1. Derrick from Philly says

    Horrible. The bastards put him in a holding with 14 men to be tortured. If he was openly Gay (or thought to be so) he should have been segregated from the violent offenders.

    He’s disfigured for life because of the cruelty of some sadistic county jail guards. My God, I wish him the best in his law suit.

  2. Bob R says

    I hope he wins. Millions. I hope he ends up owning Warren County before he’s done. As for the Schwartz creep, I hope he never gets out of jail.

  3. Francis says

    As horrific as much of society is towards LGBT people, jail/prison is ABSOLUTE hell. The prison guards obviously sought to do harm to Brandon by putting him in a cell with 14 other men. Brandon will almost definitely win this case. Hopefully we see stiff punishment levied against everyone being sued.

  4. millerbeach says

    Um, Nick, were you in the courtroom when the plea agreement was reached? I understand he committed a felony in the eyes of the court, but I do not know what led up to that plea agreement, and unless you were in that courtroom, neither do you. Can you agree that this man has suffered unjustly? Most felons, gay or not, should be able to retain their body parts during incarceration. This strikes me as cruel and unusual punishment by the jail guards. I hope he sues that county blind, then spits on their grave. He is now disfigured for life…don’t you agree he has paid the price for his crime? Oh right, his only crime is that he is gay. Chew on that for a while, Nick. (no pun intended)