1. Stefan says

    Kirk Cameron and many like him enjoy playing the martyr role, even though Jesus was pretty clear in how he felt about that sort of behavior. What he should realize is that many people aren’t “wussing out”: they’re simply having to acknowledge that human voice inside that tells them what they say about and do towards gays is morally wrong. I’m going to enjoy watching more and more people get pushed into the uncomfortable position of being the moral minority.

  2. says

    y’know, I don’t think that “Christ” fella that this plebe pretends to serve and worship would appreciate the comparison.

    Cameron believes that this Christ fella was literally stoned and whipped and crucified and tortured…..and compares that to…liberals saying things?

    Yeahhhhh. Gotcha.

  3. Christian says

    Yah, he don’ have no god complex or nuthin … Whadda maroon! Like many of us, I totally regret crushing on this wackjob when I was younger. Go away, Kirk Cameron … just go away and leave us alone.

  4. Scott C. says

    What is up with these washed up stars like Cameron and that chick from SNL espousing their nuttery in hopes of basking in the warmth of the spotlight again? Don’t they know they are irrelevant? Time for them to fade away…

  5. Jack M says

    Comparing himself to Christ is the low point for Kirk. He needs to join Martyrs Anonymous and take the 12 Step Program. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

  6. Micah says

    Wonder if Kirk would say his rabid fellow highly paid Christian bigot was crucified or stoned for getting outed:

    “A conservative Christian legal group has fired one of its senior attorneys after reports surfaced on the Internet that he may have had romantic relationships with younger men.”

    (Henderson is married and has eight children.)

    The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) confirmed in a statement provided to Metro Weekly that James Henderson, a senior counsel with the group who focused on federal civil rights and constitutional law, had been fired from the group Sept. 25, one day after a report surfaced on a blog that he may be gay.

    ACLJ’s confirmation comes after two blogs — Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman — published troves of information about Henderson and his relationship with two younger men.

  7. bud clark says

    Yep. He’s straight. What IS the color of that sweater? “Pea-soup puke?”

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Kirk … a (formerly) fuckable ass even more so.

  8. Caliban says

    Could someone open a window? The stench of burnt martyr is getting really thick.

    Really? “Stoned” and “Crucified”? I’m not a Christian but if I were I think I’d be pretty offended that this pissant ex-TV star who’s living pretty high off the proceeds of his “ministry” is daring to compare some criticism he received to the crucifixion.

    He may not be much of an actor but he sure is a drama queen!

  9. PAUL B. says

    @Cris…I hear you…but demonize me enough and guess what…you get the demon you’ve created. There are moments when listening to someone like this, I get a little crazy.

  10. says

    if you’d like a more apt “Christ-torture comparison” you can look at Mathew Shepard, Kirk.

    remember folks, Kirk Cameron literally just compared words being said to him with what happens to Christ as depicted in the last 25 minutes of Mel Gibson’s “The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre”

  11. Colin New Zealand says

    Love speech? God has NOTHING to what your saying.
    You see you hate people and YOU (like the devil)
    instigate hate. Gay LOVE is LOVE and has nothing to do with YOU.
    Look after your own marriages and let those who want love have love.
    I used to like you now I think youre sad.

  12. Randal Oulton says

    This is hilarious, all this stuff coming from the far-right religious people now: “I’m the victim because I’m not allowed to victimize others; I’m oppressed because I can no longer oppress.”

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    The full post at notes that further on in the speech, Kirk praised the MA Bay Colony for its religious freedom. Unfortunately for Kirk, the colony was formed by people who were fleeing the CofE so that they could have religious liberty for themselves alone. Baptists, for example, were sentenced to banishment. Too bad the Religious Right doesn’t get history right.

  14. i could go on, but I won't says

    I wonder how many people in the audience fell asleep. He’s not an engaging speaker.

    I guess now he’ll just have to pull that fish emblem off his car so people won’t know he’s (shhhh, quiet now) a Christian.

  15. mvecera says

    When you find yourself on the same side of an argument as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – and THEN start comparing your struggles on the national talk-show circuit to the sacrifices of Jesus Christ – you have taken a terribly wrong turn in your life. When you herald hate in the name of God, you have become an instrument of evil and an unwitting victim of Satan. Pity him.

  16. PAUL B. says

    @Randal…thanks for grading my paper. Do you think for one minute that these people wouldn’t put us all on an island somewhere and nuke it if they could get away with it? You know what’s wrong with our community…we’ve got no balls…just a lot of bitchy blogging.
    We’ve got no leader with guts, no “act-up” and nobody willing to take it to the next inevitable level. Even though blacks have their “legal” equality…what a joke that is. Ask them if they feel “equal” yet. Don’t think so.
    Is that what we have to look forward to? The straight whites rationing equality to the rest of us? Just enough to keep us in line…don’t want any violence. We’re asking them for something we should have already and should take by any means necessary if that’s what it comes to.
    So, you think it’s over the top…that’s your ignorant opinion.

  17. PAUL B. says

    @Randal…I sound angry today….sorry. You’re probably 25 years old and have plenty of time. I’m not young…running out of time and patience. Raised kids…from a closet. Have grandkids…try to protect them from the hate and bigotry. Tired of waiting.

  18. Icebloo says

    Kirk who ? I’m perfectly comfortable not knowing who he is. He sounds like another moron. Did someone open up the gates of Morontown in the last few months ? Is that why we have so many moronic visitors now ?

  19. Icebloo says

    My name is Kirk and when I say horrible, hateful things which incite violence against gay people those mean gay people say bad things about me. It’s not fair !

  20. says

    It’s just a shame how many Christians are “crucified” and “stoned” even figuratively, causing them to commit suicide in such huge numbers in the US. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about a Christian kid hanging himself because of pro-gay bullying.

  21. says

    On the contrary, the only reason this washed-up “actor” is in the media at all in 2012 is because of his bigotry. So unless his definition of “crucified” means cashing in on one’s weird homophobia he’s simply playing the victim card to keep himself in this sad little spotlight.

  22. PAUL B. says

    @Kevin…and having said that, don’t you just want to puke? Are things getting better…yes. Is it slow and painful…and are some of our youngest & brightest paying the ultimate price?
    Yes. And they have the nerve to complain about crucifixion. Pathetic.

  23. CPT_Doom says

    If the truth is always love, then I have to tell you Kirk, you are a hell-bound heretic, your “marriage” is invalid and her children are bastards (although it is nice you’ve accepted paternity of them). Of course, nearly all your audience will be burning with you – after all, that’s what the nuns and priests at my Catholic school taught me was God’s law, and I should always believe in God’s law, right?

  24. woodroad34 says

    Didn’t the Book of Matthew give an anecdote about the Devil twisting the words of God to tempt Christ? Perhaps a crucifixion for him will put things in perspective, rather than the actual marginalization he has been receiving. I don’t think he really knows what pain is all about–maybe he should ask those gay people who have been strung up on fence posts in Wyoming or beaten on the head what real crucifixion is all about. Boy, talk about “sissies”–he’s the biggest one out there.

  25. FunMe says

    Oh give it a rest already, you aging closet queen Kirk Cameron!

    Let it be known, that the more you attack us, we WILL attack back. No more just listening to your twisted Un-Christian HATE talk anymore.

  26. FunMe says

    I think it’s time to unleash the CHRIS KLUWE:

    “Where, in all of Jesus’ teachings, did he ever say to deny the humanity of other human beings; where did the Son of God proclaim that mortal Man knew God’s will; where, pray tell, did Jesus ever say to harden your heart against those who may not be exactly the same as you?

    I say to you – nowhere. Nowhere does Jesus preach hate, or intolerance, or loathing. Nowhere does Jesus say, “You shall deny the humanity of gay people because it makes you feel uncomfortable”. Nowhere does Jesus say, “And the mortal men of the Church shall be the sole conduits of the Word of God, for they are perfect and infallible.” Nowhere, in all of the recorded teachings of Jesus, does it say anything about discrimination or prejudice.

    “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”


  27. Randal Oulton says

    @ Paul B. — Inciting violence against someone personally for any reason as you know isn’t acceptable, and would probably get you and this blog in trouble if anyone saw that comment. I think your emotions just got the best of you, and if there were an edit button, you’d probably correct it. I think you’re a reasonable guy, I think the heat of the moment just took over your fingers there for a sec.

  28. Rich F. says

    You have to realize, people, that he wasn’t LITERALLY “stoned and crucified.” He was simply zonked out of his mind and strapped onto a St Andrew’s Cross for some hardcore flogging.

    You know, like ya do…

  29. says

    Tried to stone and crucify you, Kirk? Hmmm… Mommie Dammit thinks they didn’t try hard enough, but then I wasn’t leading the charge.

    Then again, you were at Liberty No-It’s-Not-An-Accredited-University, so this kind of overt public masturbation is expected from snot-nosed weenies like yourself.

    … oh, damn. My Stoli’s empty.

  30. millerbeach says

    I am always amazed at these people who claim to study the Bible so hard, yet they miss the entire message Jesus was trying to say…it’s all about LOVE! Not hate, it’s about love. Why Kirk and others of his ilk fail to see this is beyond me. If you really want to be Christian, it cannot be “cafeteria style”, where you pick and choose which parts you like, while discarding the rest. It just doesn’t work that way. Again, Kirk and all others, Paul asked Jesus which is the most important Commandment? Jesus replied: Love my Father with all your heart, mind and soul. The second most important Commandment? Love your neighbor as you love my Father. Neighbor, meaning EVERYONE. Including those who have skin tone darker than yours. Including those who like the same gender. Including those who are different from you. See, Kirk, it’s really not so easy being a Christian. Stop claiming to be one until you can learn how to not hate. Yes, hate is a learned behavior.

  31. bud clark says

    ” … and in one Lord Kirk Cameron,the only-begotten Son of God …” (Reich-Wing version of the Nicene Creed?)

    I have to agree with posters who caught a fetid whiff of repressed and twisted homo-eroticism in the sub-text.

    FYI, Kirk, criminals were crucified STARK NAKED, and a zillion puritanical Christian crucifixes notwithstanding, the Romans weren’t about to change that for one person. A small-time Jewish rabble-rouser was pretty small potatoes to them.

    Perhaps that’s what you were fantasizing about in the dark of night.

    But really, dear, there aren’t many of us left who WANT to see you with your clothes off! Rather, let us preserve our own teenage masturbatory fantasies from decades gone by.

  32. Candy says

    Believing in the scriptures does not mean you are “gay bashing” but it seems that “Christian bashing” on this forum is ok. We should be tolerant of all people’s views and that includes Christians.

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