  27. Grover Underwood says

    this editorial endorsement illustrates perfectly why newspapers are dying; they are so out of touch with the real world

  28. emjayay says

    Romney says anything that he and his advisors think will work in that situation in that moment. He is a corporate business guy closing the deal, which is exactly like advertising guys selling cigarettes or used car salesmen. The real Mitt Romney was caught on video at the fundraiser in Boca Raton. The real Mitt Romney led a gang of his student friends in attacking a bleached blond gayish fellow student and cutting off his hair. The real Mitt Romney passed a truck on a curve and crashed the church Citroen into a Mercedes that was stopped or slowed waiting to make a left turn, and now tells a fabricated story about it.

  29. George Deeming says

    The problem with republicans is that they think…no they believe that the government should be run on a business model.

    The government is NOT a business. It is there to represent and assist the public in any way. It is to prevent the public from coming into harms way, to give them a ‘leg up’ when needed, to render services both in the public and private sector and many other things but it is not and never has been a for profit enterprise. A good example is the Postal Service – note that I said ‘Service’ – Republicans for years have been trying to privatize it. It used to be a fantastic way of communicating and delivering packages anywhere in this country at an amazing rate. Mail deklivery to homes used to be twice a day morning and afternood, delivery to businesses was at least twice as frequent, special delivery was practically instantaneous at any time of the day or night. Prices were not only reasonable but cheap. With privatization – that is for profit operations – what used to cost a few dollars to deliver will now increase to barely affordable. This is what republicans want to do to government – tear it apart and open to typical corruption and over charges – look at health insurance business now for example. A goverbnment business model is not only wrong but disasterous.

  30. John says

    The fact that they haven’t endorsed a Republican since 1972 – when Nixon was handed a second term – speaks volumes. Nixon was a liar, and Romney is a liar. They had their heads up their butts then, and they have their heads up their butts now.

  31. Jim says

    The last time the Des Moines Register endorsed a Republican for president was 1972. The Republican candidate was Richard Nixon. Nixon won and he was one of the worst presidents in our history.

    As for newspaper endorsements, I might be more inclined to vote the opposite of the paper’s endorsement (seeing that my hometown paper is the right leaning Omaha World Herald). I read the articles about the candidates trying to ascertain what is true and what is fiction. I read when available their positions, etc. But I don’t depend on newspaper endorsements for my decision making.

  32. MS says

    I wonder how much money the Robme campaign paid the newspaper for the endorsement. It reminds me of last winter when Iowa hate group “Family Leader”, led by American Taliban Bob Vander Plaats, told Rick Santorum they would endorse him if he paid thousands of dollars to them. He did and they did. Sickening.