News: Scissor Sisters, Chick-Fil-A’s Gain, Mourdock, ‘Cabaret’

1NewsIconThis is awesome: Catholics for Marriage Equality
in Maine are running an ad this Sunday in which the coalition
celebrates same-sex marriage. Over 100 Catholics are attaching their
name to the missive.

Diebold1NewsIcon From Christian Science Monitor: "In four
battleground states, glitches in electronic-voting machines could
produce erroneous tallies that would be difficult to detect and
potentially impossible to correct…"

1NewsIcon Scissor Sisters are taking an "indefinite hiatus," but lead singer Jake Shears insists they're not breaking up.

1NewsIcon Katy Perry wears her vote on her stomach.

1NewsIcon The College Board reports that college now costs, on average, $17,860 a year.

1NewsIcon Richard Mourdock stands by his remarks about rape victims not getting abortions because any pregnancy is "something God intended to happen". Though he says he "did not intend to suggest that God wants rape," "I would be less than faithful if I said anything other than life is precious, I believe it's a gift from god".

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, Obama is keeping up his attacks on Romney's connection to Mourdock.

1NewsIcon Marriage equality got a shout-out at Anne Hathaway and her talents pals' Cabaret celebration at Joe's Pub last night: "In deference to New York’s gay marriage law, Hathaway added that she
and [Audra] McDonald had decided to sing [the song "Married"] lovingly to each other. In one of
the show’s emotional highlights, they were joined by duets between
[Eddie] Redmayne and [Bryce] Pinkham, and [Linda] Lavin and [Harvey] Fierstein."

DraperHawaii1NewsIcon Don and Megan take Hawaii.

1NewsIcon Former minor league baseball pitcher John Dillinger discusses coming out: "I felt like it was time and I wasn’t afraid of the unknown any more. I felt like people needed to know."

1NewsIcon Inside Prof. James Franco's thought process.

1NewsIcon Stacy Keibler thinks George Clooney is good at everything ever, which may be true.

1NewsIcon The CW is getting relatively high-brow with a show about Mary, Queen of Scots.

1NewsIcon Here's how Jessica Simpson reportedly reacted to an unconfirmed report that father Joe Simpson came out of the closet: "Jessica’s been trying to process the information slowly, but she’s
having difficulty dealing with it… Despite that, she’s going to stand by him and support
his decision."

1NewsIcon Joe Simpson is denying the rumors, though.

1NewsIcon "Guns, climate, gays missing in presidential race"

1NewsIcon Chick-fil-A may be benefiting from CEO Dan Cathy's anti-gay politics. From ABC News: "The number of people who said they visited Chick-fil-A in the "past
month" increased 2.2 percent, according to a third quarter study by
chain restaurant market research firm Sandelman & Associates'
Quick-Track study. The research firm conducts research for all major
fast-food chains in U.S. media markets."

Embryo1NewsIcon One has to wonder how the right will respond to this: "Scientists in Oregon have created embryos with genes from one man and
two women, using a provocative technique that could someday be used to
prevent babies from inheriting certain rare incurable diseases."

1NewsIcon Equality California has finally wrapped up its year-long search for a permanent executive director and today announced John O’Connor will take the slot vacated by Roland Palencia.

1NewsIcon Timothy Kurek, the man who pretended to be gay to learn more about his own homophobic attitudes, writes about his experience for Salon: "I found myself regularly going to a karaoke night, and so many gay
people attended, we called it 'Lesbaoke.' At first it made me
uncomfortable, but over time I found in that place a new home, where
everyone was the epitome of loving, and where the judgmental voice
inside of me was forced into silence."


  1. jason says

    I think it’s disgusting and wrong that scientists are playing with embryos. It’s undoubted that the potential for a living being begins at conception. If I had the power, I’d ban abortion.

    Keep in mind that all those liberal women that we worship would be the first to abort babies that contain a gay gene should such a gene be discovered. Liberal women are the worst in terms of their homophobia. They hide it but it’s there.

  2. BETTY says

    Richard Mourdock: if God intended the pregnancy then he must have intended the rape that caused the pregnancy?

    Jason how the hell do you know what “liberal women” would do? Do you know what they are all thinking? Did you poll them? Sit down and shut up for once you know nothing. Oh, and quit pretending you’re not Rick, that is the exact type of comment he would make. There can’t possibly be two people as stupid as you on this site.

  3. Chuck In Seattle says

    Maine? A quarter page ad with just 100 names!?!?!? That’s nothing!

    Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington State will take out full-age ads in the October 28 editions of the Seattle Times, Yakima Herald, and Everett Herald featuring 1,000 Catholics who support gay-marriage-legalizing Referendum 74. “Catholic voices in favor of same sex marriage laws are often quiet in the pews,” the group said in a statement this morning. “No longer.”

  4. Eric says

    How long is Andy going to allow Jason to spew the same stuff over and over and over? This isn’t free speech, it’s allowing a bully to run free. Every thread Jason pollutes gets totally derailed.

  5. RyanInWyo (formerly RyanInSacto) says

    “It’s undoubted that the potential for a living being begins at conception.”

    LOLZ. It’s clearly “doubted” by a lot of people. That’s why a debate about it exists. If it wasn’t doubted, then there would be no debate. Maybe you meant that it isn’t doubted among any of the voices that you hear in your head.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    And now for something completely different…

    While it’s not very many, at least some RC in Maine are defying the church. From the link: “‘A Catholic whose conscience has been properly formed by scripture and church teachings cannot justify a vote for a candidate or referendum question that opposes the teachings of the church,’ Bishop Richard Malone said.” I’m not RC, but it sure sounds like a properly formed conscience does not allow thinking for onesself.

  7. Stefan says

    I don’t disagree with Jason’s comment that the potential for human life begins at conception, and most credible scientists and most pro-choice advocates would agree with that point. We can parse words like fetus, baby, zygote, embryo, etc., but it’s obviously not just a random bunch of cells like any other.

    The debate is about balancing the interest in a woman’s autonomy over her own body and the interest in protecting the lives of the unborn. Over the last few decades “viability” has been that line. It’s not a black and white issue. You can’t just “ban” abortion and even a ban with only a rape exception would be impossible to implement.

    The real focus, and one that liberals have at least been consistently stronger on, should be creating a system in which abortion (as President Clinton said) is rare. One in which education and support ensure the system isn’t gamed to present women with only difficult options. Women don’t enjoy getting pregnant and getting abortions. I’ve never known one for whom it wasn’t a really awful choice to have to make.

  8. Francis says

    Chick-fil-A may have gained some customers but the question is how many did they LOSE. That is the question that has yet to have been answered. Especially since, obviously, given the anti-gays are making it a point to eat at CFA, and the hate day in August where CFA had a major day in sales, their profits will see a bump this quarter and probably the next couple.

    When that bump dies off, the reality will set in. Chick-fil-A’s brand rating is still low. That means their consumer reputation is still shot. The bump in sales they received will not last. And people should not be foolish enough to take a sales bump and then label the entire CFA drama a success for the hate side in the end.

  9. says

    $35,000 tuition and what not’s + $6,000 credit card because i thought study abroad was such a grand idea.

    I graduated in May, now work in a grocery store. attempting to defer my loans another 12 months and hoping i can afford to pay at least the interest. People ask me ‘oh what about grad school?’ I can’t afford the debt i’m in now let alone fathom adding more!

    Anyways, NYTIMES the people in college even those who are paying it completely on their own won’t realize until unemployment surrounds them what has hit them. I try to remain positive and keep applying to jobs in EVERY field.

  10. Icebloo says

    I’m very depressed about Scissor Sisters splitting up. I mean, I think their new album was not very good but I am still a fan and was looking forward to new material. They have been one of the best live bands in recent years so I’m sure fans will miss them a lot.

    Let’s hope they get back together SOON.

  11. UFFDA says

    Good God JASON really is a presumptuous jerk isn’t he. Still, he makes me smile often because I love how he outrages so many on a site filled with negative nonsense commenters, not all, but an awful lot. If you’re taking Jason seriously, if he’s upsetting you, you need to get a life.

  12. CHAD says

    Everything I have read from Timothy Kurek regarding his experience in gay society leaves me wondering if he’s telling the truth.
    He makes it sound like we’re a Utopian bliss of non judgement, love and acceptance.
    This has never, even remotely been my experience. I suppose it’s possible he’s telling the truth, so maybe I’m just jealous but, I don’t think so.

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