News: Orionid, DADT’s Legacy, Adele’s Son, Ireland

1NewsIcon Tonight is the best night to see the annual Orionid meteor shower.

AAMormonism1NewsIcon The group American Atheists are taking on Mormonism's membership clauses. The church responded thusly, "This group seems not to know that there have been black members of the
Church since our earliest history, and there are many faithful gay
members of the Church today." Black men simply couldn't be ordained as lay priests until 1978.

1NewsIcon Police in Brookfield, WI, are looking for Radcliffe Haughton for his alleged role in the shooting at a spa today. Seven people were shot, three have died and police are disarming explosives Haughton reportedly left behind. [Update: Haughton was found dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.]

1NewsIcon To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madonna's Erotica, a review of what it's all about.

1NewsIcon National Organization for Marriage operative Frank Schubert's anti-equality crusade is big business: "Schubert collected $958,594 for his anti-equality work in North Carolina earlier this year. In the four marriage ballot states, Schubert has collected $967,567.88 in Washington; $492,680 in Maryland; $303,307.69 in Minnesota; and $200,043.46 in Maine. While these funds are likely used to pay for advertising, it’s unclear what percentage is lining Schubert’s pockets."

1NewsIcon Full trailer of the Osama bin Laden flick Zero Dark Thirty.

1NewsIcon Adele welcomed her first child this weekend, a baby boy. No name has been released.

1NewsIcon SNL takes on the second great presidential debate.

VanShe1NewsIcon An interview with Australian electopop band Van She.

1NewsIcon Bureaucratic legacy: Servicemembers Legal Defense Network will spend the next few years removing "dishonorable discharge" and other DADT labels that remain on the records of servicemembers kicked out for being gay.

1NewsIcon The National Center for Lesbian Rights and the law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson are trying to stop a right-wing lawsuit that wants to overturn California's ban on "ex-gay therapy" for minors.

1NewsIcon More on late Sen. George McGovern's ahead-of-his-time politics, from Bruce Miroff: "Mr. McGovern’s 1972 campaign is indelibly associated with the mass
movements of the late 1960s — the antiwar movement above all, but also
feminism and the nascent movement for gay liberation. As a son of a
Methodist minister, growing up in small prairie towns during the
Depression, he was an unlikely spokesman for the political and cultural
aspirations of an emerging 'counterculture.' … His sense of
fairness and tolerance made him open to new cultural forces alien to his
upbringing, even when some of their issues — especially abortion — left
him uncomfortable."

1NewsIcon In case you were wondering, Ted Haggard,
the right-wing pastor caught with his pants down in 2008, has shifted
gears and now believes that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

1NewsIcon "Is Obama the 'wrong' kind of Christian?"

1NewsIcon As you probably guessed, Paranormal Activity 4 won top slot at the box office with $30 million.

Medical_marijuana_10201NewsIcon The marijuana legalization fight faces some key votes next month: "Voters in Colorado, Washington state and Oregon are set to vote Nov. 6
on whether to legalize and tax marijuana sales, raising the possibility
of a showdown with the federal government, which views pot as an
illegal narcotic."

1NewsIcon Irish Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore reiterated his support for marriage equality at the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association conference: "As I have stated elsewhere, the right of same-sex couples to marry is
not a gay rights issue, it is a civil rights issue, and one that I

1NewsIcon The CrossPoint Church in Hutchinson, Kansas, booted long-time congregant and band member Chad Graber because he's gay. "He switched from struggling with his sin to embracing it," said senior pastor Andy Addis.

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  1. says

    It was because of George McGovern that gay rights first officially entered a presidential election when he rewarded gays in California who had helped him win the 1972 California primary by letting the first out gay man, San Francisco’s Jim Foster, speak at a Democratic National Convention. He was inconsistent on the issue itself, and let his homophobic handlers torpedo the first gay rights plank, but he publicly apologized for the extremes to which they went. And even just flirting, so to speak, with gays, was one of the reasons powerful AFL-CIO president George Meany gave for not endorsing him [in addition to bitterness that labor darling Hubert Humphrey had lost the nomination]: “The Democratic Party has been taken over by people named Jack who look like Jills and smell like Johns.” Meany also sneered at those who wanted to legalize “marriage between boys and boys, and also girls and girls,” and growled about New York’s delegation to the Convention: “What kind of delegation is this? They’ve got six open fags and only three AFL-CIO people on that delegation!”

    Actually, the only “open fag” at the convention beside delegate Foster was alternate Lowell Williams from Minnesota, though there were two out lesbians alternates from New York in addition to delegate Madeline Davis who was also allowed to speak: Renee Cafiero and Danece Covello. How many of the hundreds at this year’s convention knew that they stood on the shoulders of those five from 1972, or how much they owe to the straight man from South Dakota whose death we mourn today, and that his career in the US Senate was finally killed in 1980 by a self-loathing gay Republican named Terry Dolan who was one of the pioneers of using uncontrolled fundraising to poison political campaigns still sickening the nation today?

    Rest in peace, Mr. McGovern. I will always be proud of having campaigned for you.!/photo.php?fbid=3377199368424&set=a.1058500922412.8818.1822575019&type=1&theater

  2. gregory brown says

    The article on Obama’s approach to Christianity is long but worth reading and thinking about.
    Too many of us here react to any invocation of religious belief as if it were poison ivy. Too much of it is: the parade of Catholic bishops and their fancier-dress Archbips, the smug surrealism of Mormon hypocrisy and too much that flows from fundieProt sources is pernicious, ugly, inhumane and anti-humanistic. Nonetheless, there ARE plenty of decent folks whose understanding of religious beliefs and the attendant responsibilities make them allies and at least friends.

  3. Billy Crytical says

    Although Jay Pharoah speaks just like Obama he does not have a grasp on Obama’s mannerisms. Jay always looks like he has a murderous, angry, or agitated look in his eyes whether he’s playing Obama or some other character. It stops me from laughing.

  4. Critifur says

    You missed the boat on the Orionid meteor shower, the peak occurred last night/this morning. Not to say you might not still see some shooting stars tonight. Check the date of the article you posted the link to, it was posted yesterday, the 20th.

  5. says

    I only need to see the photograph of the Catholic Bishops giving the Fascist salute outside the cathedral in Burgos during the Spanish Civil War 1936,(posted on my page) to remind me of what these people are and what they have done.
    We don’t need to go back as far as the Inquisition.
    Now there is an ex Nazi in the Vatican…..

    I don’t know any “allies or friends” with religious beliefs whom I would trust for support on gay rights issues.
    I just don’t see all these “plenty of decent folks”…….where do you see them ?

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    Thank you, Andrew, for the post about Obama’s Christianity. I get weary reading the amount of blanket religion bashing on this site. I sincerely hope this independent view helps the lower the pitch of the rhetoric some.

    It’s interesting how LDS is reacting to accurate statements (with difficult to read fine print). Black LDS prior to 1978 had to be like LCR and GOProud members of today. The second class status of blacks is far, far, far more prominent and pervasive in LDS scripture and theology than potential anti-gay material is in the Bible. An ex-LDS gay friend of mine says that any self-respecting LGBT leaves the church. (The same has been said of anyone seriously researching anything historical about LDS – given the way they like to continually rewrite their history.)

  7. says

    Not sure why this site is promoting “Paranormal Activity 4″ when the first movie had the lead character saying “What a fruit” about another character. There were a million other things the character could have said without being homophobic. What has this series done for the gay community???

  8. Heartsleeved says

    Ted Haggard and some self-loathing ‘mo boyfriend sittin’ in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g. First come love. Then comes… Oh s%*t, Ted had to change his position when it affected his life. (Not when he was ruining other peoples)

  9. Paul R says

    Mormons will look the other way on gays as long as they give the church a ton of money. I dated a really wealthy guy for a while and was disgusted to learn that he gave a fortune, and they had no problem with that. They also didn’t seem to mind that he was a crazy liar.

  10. Chadd says

    “This group seems not to know that there have been black members of the Church since our earliest history, and there are many faithful gay members of the Church today.” Black men simply couldn’t be ordained as lay priests until 1978.”

    Because allowing black guys to be members, but denying them leadership roles – simply because they are black – sounds soooo much better.

  11. EchtKultig says

    SLDN better not close up shop yet. If Romney is elected, DADT is coming back, if not something worse. Don’t think it could happen? I’d bet my life it will. Romney will pursue the most reactionary social agenda we’ve ever seen from a president. He’s a wolf in moderate’s clothing.

  12. EchtKultig says

    Paul R…they might have been happy to take the fool’s money, but they still thought he was going to Hell and not to Planet Kolob where the Mormon elect receive their personal baby planet to become an overlord of or whatnot.

  13. anon says

    Ted Haggard is making the odd argument (for a preacher) that civil law morality is actually superior to biblical morality. Well, that’s progress of a sort, I suppose.

  14. Shayne says

    In the Mormon church, being ordained with the priesthood is a requirement for being allowed into “heaven”. (A woman is still allowed only if “sealed” to a man who holds the priesthood) Before 1978 black men and their wives weren’t allowed to enter Mormon heaven.

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