Obama Appears in Radio Ad for Marriage Equality in Maryland: AUDIO


President Obama's statement endorsing marriage equality serves as the centerpiece of a new ad for marriage equality in Maryland.


WOMAN 1: So who are you voting for President?
WOMAN 2: (laughing) ...Who do you think?
WOMAN 1: I know...but what about Question Six? My Pastor says he's ok with it, but I just don't know...
WOMAN 2: I didn't know either, but then I heard President Obama supported marriage for gay couples.
WOMAN 1: Really?
WOMAN 2: You haven't heard him? I've got the clip here on my phone...
WOMAN 1: You have that on your phone?!!? (teasing)
WOMAN 2: Yes! It's THAT important...listen up:

OBAMA CLIP: "Same-sex couples should be able to get married. I had hesitated on gay marriage because I thought civil unions would be sufficient ... You know, Malia and Sasha, they've got friends whose parents are same-sex couples, it wouldn't dawn on them that their friends' parents would be treated differently. That's the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. When we think about our faith, it's also the golden rule..."
WOMAN 1: That is SO true...
WOMAN 2: Isn't it though? I'd always kinda been on the fence, but Obama makes it so simple: it's about fairness -- treating everyone equal under the law.
WOMAN 1: Well, if that's what a vote for Question Six means, I'm fired up and ready to go!