1. Jack says

    Breaking: politicians will say whatever it takes to win… Let’s not pretend that Obama doesn’t do it as well.

  2. MarkUs says

    When the country by a vast majority says we’re on the wrong track, the voters always want someone new to try. Why are liberals so thick headed? We aren’t Venezuela!

  3. shane says

    You don’t know jack, JACK. Obama’s got integrity, probably to a fault. Witness the debate: He wouldn’t even call a liar a liar.
    Romney is a Sociopathic Liar. Probably a Fundamentalist Freak, but we haven’t even heard about his religious beliefs yet.
    Sadly, I’m trying to get adjusted to the possibility that he and Ryan might get elected.

  4. Jack says


    Integrity to a fault? Are you blind, deaf, or stupid? Obama has lied countless times and done the exact opposite of what he promised. They are both sociopaths and both liars.

    I do love the “Fundamentalist Freak” part. I’ll bet you were one of the people calling those who questioned Obama’s religious beliefs bigots, and now you are turning around and doing the same thing.

    It’s sad to see that gays are no less myopic and stupid about partisan politics as anyone else.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    No, we’ve never seen anything like this where you totally contradict yourself in only a couple of weeks ON VIDEO. Not Nixon, not Papa Bush or Baby Bush. Not like this.

  6. Jack says

    Not sure why the time frame matters. What’s worse: Romney saying two different things within a month, or Obama saying things and then doing the opposite, resulting in the denial of due process to American citizens, prosecution of people providing state-approved medicine to the ill, and unilateral military actions against other countries?

    While neither of these people deserve my (or anyone’s) vote, I’d say to this point, Obama’s lies have been much more harmful.

  7. Jack says

    Not sure why the time frame matters. What’s worse: Romney saying opposite things within a month, or Obama lying and then spending 4 years making sure American citizens are denied due process and other civil liberties, prosecuting providers of state-approved medicine to the ill, and unilaterally starting new military conflicts across the world?

    Neither of these jokers should be anywhere near the White House, but I will say that to date, Obama’s lies and contradictions have been far more harmful.

  8. i could go on, but I won't says

    Warning: be careful what you wish for conservatives. Romney was governor of the most liberal state, and not only that he chooses to live there in preference to anywhere else.

    If Romney gets in I believe he will do what he pleases. He has already said that he need do nothing with regard to the economy, it will take care of itself. If you think that is a good plan vote for him. I don’t see any difference between him and Bush with regard to the economy or foreign policy (basically having no interest in foreign affairs or the rest of the world in general).

  9. Jack says

    @I Could Go On:

    I agree, but I think the same warning goes to liberals/democrats. Both of these candidates are authoritarian assclowns, and thinking that Obama is some beneficent figure is equally foolhardy.

    Vote for either of these two morons and you get exactly what you deserve.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Romney has been “corrected” within hours by his campaign staff to say what he “really” meant.

  11. MT says

    Last night’s Frontline on PBS was very enlightening. They kept saying how Romney took a business approach to politics and ‘changed his product to suit the market.’ Clearly the man will say anything. I just hope he shoots himself in the foot with this.

  12. ChristopherM says

    Jack, I lived in New Mexico under Gary Johnson, and his accomplishments were 1) getting photographed weekly training for marathons in shorty shorts and 2) see item 1. That is not a viable alternative.

  13. Jack says


    Then you must not have been paying much attention. Johnson not only helped balance the budget but also left office with a budget surplus, was unafraid to use line item vetoes to accomplish that, over 20,000 jobs were created while he was in office, cut government bloat, oh, and managed to do all that while cutting taxes rather than raising them.

  14. Jack says


    How am I wasting my vote? I am voting my conscience. Neither of these two fools will be anything but a disaster for this country, so how on earth could I ever vote for them.

    That’s a silly argument that is the reason for the two-party stranglehold we find ourselves in. If a third-party vote is always a wasted vote, then there is no incentive for the two major parties to ever change, and no chance for a third party to gain a foothold to force that change.

    Sorry, but I won’t be complicit. Anyone voting D or R in this election is the one wasting their vote.

  15. David says

    Jack is one of the seemingly never ending right wing hacks that show up here hoping to fool who knows who into thinking that Romney and his Republican allies are somehow going to be better for gay men and lesbians than Obama has been. Go away, please. We’re not buying it.

  16. Jack says


    How are you allowed to function without adult supervision?

    How exactly does “I think Romney and Obama are idiots and I’m voting for Gary Johnson” equal “I support Mitt Romney.” Are you retarded?

  17. AnotherG says

    “‘strong conservatives would understand’ that Romney needs to lean center to cull moderate votes”

    “Cull” moderate votes? I don’t think that means what you think it means, Congressman. He’s been culling moderate votes since he decided to placate the GOP base and sign on to every retrograde, already-proven-bad-idea they’ve espoused.

    P.S. And what would “severe conservatives” think?

  18. says

    Romney changes his image more often than Madonna! – If he’s going to start suddenly passing himself off as Moderate Mitt (as opposed to the old ‘severely conservative’), then this middle-aged suburban Jewish can turn myself into a teen popstar to sing about the Romney flip-flops (thoroughly embarrassing my teenagers in the process):