1. ratbastard says

    I never watch TV, RARELY watch cable, and can’t believe people watch this cr*p. I can understand some mindless entertainment but this sh*t isn’t even entertaining, not even in a ironic so bad it’s funny to watch kind of way.

  2. ratbastard says

    Neither Bo-boo nor Kardashian should be popular or glamorized in popular culture, although Boo-boo is far less offensive than Kardashian. Neither are entertaining, nor do they have any discernible talents, like a good professional musician, actor or athlete. I imagine they’re both examples of inexpensive production costs that the entertainment industry loves, as opposed to the higher costs for using genuine talented entertainers.

  3. johnny says

    In the late 1800s, wealthy people would employ homeless artistic types to inhabit shacks at the back of their properties and live as wild men or hermits. After dinner, the owners and their guests would go “visit the hermit” for entertainment purposes, to be shocked or titillated at how poor and uneducated or “wild” these people were. It was quite the thing if you had a hermit on your property.

    The Honey Boo Boo phenom is today’s equivalent.

    Taking people from a low-education, low-income status and putting them under a spotlight for entertainment purposes. It’s classist and wrong, IMO.

  4. ratbastard says

    I agree Johnny, there is much in our culture today that mocks those deemed to be of a lower ‘class’. This is obviously designed to make so-called ‘middle class’ people feel good about themselves, and to demonize a particular group; Hitler was right, everyone it seems need s someone or thing to hate.

    ‘Lower-Class’ whites, ESPECIALLY southern, are todays real [N-word], despised and mocked by the ‘middle class’, ‘progressives’, and so-called conservatives alike. They are a convenient scape-goat and distraction.

  5. ratbastard says


    I meant to add that the real blame for 99% of our problems either social or economic lies directly at the feet of our ruling elite in politics [Dem/Rep, Liberal/Conservative, doesn’t matter], business [especially the current fascist, monopolistic Corpocracy we live under], academia, the entertainment and news industry that has the power to propagandize and brainwash young and old alike, etc., ‘White Trash’ and [N-word] are classic scape-goats, designed to deflect attention away from those who are the real guilty party

  6. Ken says

    On the one hand I agree that Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashian klan are offensive if only because they’re known.

    But if someone were to give me a couple million to follow me around videotaping my personal life, hell yeah I’ll take it.

    And one other note. A coworker actually knows Kim Kardashian. Says she’s quite nice. I wrote that as a comment on a yahoo! article about her divorce and when I checked it about 2 minutes later, I received 32 thumbs down. Just for saying she’s nice.

  7. Fenrox says

    1) Why can’t Honey Boo Boo be an icon for a while? YOU can just tune out, you know,like you tune out TONS of crap you don’t like.

    2) The Kardashians are just people with a different set of values. Like really, You don’t put stock in the crap they feel is important and so on. To call them stupid or dehumanizing them just says more about you.

  8. UFFDA says

    Jimmy needs to get Poodle the gay hick and his husbnd on his show, the four of them, Mama and BooBoo, would have been hilarious I imagine. Not bad as it is, and why don’t we see if they want to walk away from the money themselves instead of imagining that they’re being exploited. They’re having a blast. It’s all good.

  9. Hank says

    Team Boo Boo here.

    They are interesting in the same way Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G. used to be – because of what other people’s reactions to them reveal about the people reacting. Mainly they reveal America’s secret obsession with markers of class, and with not being like ‘those people.’ Every body who clucks their tongue about how trashy this family is , how they shouldn’t be on TV, or how it’s unkind and exploitative to make a spectacle of such lowly folk, is just revealing his or her own need to feel just a little bit better than ‘those people.’

    Similarly it is interesting to watch TV hosts – who, in essence, kiss their a**es, by having them on, because they, or their bosses, want a piece of the ratings bonanza -at the same time feeling a compulsion to condescend to them in very snide ways. So Jimmy Kimmel ends up being snide with a seven year old child, at the same time as he is pretending to question her exploitation. Not a good look, Jimmy; you reveal yourself to be a dishonest, uptight, unkind old fart.

    That’s the genius of Boo Boo and Mama . There’s an old show biz adage about never playing opposite children or dogs, because they will always steal the scene. You go up against the Boo Boo at your peril.

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