1. says

    Not to be stereotypical, but Holland has always brought us tolerance, openness, liberal values and progressive ideas.
    What a beautiful people they are and what a beautiful vid.

  2. Paul in Honolulu says

    If you’ve ever read the book “Homophobia” you would know that during the 16th century Holland was one of the most brutally antigay nations in Europe. But, like Spain, the UK and other repressive countries at that time, it is now among the most supportive of LGBT people, and of course has been instrumental in forwarding our human rights and dignity.

  3. says

    Being from the netherlands, these PSA’s are absolutely necessary, our country is becoming ever more conservative… its not how it used to be… intolerance is on the rise and more and more attacks on gays happens every year. I happy to see that they are trying to meet it straight on rather then wait for it to get worse. Goed gedaan Nederland!

  4. ratbastard says

    In America, look at Massachusetts and New England in general: it was founded by Puritans who were hounded out of England [and Holland] for being too religious and conservative. Christmas was banned until the early 19th century. People were executed for being witches. The Boston Common, where today demonstrations of every kind [not to mention drug dealing of every kind] routinely occurs was the place where people were once put in stockades for things like not keeping the Sabbath or talking back to parents and elders. ‘Witches’ were executed and buried in the same place today skateboarders hang out and smoke weed. Massachusetts today is one of the most ‘Liberal’ and ‘Progressive’ places in North America, and New England is considered the most non-religious region of the U.S.

  5. says

    Yeah !
    Well I was talking about the times we live in; not Nazi Germany; not the Inquisition; not the witchcraft craze of the 13th and 14th centuries; not Franco; not Mussolini; not the persecution of the Cathars, the Albigensian or before them the Arians !

    As I said, quite simply, Holland is a progressive country with a liberal progressive society of which the Dutch can be extremely proud.

    I don’t think Boston Common, Salem, or Torquemada are of much relevance to present day PSA’s in the Low Countries.

  6. Dan B says

    Not quite sure of your point, except perhaps that times change?

    Veel succes from here in the states. I hope Dutch liberals acknowledge the importance of de-pillarization, separation of church and state, and abolition of the monarchy as long-term goals. The remnants of feudalism are one of the major enablers of the European right wing. Kuyper’s legacy is a particular dark stain on the otherwise long and proud history of Dutch tolerance and progressiveness. Look at the UK’s schizophrenia on Muslim assimilation for an example of how state-established churches are still a threat to liberty even in the 21st century.

  7. Snownova says

    The Netherlands are bound for another leap in liberty, with the establishment of the first coalition that doesn’t include christian parties since the Purple parliaments of the early 00’s (the parliaments which gave us gay marriage, euthanasia laws, legalized prostitution and soft drugs).

    Oh how I enjoyed the election results seeing those smug reli-fascist bastards be driven into irrelevancy.

  8. Snownova says

    PS: Some examples of stuff the new christian free coalition has put on their agenda:

    – Lesbian co-parents will finally be able to both be registered as parents without having to go through a costly and lengthy adoption proces.

    – The “single fact construction”, a legal loophole allowing christian schools to fire teachers for being gay (or of another faith) is finally being abolished.

    – The “weigerambtenaar” (conscientious objector civil servant) is being semi-abolished in that newly hired civil servants will be required to perform gay marriages, but existing staff will still be able to refuse (baby steps :( )

    This is the biggest step forward we’ve had in a decade.

  9. Philip Wester says

    @Ratbastard: The puritans weren’t hounded out of England for being too religious and conservative. They left of their own volition because they felt England wasn’t religious and conservative ENOUGH.

  10. ratbastard says


    They were persecuted by the King and Church of England. This is a fact.


    My point:

    The Netherlands was at one time UBER conservative and religious.

    Massachusetts and New England was at one time UBER conservative and religious.

    Both places today are very ‘Progressive’, i.e. liberal, leftist.

    Seems pretty clear to me.