1. Tyler says

    We can’t let Romney steal this election. Please everyone – Vote and tell your friends to vote! Romney will turn back the clock on LGBT progress, and we can’t let that happen. We can all help with this election. Here are some ideas on how you can help –

    1. Join your state’s Obama group on Facebook or Twitter (to show your support), and then share the group’s news & events with others when possible

    2. Make a donation to Obama’s organization – Organizing for America at – Every $10 helps.

    3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, explaining why you support President Obama and VP Biden.

    4. Bring some drinks or food for the volunteers at your local Democrats/Obama office. This fuels the campaign.

    5. Volunteer at your local Obama office – Make some calls or knock on some doors. Remind people to vote!

    6. Do you know someone in a battleground state? If you know someone living in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado or Nevada – Tell them to vote! We need them!

    7. Share this list of ideas with others. Explain why you support Obama and why Romney would be a disaster for LGBT people and their cause. Every conversation helps.

    8. Vote early if possible. When you vote early, you’re freeing up some space at the polls on Election Day. To see whether you can vote early, go to –

    9. Show your support for Obama and his team – Put a yard sign in your yard, or put a bumper sticker on your car. We should show that the Prez has support.

    10. Elect officials who can work with Obama. As we’ve seen, the GOP has continued to obstruct President Obama, and that doesn’t help us. We need a government that can work together. Please Vote!

  2. Albert says

    Great list, Tyler! I’m heading to Pennsylvania from New York to help protect the vote. That voter ID law in PA that’s supposed to be suspended there for this election is still causing enough confusion there, that some folks may be discouraged from voting.