Mike Bloomberg Stumps For Marriage Equality In Baltimore


New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg jetted to Baltimore on Friday to help Gov. Martin O’Malley and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake campaign for marriage equality there.

Bloomberg previously announced a $250,000 personal donation to the pro-equality movement and last Thursday co-wrote an op-ed with O’Malley addressing the issue.

“The way forward is always found through greater respect for the equal rights and dignity of all. And it is this belief in treating everyone equally under the law that has led to the surge in momentum in favor of Question 6,” they wrote of the ballot measure that if approved would let same-sex couples tie the knot.

During his appearance in Baltimore on Friday, Bloomberg described marriage equality as both a civil rights issue and as an example of smart economics.

“Every wedding is a celebration that generates revenues for our restaurants and banquet halls, caterers and other small businesses,” said the mayor. “In fact, we’ve calculated that same-sex marriage has generated more than $259 million in economic activity in our city in the last twelve months.”

Meanwhile, polls once showed marriage equality winning by a wide margin in next month’s vote, but the Baltimore Sun reports that right-wing efforts to target religious African-American voters are swinging votes toward “no”: “A month ago, the same-sex marriage question was ahead by 10 percentage
points — 49 percent to 39 percent — in an earlier Sun poll. The contest
is now a dead heat in part because some African-Americans who supported
the measure or were undecided are now saying no.”

From that paper’s report, filed last night:

The numbers have moved amid television and radio commercials from the
Maryland Marriage Alliance, which opposes same-sex marriage, and
stepped-up efforts by pastors preaching against Question 6.

of the advertising is focused on African-American voters, a bloc that
traditionally opposed same-sex marriage but had been warming to the
idea. In late September, the Sun poll showed a majority of blacks in
favor of Question 6 — evidently a high-water mark.

This time, the poll found 50 percent of black voters oppose the measure and 42 percent support it.

Yvonne Johnson, 65, of Prince George’s County is among those who have decided to vote against legalization of same-sex marriage. “I’m not against gay people, she said. “I just don’t think they should change what is in the Bible.”

Perhaps it’s time for some pro-equality preachers to stand up and be heard?

[Image via WBAL-TV.]


  1. Diogenes Arktos says

    “I’m not against gay people.I just don’t think they should change what is in the Bible.”

    How quickly some African-Americans forget how the Bible was used against them. It sounds like some Biblical literacy is in order.

  2. Francis says

    I will be very, very surprised and happy if we win in Maryland. But I don’t see it. The last numbers I saw have “strong support” for and against marriage equality at virtually even, around 40%. Knowing most people on the fence tend to vote against us, that’s a very bad sign. Plus, the black vote is definitely trending against us. But it’s great to see people fighting in Maryland and I’m happy to see Mayor Bloomberg speak out.

    Washington and Maine are the only states where we realistically have a good shot of winning. Maryland and Minnesota have demographic issues that will be difficult to overcome. I’m nervous but hopefully things work out!

  3. EchtKultig says

    I’m surprised the polling was ever showing what they say it was showing…but…whatever. Definitely not going to pass in MD, although, at least it’s a sign of the times that various courageous African American politicians have expressed support. I wish they’d been more prominent in the TV ads supporting it. Somehow a director of the NAACP or the mayor of Baltimore would have given more weight than who they were using in most of the ads they ran.
    ALSO..we can blame the well meaning but completely idiotic person(s) at Gallaudet who created the little tempest in a teacup there. They should have just ignored the bigoted “diversity officer” or dealt with her after the election. You have hand it to the NOM sleazebags for exploiting that in mere hours.

  4. Anthony says

    And plus this hurricane is making this an uncertainty now…a lot of the early voters are democrats so hopefully if not many republicans show up on election day due to the storm we can pull out a win

  5. Mary says

    While I disagree with Bloomberg about the chief advantage of letting gay couples wed (I think it is a matter of creating warm, loving families rather than reaping a financial windfall) as a resident of his city, I’m proud of the work he’s done on the issue of marriage. His work was instrumental in passing marriage equality last year, and that passage helped many of us who were on the fence come to finally accept that the freedom to marry should be for ALL couples. The celebrations that followed were unbelievable. And who could possibly advocate taking the joy away from these couples by revoking the law so that they are now the “unwed.?” I don’t have the data to prove it, but I’ll bet that support for marriage equality went up among New York Republicans after this.

    If Bloomberg can work his magic in other states, all the better.

  6. Moz's says

    He also just turned down FEMA preparedness help for NY and Cuomo had to step in to at least shut down mass transit due to possible flooding of subway tunnels

    Bloomberg has gone nutz

  7. Peter M. says

    “I’m not against gay people, she said. “I just don’t think they should change what is in the Bible.”

    Dear Yvonne, thank you for reminding us that we are living in a theocracy and that the Bible is the only source for our civil law.

  8. steve says

    If we’re going to win in Maryland, we need everyone who knows ANYONE in Maryland to push them to the polls. Especially the young and apathetic. Lots of under-30’s (not all, mind you, but lots) are just unconcerned with anything political – even something as important as this. If every person just got one or two people who may not otherwise have voted to get into that booth, we can prevail!

  9. Daniel says

    Every sexuality should have the same rights because all can make kids naturally and have kids. Also homosexual partnerships need to be accepted.

    Can homosexuals reproduce naturally?
    Yes. Because there are homosexual women and homosexual men
    There are homosexual male couples and homosexual female couples.
    and for every sexuality counts that there are always men and women (heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality) and that there are also other people to reproduce (single women and men) .

    How do homosexuals reproduce naturally?
    Homosexuality is natural because homosexual use natural methods to make kids.
    There are two natural methods to make kids: 1. Sex 2. Petting (Insert sperm into/inside a woman). It is romantic to make the own child.

    Only heterosexuals make kids?
    No. Also bisexuals (male +female ) and homosexuals

    But a homosexual woman and a homosexual man do not love each other?
    Yes. But Reproduction has nothing to do with love. It is also about to make new generations and to make a new strong family.
    If only a man and a woman would survive a catastrophe on earth and all other people died
    then the man and the woman that do not know each other would likely make new kids to make a new humanity. The man and the woman do not even like each oter , love each other or know each other but would likely reproduce to make a new humanity.

    But the child learns that the parents(homosexual woman +homosexual man) love the same sex and do not love each other and just like each other?
    Yes. But when bisexuals have kids then the kids also learn that the parents love the same sex.

    How does a homosexual family look like?
    If (for example) a homosexual man knows a homosexual woman
    and both know each other long and both like each other then they could make a child and make a family.
    If (for example) a homosexual male couple knows a homosexual female couple
    and both know each other long and both like each other then they could make a child and make a family.
    So when a homosexual man + woman have a child then
    the homosexual parents (m+f) and their homosexual partner
    live together with the child in one house/apartement etc.

    Is it a strong family?
    Yes. Because there are four adults in the family . Every adult has a job and
    that is why the financial situation is good. Also if one adult will lose the job there
    are still three other adults who have a job.
    If only one man + one woman live together with achild there is only one adult who has ajob if the other one will lose the job .
    Some people like to follow the traditions and definitions of the church and do not want to live satisfied and good , also when they know that a family with only one man + one woman
    is not good when it comes to the financial situation .
    Also if something’s gonna happen to the parents the child can /could stay
    with /by the homosexual partners of the parents(parents= one homosexual man +one homosexual woman)

    So do not follow the church and the traditional definition of family if you want to live in a strong family.

    The definition of family should be?
    A family is a strong community of people that live together and support each other .
    A family is a perfect place to make new kids and to make new generations of people , where kids learn how to live , survive etc.

    Imagine a ountry where only homosexual people live?
    Yes. A country where only homosexual people live would
    exist forever because there are homosexual men and homosexual women.
    A country where only gay couples live would exist forever because there are
    homosexual men couples and homosexual female couples .

    But the world is a place where every sexuality and every couple can reproduce because
    there are many people on earth . That is why everyone and every sexuality , couple can procreate because there are two natural methods to make kids (Sex and Petting)

    HIV and homosexuality?
    Only homosexual men have a high rate of HIV because of medical reasons.
    But also heterosexuals have HIV and everyone can protect against HIV .
    There are enough things to protect against HIV .
    HIV has nothing to do with homosexuality beacause lesbians have less HIV than heterosexuals when you look at the HIV statitisc.
    And MSM have much HIV but that doe not mean that all men (MSM) are homosexual.

    Also in many countries you can’t talk honestl about how you got HIV infected beacause
    Prostitution or Homosexuality is illegal. That is why also many heterosexual men mght not say the truth about how they got HIV infected because sex with a prostitute is illegal.
    It could be that they say I’m homosexual and had homosexul sex beacause in some countries
    homosexuality is accepted and legal but prostitution is illegal.
    But also homosexuals would not always say the truth when they live in a country where homosexuality is illegal.

    To be single is dangerous , ungodly and unnatural especially when /if you like it to be single?
    Yes. It is. Because imagine all people would die and only one single will survive . A single can’t reproduce and make a new humanity but you like it to be single.
    Singles can’t reproduce naturally . What are we going to do with singles that like to stay single ?Should we heal them , does God hate them ? Should we force them to like a realtionship or to date someone else , to find a partner? Should we execute them because singles that like it to be single and want to stay single are unnatural because they do not make kids and can’t make kids natural(ly) , because singles that like it to be single and want to stay single are a threat to humanity ?No. I don’t think so.

    You know that you’re more worth than your boss says?
    Why is your boss not more worth than you and why do you have more rights than your boss?
    Why should employees have more rights than managers or the boss?

    1. Your boss would not live(be alive) without his parents.
    2.Your boss would not be so clever without teachers.
    Also your boss was at school . Also your boss learned how to write, read,
    math etc.
    3. Your boss had maybe friends t school that hepled him to survive schooltime,
    explained homework etc.
    4. Your boss got his first job . Without the first job no money for the future and his
    own company. Or did mom and dad help with the money ? Okay.But it means without your parents or friends no own buisness.

    5. Your boss could not do all the work alone anymore so where does all the work for him? His current employees and without them no buisness , own company, job!
    6. The customers ! Without customers no money boss!
    7. There are always people that might want to work for you boss but don’t forget about that currently your current employees could strike against you or could leave your company .If all current employees would like to leave the company without your permission then you can start to search other people that wnat to work for you but at first your company has no employees (not) anymore because all left the/your company boss ! You can’t do all the work alone boss that is why you were searching for employees and now all your employees do not wnat to work with you(not) anymore and that means your own company can’t survive.


    8. Your boss says okay then I’m gonna leave this country and move on to a country where other peple want to work for/with me . Okay. But if all people know that they should not work for/with you then nobody wants to work for /with you boss.



  10. jason says

    Obama hasn’t mentioned gay marriage once on the stumps. Not once. I know he’s done radio ads but how about actually saying it in person before an audience? He’s failed us.

  11. Francis says

    I just read that Baltimore Sun poll was majority minority voters polled. So I’m actually slightly less pessimistic because the reality is, if we get anywhere near 50% minority vote then we’re in a better spot than I expected in Maryland.

  12. Don't Mock God! says

    Mayor Bloomberg….I think God sent you quite a message with hurricane Sandy that he will not be mocked by you and he is not amused with your gay agenda…..

    It’s funny the storm skirted the entire coast, passing all the usual targets like Florida and the Carolinas and headed straight for you Mr. Bloomberg……KEEP MOCKING silly little man!

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