NOM Helps Anti-Gay Maine Group Raise Nearly $1 Million

Maine-postcardProtect Marriage Maine, the main opposition to marriage equality in that state, finally filed their latest FEC reports and claim to have raised almost $1 million in their fight against same-sex couples' rights.

From San Francisco Gate:

In its latest financial report, Protect Marriage Maine says it raised $950,000 from Oct 1-23. That pushed overall fundraising to $1.4 million.

The Kennebec Journal reports that of that $950,000, $800,000 came from the National Organization for Marriage, a national anti-gay marriage group. The Knights of Columbus gave $100,000.

Don't worry, though: pro-equality groups still have a fundraising leg up. The latest reports bring their total to $4.3 million. These latest anti-gay funds are a last, desperate gasp ahead of election day's vote.


  1. Rick says

    NOM’s Brian Brown and the anti-gay Chrsitans are the new Nazis who are using money and lies to destroy gays, not in gas chambers as they did when the Catholic mad man Hitler and his Catholic Germans were in power but the new anti-gay Christian mad man Brian Brown and his anti-gay Christian storm troopers are waging war against the rights and freedoms of LGBT Americans to have equal and Civil Rights in America, can the gas chambers and ovens to burn their bodies be far away? Instead of Jews being murdered these anti-gay Christian are going after not only homosexuals but Muslims who they want to put in concentration camps and destroy as well. Now can you see history repeating itself? If you do nothing to stop these mad men you will have to answer for it too. To the American Muslims and homosexuals I say don’t let them drive you into concentration camps and murder you, now is the time to stand up and stop these anti-gay and anti-Muslim Christians and people like Brian Brown before they do any more damage to you and your people, fight back before it is too late. Don’t do what the Jews and homosexuals did in Nazi Germany and think evil people like the anti-gay and Muslim Christians will do nothing, millions of murdered Jews and homosexuals in Germany is proof they can and will do it again even today. It was the anti-Jews and homosexual Catholic Germans who murdered the Jews and homosexuals in Nazi Germany.

  2. Jean-Pierre Katz says

    As a supporter of marriage equality I am repulsed by Rick’s comments about the Holocaust. This is very cheap melodramatic hyperbole.

    Rick should read more about the Holocaust before twisting facts.

    I can offer an anecdote that is a better illustration of the Catholic role during the Holocaust. My mother and her best friend asked for refuge with nuns during the Holocaust. The nuns refused to help but offered to pray for my mom and her friend.

    This is also a good analogy of where the Church stands with gay people. It is doing much against their basic interests and rights while it believes itself to still love everyone.

    The Nazis had no sympathy with their victims at all. That is how they were able to kill a million children and sleep at night.

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