1. says

    Maybe everyone should just ignore Mario Lopez for the simple fact that he’s a self-fellating ego stick, a complete turnoff, and couldn’t possible be unaware of the recent issues surrounding Dan Cathy and his blatant stupidity and hatred?

  2. Alejo says

    Given the fact that he used to do modelling, I’m guessing he had come across a lot of Chick-Fil-A news lately and so thought it would be a kewl thing to say or write about. Jeeze, this model! When will they develop nerve cells?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    I had the same thought, Francis. Even though he craves it maybe he doesn’t buy that Chick Fil-A sh.t anymore as a protest. Just because you crave something doesn’t mean you have to go out and get. I crave d.cks, but I refuse to pay my money for them, and so I won’t be getting any.

  4. La Polla Grande says

    Please adjust your ironometers! He’s making a joke. Chick-Fil-A is CLOSED on Sundays to honor and glurrify Jeebus.

    Thus the only time he craves Chick-Fil-A is when it’s closed. That’s irony, bitches!

    And I thought all gay men were born with enhanced irony detection genes.

  5. AngelaChanning says

    La Polla Grande, I understand your point, but is Mario Lopez that clever to make an ironic statement? :-) Colbert and Stewart, yes. Not sure about him.

  6. FULCRUM says

    Jesus – some of you people are dumb. YES – he was being IRONIC — but his irony does not mean he doesn’t EAT there. He is simply saying – he always gets the craving on a Sunday and now yes – it’s closed. He isn’t making a “PRO-GAY” ironic statement. He’s a freaking idiot narcissist and I used to be his next door neighbor. He is gross.

  7. Has Been says

    Who cares about this bozo? All he’s famous for is a teen sitcom that’s been off the air for 20 years and hosting Extra, the poor man’s Entertainment Tonight. Oh, and that smile of his always looks so fake, like it’s permanently there.

  8. vwdavy says

    of course he can’t go get his Chick-Fil-A on Sundays. he has his dishwashing job at McDonalds from five to twelve, then he’s selling oranges at the 405 exit near the Federal Building in Westwood until midnite. what a maroon. dumb ass.

  9. Icebloo says

    Mario Lopez is a REPUBLICAN. He has admitted it. He isn’t hiding anything.
    He’s just another over paid celebrity who only cares about himself and paying lower taxes.

    He is not a friend of they gay community so why would he not eat at Chock Full of Hate ? He’s a Republican – they never have principles. They are all about self, self, self.

    I saw a brand of underwear called M. When I saw that it was his company I didn’t buy them. I won’t give money to these evil people for them to use that money against me.

  10. anonny6 says

    “Because god told him so.”

    I hope Mario Lopez is not insinuating that, on Sundays, a day a bit holier than the rest, god is reaching out to him to send him to the righteous chick-fil-a. Barf. Im sure he’ll take an extra side of bigotry to go.

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