Notre Dame Arts Center Thinks Equality Is ‘Mature’ And ‘Adult’


Either the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at Catholic Notre Dame University anticipates some kind of sexual revolution at an upcoming discussion about marriage equality or the center truly thinks a debate about people's rights crosses the line of decency, because the announcement for the event says that the talk "includes mature or adult content."

Or maybe they're just warning people about National Organization for
Marriage's Maggie Gallagher, whose lies, to be lobbed at Wayne State University professor John Corvino next Thursday, definitely qualify as "adult content"

Oliver Darcy at Campus Reform offers more background on Notre Dame's long and complicated relationship with LGBT people:

Notre Dame University is a private catholic institution which is
technically bound by Catholic Doctrine which teaches that homosexual
behavior is a violation of divine law.

The Catholic institution, however, is also reconsidering some of their policies regarding LGBTQ issues.

Administrators have recently been urged to allow a proposed
gay-straight alliance on campus. A petition, signed by 366 Notre Dame
faculty and staff, was published in the student paper demanding the
repeal of a long-standing policy that forbids such a club from being


  1. says

    “Notre Dame University is a private catholic institution which is technically bound by Catholic Doctrine which teaches that homosexual behavior is a violation of divine law.”

    So is child molestation! But the Catholic Church tolerates it by hiding it and moving violators around from parish to parish.

    What is worse? Love or molestation?

  2. says

    Maggie, going on and on about how wrong it is for gay couples to marry will not make God forget that you’re a glutton who got knocked up in college by a guy you weren’t married to.

    so you’re a sinner, you’re son’s a bastard, and if it weren’t for the liberal progressives you have such disdain for you and your bastard son would be treated like Hester Prynn and Pearl for the duration of your lives.

    truth. i don’t think children born to single parents are bastards. the conservative minds you align yourself with do.

    something to consider.

    p.s. being anti-gay doesn’t make you immune from having gay children. you might wanna think about that before it’s too late.

  3. BT says

    When Maggie came to debate gay marriage at my college, she sat with legs spread and no underwear and flashed the audience for a good fifteen minutes. Maybe that’s what they mean by “adult content”.

  4. johnny says

    Aren’t those warnings usually added simply to dissuade people from bringing children? Personally, I would never want my children to see something as disgusting as that Gallagher woman.

  5. says

    So the head of a child molesting cover up church says we gays are “intrinsically disordered”….

    Now why would I take that garbage from an ex Nazi ?
    Or any other garbage spouted from the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which had an express policy that child abuse was to be exclusively reported to Ratzinger [ the head ], not to the civil authorities of the relevant jurisdiction…..
    Why ?
    Because Cannon/God’s Law was higher than Civil Law……and it was on that very point that the Vatican Ambassador was sent home from Ireland.
    And to think that Notre Dame is a party to this farce ! Shame.

  6. Michael says

    Is Maggie going to show her saggy pendulous repulsive breasts again? Is she going to masturbate furiously while discussing the sex lives of gay people? Is she going to fingerbang herself to death while a crowd watches anxiously? No. She is going to discuss why she believes that gay people should abide by her religion when she flaunts her gluttony in their faces.

  7. PAUL B. says

    Her credibility is greatly diminished by the fact that she obviously has a chosen “obese lifestyle” (i.e. don’t throw stones from glass house) as well as a GAY child out of wedlock. It’s like listening to Newt talk about the sanctity of marriage…or me talk about the delights of cunnilingus. Can you say “all things we know nothing about”…ding ding ding!

  8. PostPonyPhase says

    @Lucas Kramer actually it’s Notre Dame university if this is the Church’s institution. The one in my vacinity is Notre Dame de Namur, its where all the grad students in divinity go to filter through the community hassling the homeless, destitute, social workers, and anyone involved in 12 step groups until they disband for Jesus. It’s what they do.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    According to the offical name is “University of Notre Dame”. BTW – Google calls it “University of Notre Dame du Lac”. This University is located in Notre Dame, IN and is very proud it is NOT in South Bend. I don’t know how long ago it changed, but this morning the event posting did not have the rider about mature/adult content.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Let’s be fair to Gallagher’s son. While he screams “gay” to anyone with even miniscule gaydar, he does identify as “straight”.

    @Paul B: “…or me talk about the delights of cunnilingus.”
    ROFLMAO – I really needed a laugh today. It sent me to google to find Anderson Cooper’s take on his mother’s tell-all book (It Seemed Important at the Time, 2004). He proofed an early draft for her. She described her current boyfriend as the “Nijinsky of cunnilingus”. His take on this phrase was, “It’s not really a visual image I wanted to have” !!