1. says

    You need to see and you need to listen.

    Obviously your three years in France evading military service taught you nothing of tolerance or of liberal, open and inclusive values.

    Watch this tape and let Terence, the boy singing, teach you something, you dumb phuck.

    Signed :

  2. says

    And another thing Romney;

    Why don’t you go speak with Zack Whals……he will teach you something on which you are so profoundly and maliciously stupid.
    And I mean maliciously , with intent, to harm a given section of American society and with intent to promote yourself with whatever nouveau platitude you anticipate will win you favour.

    Oh you shallow man , you stuffed man !

  3. Sean in Dallas says

    Where are MARCUS and JASON to defend this steaming pile of sh*t? Busy denying/refuting Nate Silver’s predictions?

  4. Mike says

    “Every child has the right to a mother and a father.” No one has ever explained to me how preventing same sex couples from marrying will ensure a mother and father for all children.

    Will all those children being adopted by same sex couples magically get adopted by heterosexual couples? Or is Romney saying that living in an orphanage or foster home is quantifiably better than living in a family with two loving parents who happen to be of the same gender?

  5. Caliban says

    He’s such a soulless f*ck-face. If children have a right to anything it’s not to be raised in creepy mind-control cults started by convicted con-men (or Z-grade science fiction authors for that matter).

    Taking just the Leffew family as an example (the gay male couple with kids on YouTube), the ideal “mother and father” they were born to would probably have killed those kids by now, one way or the other. The boy (Daniel?) was born with a cleft palate and severe, almost stroke-like nerve damage (and growth issues) on the left side of his body thanks to the mother’s drug use DURING pregnancy and NO straight couples would adopt him. The little girl was taken away at birth because the mother was deemed unfit to raise children but she keeps having them because children are an unfortunate side-effect of f*cking.

    But god forbid REALITY should ever intrude on Romney’s religious right bullsh*t.

  6. reality says

    Mitt Romney is disgusting and the biggest threat to America. TURN OUT THE VOTE and keep this hideous man out of office.

  7. Maguita says

    Very disturbing.

    Mitt Romney, your lack of Basic Human Decency towards others proves yet again, that:
    You are no true American
    You are no Christian, let alone Mormon
    You are no part of the Civilized Human Condition.

    Shameful piece of dastardly piece of fecal matter.

  8. BRAINS says

    Does this surprise, anyone!…?????

    The sooner we send this RAT back to Utah, the better for America!

  9. Bernie says

    so all you gay Republicans, why do you hate yourselves so much? We call this internalized homophobia. Why would any gay person vote for someone that thinks the way Romney talks and thinks about gays??!!?!? That old bull…answer of “I live Republican values” is pure delusional fiction. It is like a Jewish/gay person voting for a KKK candidate.

  10. timothyjames says

    would someone please get get the NOProud people to stop being little bitches and rescind their endorsement.

  11. says

    Also donate to a Democratic Party candidate in a swing district such as Iowa’s Congressional District 4 where Christine Vilsak is running against Dog fighting loving anti-gay supporting Steve King.

    If Romney wins, we NEED the best firewall against Romney. Even $5 helps!

  12. andrew says

    All elections are important. This election is one of the most important in the history of this Republic. We will either go with Obama/Biden and continue the progressive advances made by FDR, HST, JFK, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton or we will turn radically to the right and choose Romney/Ryan and the Tea Party reactionaries. The course of American History for the next several generations will be set on Nov 6th.

  13. says

    you know, corruption in Olympic judging got so ridiculous that they had to change their methods of judging – a score cannot be assigned – it must be explained and justified within the specific and explicit criteria of the competition.

    stunning, then, that we continue to have baseless illogical nonsense “arguments” being given any sort of weight whatsoever, about issues like this.

    “i don’t think gays should marry because a child deserves a mother and a father” makes absolutely no intellectual sense.

    you might as well say “i don’t think that children should be allowed to drink alcohol because my mother’s car is painted green”

  14. Ron says

    This clip makes me even more proud that I cast my early vote today for President Barack Obama and VP, Joe Biden!

  15. scylla says

    If someone posted this on any message board I would assume this has to be a Troll. This Troll is for real and he wants to be president.

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Jim Parker: so what? Obama admits that he has changed his mind on marriage equality.

    @Scylla: Do you mean the original post about Romney’s history or Jim’s bit of Obama’s history?

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    Oops! Another comment about Jim’s youtube. It’s interesting that Obama forgot about the federal government demand that the state of Utah outlaw polygamy before it was allowed to join the US. So much for marriage being exclusively a state issue.

  18. Tristram says

    Yes, I’m sure you would like to preserve that which has endured for thousands of years. There are other things that have endured for thousands of years, such as slavery, sex trafficking, white supremacy, and religious wars. That doesn’t make them right, and I’d defy anyone to prove that makes them right.