Obama Also Backing Marriage Equality In Maine, Maryland

ObamaPlaneIt is not just Washington state that’s getting President Obama’s marriage equality love. The commander-in-chief is also officially endorsing Maine and Maryland’s respective marriage initiatives, Question 1 and Question 6. The language of his endorsement, sent out by campaign field offices, remain the same except for the specific ballot title.

Earlier news about the Obama campaign backing Washington’s fight has already brought praise and rebuke. With regard to the former, openly gay state senator Ed Murray said the endorsement proves Obama’s “courage and leadership.”

“When I first began fighting in the legislature for marriage equality,” he said.
“I would never have dared to dream that a president of the United States
would one day step forward at this crucial moment, in the middle of his
own close re-election campaign, to offer his support for our efforts.”

As for naysayers, Chip White from the anti-equality group Preserve Marriage Washington offered a reaction that both suggests there’s a double-standard for Obama’s LGBT politics and defends his organization from well-deserved criticism.

“Until May of this year, the president’s position was that marriage is
the union of one man and one woman,” he told the AP. “No one called him a
bigot or said he was unfair for holding that position. And
Washingtonians who believe in the traditional definition of marriage as
one man and one woman are not bigots.”


  1. Diogenes Arktos says

    When will the Religious Right understand the reasons someone gets identified as a bigot? It’s not an issue about marriage equality. Obama wasn’t labeled a bigot when he opposed marriage equality because he was generally supportive of LGBT folk. Unlike the Religious Right (and White, above) who spew lies and hatred about us.

  2. James Ashburn says

    What the campaign should be saying is that to put rights to a popular vote is WRONG! Why do we allow our rights to be decided on by others!? Imagine if we allowed others to vote whether African-Americans should be allowed to vote. They probably would not have that right even today in some districts! Stop believing it is ok to vote on marriage equality! It’s not!

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