1. andrew says

    romney was actively against marriage equality while he was governor of MA.

    he would be actively against it as president.

    he will say whatever he thinks will get him elected, then act like the conservatives who payed for it want him to…

  2. Icebloo says

    More Romney lies. He, along with the other Republican contenders for President, publicly stated he would bring in a Federal Gay Marriage Ban, Reinstate “Don’t ask don’t tell” and deport the gay foreigners in the US who are “married” to Americans. Now he is panicking. He knows he is going to lose the election so he’s softening his stance. He changes his mind every day.

    The self hating GRUBS (Gay Republicans) may be stupid enough (and desperate enough) to believe these lies but the rest of us are not as dumb.

    It send shivers down my spine when I hear these people state that Romney WILL win. It makes me suspect they have more voter suppression tactics going on. I cannot believe just how much voter harassment and suppression happens in the US. The rest of the world need to see all of this.


  3. says


    I was not aware of that. After the uproar over Ric Grennell it seems to me that would be front page news: Senior Adviser to the Romney Campaign is a Lesbian

  4. e.c. says

    Does Bay have any official standing with the Romney campaign or is this some new position that she just made up all by herself? It’s bad enough that Mitt lies constantly, but now even his surrogates just spout whatever nonsense comes into their heads.

  5. sugarrhill says

    Do not assume that Gay Marriage Ban Amendment would never pass. If Romney wins on Nov. 6 nothing is impossible and our rights aren’t off the table.

  6. Onnyjay says

    Never forget that Rmoney is a vulture capitalist and a Moron, er, Mormon, and therefore a brain-dead member of a bizarre mind-controlling cult just slightly less pernicious than Skyentology. If Rmoney-RyAyan win, we’re all f*cked, period. The Bush crime family will look like amateurs when Rmoney and his buzzards start to loot the treasury, steal what’s left of the national economy, and burn the capitol on their way to the Cayman Islands. Damn them all.

  7. Sam A says

    So they admit that that would be “redefining” marriage…meaning the current constitution (along with the verbiage in the Loving v Virginia decision) implie the right to same-sex marriage.

  8. Steven Janiszewski says

    Obama is a mere mortal who lies because, well, that’s what mortals do. Romney is a junior varsity god who lies because he thinks that we wouldn’t understand the truth. To gain an existential understanding of the cult that produced Mitt Romney, and to get your socks scared off, read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew, available in paperback and e-book on Amazon:…search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=The+Assassination+of+Spiro+Agnew

    Its unwilling, part-Mexican Mormon assassin dramatizes the Mormon superiority complex, manifesting it as racism, sexism, jingoism and an anti-federal government temperament. His research in the new library reveals ominous similarities between Islam and Mormonism. The spiritual power behind the cult, which is not the Holy Ghost, acts out.

    “With a clarity of language and vision unsurpassed in contemporary American prose, Steven Janiszewski’s Assassination of Spiro Agnew takes us into a U.S. mazed with madness and Mormonism and all things Utah, a U.S. that was then and still is. Do we need a novel, even as brilliant as this one, about a young man on a divine mission to assassinate the Vice President because he is too liberal? Yes, now more than ever. Readers, welcome to a masterpiece.”
    Tom Whalen
    Read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew.

  9. pierre laplante says

    Saying that same sex marriages should be the right of each State to determine is an egregious argument. Many governments, Canada included, will not recognize marriages that are not federally sanctioned in the country of origin. The US federal government has already ruled against polygamy therefore making a national policy over States Rights. And reciprocity of marital contracts has been an essential feature of marriage between the states as it deals with interstate commerce. So it is easy to see that this “States Rights” argument is a ruse to block gay rights.

  10. Pete N SFO says

    When Marriage Equality passed in MA, Romney acting as Gov, revived an 1860’s law requiring that marriages performed in MA would be for people residing in MA only…

    paraphrasing… He didn’t want MA to become the Las Vegas for gay people.

    Why would anyone believe anything this man says???

  11. says

    5 kids, 18 grandchildren. and apparently none are gay? what Mormon Magic!

    Mitt – you are a pathetic excuse for a man. you’d rather attend your son’s funeral than his marriage to another man.

    i’d happily spit in your face.

    what needs to change for these bigots to wake up? LGBT people are going to continue to die as long as bigots like Mitt promote and encourage prejudice and discrimination.

    i do not wish for death or more suicides. but since they are, alas, going to continue happening, it might as well happen to families of Republicans.

    maybe then they’ll realize that being anti-gay doesn’t mean your kids turn out straight – it means your potentially-gay kids turn out dead.

  12. johnny says

    This is simply a matter of Mitt going for as many votes as he can to win – at any cost, be he a liar or cheat.

    He knows that a majority (however slim, it’s still a majority) of Americans are not in favor of marriage equality. If he can tap into that majority to win, he will do so.

    I’ve said it before: Mitt is trying to win ANY WAY HE CAN saying WHATEVER HE HAS TO SAY (regardless the consequences of his lies) to do so.

    All bets are off, it will be a close race because of his tactics.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Pete in SFO: I thought he brought to attention a law superseding the 1860 one, which said a marriage may be performed in MA if and only if it would be recognized in the state of the couple’s origin. It’s intent was to support Southern anti-miscegination.


    On a different note, the dyed-in-the-wool Romney supporters now acknowledge he is lying (albeit not in such blunt terms)! They believe that his recent flip-flops are just to get support from independents. They are confident that after the election he will dependably return to his real, right-wing positions.

  14. ChrisQ says

    The sad sad thing is, he will never be able to GET a federal amendment, nor if (GOD FORBID) he is elected, will he want to blow what would be an enormous amount of newly banked political capital on such a thing. Now, abortion? Totally other matter. But keep the prize in mind: it’s the Supreme Court. No matter how many states slowly keep passing marriage equality, one more Scalia on the court and they could uphold DOMA, and start undoing all the progress that has been made.

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