Evan Low, Gay Mayor of Campbell, California, Verbally Assaulted

Evan Low, who became the country's youngest openly gay mayor in 2009 when he was elected in Campbell, California, outside of San Jose, was verbally assaulted by a woman on his way to a community festival over the weekend, NBC Bay Area reports:

Low"She pointed her finger at me in the shape of a gun and said, "Bang (expletive), die. Go back to China, you will die," Low said. The expletive was a derogatory word for a gay man.

Low said the loud hatred lasted five minutes.

"I thought it was a joke because it was so random that this woman was screaming at the top of her lungs," Low said in a phone interview. "It was so strange and out of the blue, but after a while I came to find out it was not a joke."

A suspect has been identifed but not arrested. The woman's actions would be classified as a misdemeanor.

Low said that several people who did not know he was mayor came to his defense. One spit on the woman's car.


  1. Francis says

    Goes to show there are insane (and this woman sounds literally insane), homophobic/racist freaks everywhere, including the Bay. The big difference is that several people came to mayor Low’s defense, whereas in other similar and more extreme stories, nothing is done. Good to see people in Campbell, California standing up for their mayor and sending the message that such stupidity is unwelcome in their community.

  2. Bill says

    Something else to keep in mind – the event was some “Oktoberfest festivities” according the news article, which could attract a few people interested in quantity more than quality, including people from not too far away but from far more “conservative” areas. One can only hope she was from out of town, mostly to avoid embarrassing Vice Mayor Low’s constituents, who mostly would not like to have a bigot in their midst.

    To clear up any confusion, Mr. Low is now the vice mayor – smaller towns in his area pick mayors from the city council (by vote of the city council) and the mayor changes every couple of years. To be in either position means he is highly respected by his peers.

  3. jeremy says

    Don’t you love it when Asian Americans have immigrated to US for over 100 years and yet we are still treated like foreigners? I once got yelled by a gay man (we were at a gay bar): “why don’t you go back to China where you belong?” and I’m not even Chinese. And my friends wonder I only date Asians.

  4. "The Gay" says

    Oh, there are a lot of places in the US that are mostly white.

    Granted, most of them are rural backwaters where the young people can’t wait to get the heck out.

  5. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Yeah that sounds like a death threat to me. I’m all about free speech, but you can’t threaten to shoot people.

  6. Sad says

    And gays in California like to think everything is soooo much better there than in the rest of the US. Face it – this shyt happens EVERYWHERE.

  7. says

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  8. graphicjack says

    This has to be fake. I mean, Ann Coulter just wrote a book that racism hasn’t existed since 1964. Thanks, Ann, for clearing that up. It’s so wonderful to live in a racist-free society… sigh.

  9. ratbastard says

    @’The Gay’.

    NEWSFLASH: The U.S. and every other major ‘western’ first world nation are mostly ‘white’, just like Japan is almost entirely Japanese, Chine Chinese, Korea Korean, etc., etc.,

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ‘RACIST’ so spare me any BS responses. I posted the above to make a logical point.


    Since when is a ‘Verbal Assault’ [WTF?! Is that a legal term?] news-worthy? I’m happy there’s an openly gay man who is mayor of this town, and wish him the best, but this is not something to get your panties in a bunch.

    ‘Verbal Assault’…LOL

  10. ratbastard says

    @ Shticklemyer,

    Maybe we can send her to the world’s ‘Jewish State’, Israel? Apparently Jewish folks have their very own exclusive country, and this is perfectly OK? Asian nations are OVERWHELMINGLY guess what? Asian, and they generally don’t even tolerate other Asians very well, except in small numbers. Japan is something like 98% ethnic Japanese [no, they don’t celebrate diversity]. But, a majority ‘white’ town, city, neighborhood, or nation is bad? Those dam*, ‘racist’ whites!

  11. jamal49 says

    Jeremy, Asian people have been here in “America” longer than 100 years! They’ve been here for thousands of years!

    I am always amazed (and deeply saddened) at the ignorance of euro-Americans.

    One wishes the TRUE history of America would be taught in schools. Most euro-centric Americans would be shocked at the truth.

    Sorry that people have been so cruel to you.

  12. Ratbastard says

    AND there are black folks [not all of them] who’ve been here a lot longer than some white folks.

  13. Shawn says

    Jeremy: so you’re basically complaining about racism, and you’re being racist yourself by throwing all of us whites into the same category? I am white and I would never say something like that to an asian guy.

  14. LB says

    I got to spit on the Lydon LaRouche idiots in my hometown yesterdy…. I know, I know childish……… But boy did it feel great!

  15. jeremy says

    @Shawn: I have NEVER said all white people are racist. That’s ridiculous. But to be honest, even thought majority of white gay men are not “racist” (the whole sexual preference in still in the debate here), a lot of them are quite…ignorant. You have people who like to simplify billions of Asians into ONE simply box that they knows nothing about, whether it’s negative stereotype or “positive” fetish. They won’t admit it, but it’s not hard to see. What those people said to me was just a tip of a colossal iceberg. I say I won’t date white guys because I don’t want to fall into the trap of being an inferior person no matter what personality quality I have. Some people accept the reality, I’m just not one of them. That’s all.