1. says

    The laws of physics suggest seats* should face the tail of the plane so your rapidly decelerating mass doesn’t cause so much trauma. You’re not riding a buggy; maybe someday people will figure that out.

    *extra charge on Ryanair

  2. Sam says

    I’ll never understand why the seats don’t have mandatory shoulder/lap belts as cars do. And preferably, face aft.

  3. gomez says

    i just had the strangest dream this morning about a plane crash in venice, ca.

    then the pope showed up


  4. alex says

    There are too many unknowns in a plane crash to confidently state that the front of the plane is the “fatal” section. For example: It’s just as possible that the tail section would be the first to hit the ground, making the back section “fatal”.

    (I don’t have a connection where I can watch the video. Perhaps they made a point to state that every crash is different. But, based on what I know about ABC “News”, I doubt it.)