Over 1,200 ‘Perversion Files’ Reveal Abuse By Boy Scouts Leaders

KellyscoutsfilesThe Boy Scouts of America were forced to open up over 1,200 files revealing decades of alleged sexual abuse within the organization and how officials hid the truth from the public.

According to the LA Times, the files, dating from the 1960s to 1986, provide further evidence that the Boy Scouts hid hundreds of complaints and allegations from the public. The files, being described as the "perversion files," were opened as part of a 2010 Oregon Supreme Court ruling.

Kelly Clark, one of the lawyers in that case, a case in which the victim was awarded $18.5 million, said of the files: "The secrets are out… Child abuse thrives in secrecy and secret systems are where it breeds. And these secrets are out."

The lawyers are now asking Congress to investigate the Scouts' abuse policy to "see if they are doing what they say they are doing and if they are effective," CNN reports.

Scouts national president Wayne Perry downplayed the extent of the abuse and how it could spark more lawsuits, saying, "There have been instances where people misused their positions in Scouting to abuse children, and in certain cases, our response to these incidents and our efforts to protect youth were plainly insufficient, inappropriate, or wrong."

"Where those involved in Scouting failed to protect, or worse, inflicted harm on children, we extend our deepest and sincere apologies to victims and their families," he said.


  1. Gary says

    THE “PERVERSION FILES”: A trove of previously secret Boy Scout files naming roughly 1,500 scoutmasters and volunteers who have been accused of child molestation was made public this afternoon, a move that provided a detailed—and troubling—look inside an American institution that has long prided itself on, in the words of its mission statement, preparing “young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes.” Slate

  2. Icebloo says

    The Catholic Church covers up child abuse but has rampant homophobia.

    The Scouts Organization covers up child abuse but has rampant homophobia.

    It seems Christianity is the link here. Religious people are such evil people.

  3. Josh says

    WTH do you have all these add’s for gay people on here for! These perverts don’t have to be gay. Child molesting is a whole different thing!! Get a half a brain would you!

  4. says

    “Where those involved in Scouting failed to protect, or worse, inflicted harm on children, we extend our deepest and sincere apologies to victims and their families.”

    By continuing to exclude, demean, and harm more kids and the adults they become in other ways? Sincere and just action will be the best proof rather than more words.

  5. Leo says

    So basically…

    The Los Angeles Times is the new Boston Globe.

    The Boy Scouts is the new Catholic Church.

    With any luck, this scandal will grow and destroy them as well.


  6. SteveindeDE says

    One thing is for sure–like other child-molestation organizations such as the roman catholic church, we can rest assured that none of the perpetrators were openly-gay men.

  7. Caliban says

    According to another article those files also include the names of men who were dismissed because they are gay, but DID NOT abuse anyone and had not shown any signs they ever would. But they were gay so they were gotten rid of.

    But actual abusers were often protected either by the national Scouting organization or by locals, including police and prosecutors. In many cases the police were never informed because the BSA wanted to “protect the reputation of Scouting.”

    Sound familiar? Is it just coincidence that the Catholic Church is heavily involved at the top levels of the BSA?

  8. llm says

    I agree with most of these points, but wouldnpoint out thqt I am highly religious and not a bigot, nor am I evil. In fact it was a wonderful (and non-predatory) Catholic priest who told my parents to get over themselves and not continue to try to make me NOT gay, and not to fear what being openly gay would mean for me. He was not orthodox and probably angered many conseevative Catholics, but he is still there, not silenced, calling for change and liberalization within the Church and challenging younger Catholics to both demand and facilitate that change. The issues people have with religious people and the Church are real, but please don’t say we are all evil. Evil people are evil.

  9. millerbeach says

    Thank you, LLM for being a voice of reason. I too, had a priest tell a family member to back off about my being gay. It made all the difference for the relative to hear it from a priest rather than from me. Evil people are evil. Very well said. Sadly true. I know plenty of people in my own church who are not evil, who know about me, and most importantly, love me for who I am. I really do feel the love every Sunday, when I attend Mass with my “family”. They really are my family, and treat me like I’m a member. We are not all evil, but it is really easy to paint everyone with the same brush. As we are a group who has been “painted” up one side and down the other, shouldn’t WE refrain from the painting?

  10. Jack M says

    Let’s focus on the real tragedy here. Children were molested and the incidents were not brought out into the open. Doesn’t matter if is was same or opposite sex issues, doesn’t matter what organization it was. It’s all terribly wrong.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    Now let’s see of Congress will actually hold hearings. We had a ludicrous congressional circus when some grown men used steroids on baseball teams as if it was the end of the world and a threat to our national security…. let’s see if when hundreds or thousands of children are molested in America’s beloved conservative scouts if they step up and do the same. I’m guessing not.

  12. Daniel says

    What I don’t understand about these cases is why the parents are “complaining” to the boy scout troop about their sons being abused instead of going directly to the police!? Seems to me like the parents are just as much at fault for not pursuing it.

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