1. Paul R says

    As much as I dislike the man, this story makes little sense. He’s wearing an apron that someone had to give to him. Why didn’t they just tell him and his crew to leave?

  2. David says

    Paul Ryan often seem like a kid playing “make believe politician.” From his Ayn Rand obsession (a thinker which no one over the age of 16 takes seriously) to his over-sized suits which make him look like he got into Dad’s closet to the “boyish good looks;” he comes off as a man who hasn’t totally matured. All of his answers in the debate seemed abstract and intellectual versus Biden who came off as embodied, experiential and lived.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Isn’t this exactly the GOP policy towards the middle class and the poor? Pretend to care, pretend to actually be doing something while in reality it’s all empty gestures.

  4. Caliban says

    I love this. Ryan defends are saying “B..but ALL candidates make campaign stops and pose for photo ops!”

    Yeah, they do, but to drag CLEAN dishes to the sink for a photo-op of you “working in a soup kitchen”? Especially when you’re an Ayn Rand fanboi whose budget eviscerates social services? That’s some majorly cynical bullsh*t and political opportunism, and really really scummy.

  5. Pete N SFO says

    the spokesperson works for St Vincent de Paul?

    Oops! Any name w/ ‘Saint’ in it, likely involves the Katholic Khurch Kulture. Better start workin’ on your resume.

  6. David says

    i dunno.
    paul ryan fakes working at a soup kitchen.
    hilary clinton suddenly today yells from the rafters that she’s the one responsible for the Benghazi attack and to not blame Obama.
    Accusations that Biden has dementia.
    Mitt Romney and his son’s ponzi scheme.
    Poke from the left.
    Pinch from the right.
    Push from the left.
    Jab from the right.
    Feel like I’m babysitting my friends 3 year old twins again but I guess weeks before the election this is the new politics/campaign. Maybe it always has been through history. Trying hard to stay interested and not jaded and informed but gets harder each year.

  7. Jonathan says

    I can’t even handle how offensive this is. Paul Ryan is an embarrassment. He is actually a disgrace to the many people in America who are trying to make a real difference, whether through politics, education, arts, sports or yes, soup kitchens. This guy, has built and is continuing to build his career on lies, deceit and ‘photo-ops’ at the expense of other people and causes that are actually meant to help other people in really tough situations. He should be ashamed. His entire team should be ashamed. This man had zero integrity.

  8. Jack M says

    I wonder if he ever did an honest day’s work in his life. Imagine what will happen if he gets to be VP. He’ll run in and treat this country just like that soup kitchen. What a sad excuse for a man.

  9. i could go on, but I won't says

    You have to give him credit for keeping his apron spotless after washing up all those pots and pans. What a man!

    And did you see how nicely dressed he is? What a Republican!

    (btw, this is sarcasm, sorry Republicans who agree)

  10. jamal49 says

    Checking in with some friends in Ohio and they tell me that this little stunt of Paulie R’s just didn’t go over very well. If there’s one thing Ohioans do not like and can spot a mile away, it’s a phony.

  11. Palmer says

    @ Paul R,

    Yes, yes, yes, the aprons are kept in a super-secret underground vault that only the managing director has access to through an eye-scanner and voice identification! It’s not even remotely possible that clean aprons were on a shelf in the kitchen or a stock room, is it?

    Or maybe, maybe, MAYBE, since there was some planning on the part of Ryan’s p.r. crew somebody was clever enough to bring the needed apron along with them.

    Read the damned story FULLY next time. He was let in by a worker who was finishing up. Look at how perfectly he’s positioned to give just the right angle so we can clearly see the bright, shiny pan he’s cleaning, without a drop of water on that pristine apron!

  12. Beef and Fur says

    How utterly despicable now that we see his children were there. Gotta get ’em trained into the upper crust ways, young, Ryan tells his kids: “I spent a summer washing dishes. We had a Hobart to do it. You would get callouses on your fingers it would be so hot.”

    FYI – I looked it up. “Hobart” wasn’t the name of the Ryan family’s Mexican scullery boy, it’s a brand of industrial dishwasher.

  13. M2 says

    She doesn’t like to get dirty. What a toxic queen!

    Paul Ryan is an embarrassment and a disgrace to our country, politics and mankind. He’s the Tom Cruise of politics (untreated mental illness!).

  14. jaragon says

    Shocking just shocking- Ryan is a fake ! Wow why do you think Mitt picked him as running mate?! I hope the President gets tough tonight are we are going to see these two fake greedy clowns elected.

  15. Stefan says

    I get that this is excused as standard bad politician behavior, but this is far worse than simply planting a rumor or twisting the truth. For example, standard bad politician behavior would have been actually working at the soup kitchen for a few minutes dishing out soup, and then leaving but never saying you were only around for a few minutes of work. Or you might say that you remember meeting X fake person in a soup kitchen, and how their story inspired you to do something. Or you might say that when you’re in office, religious institutions will be more secure, etc.

    This is a new low, and I assume the story is accurate because what incentive would the woman have to lie? Even if she isn’t a Romney supporter the volunteer or others could presumably contradict what she said–but no one has. This is a blatant lie. Not an omission. Not a story. Not an exaggeration. Not a twisting of a half truth. What’s worse is that he didn’t even have an excuse. This wasn’t about Clinton- or Nixon-style self preservation. This came purely from a place of ginormous douchebaggery (for lack of a better term).

  16. jeff says

    @ Paul R,

    If you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen you know that the person who is in charge in the kitchen is just a chef, they don’t have fancy security because, yes, you guessed it (or maybe not) its a soup kitchen!

    Also, the aprons are actually stored conveniently because there is such a high turn over of volunteers that they want them to start working right away. They are usually stored right next to the door.

    Um, did you see what he was washing? CLEAN silver pots. Why was he hiding what he was scrubbing? 15 seconds of washing one thing from soup kitchen that is made in large quantities? I dont think so.

    What a imbecile!

  17. dan says

    While it’s true that all politicians take advantage of exaggerated photo ops, this one deserves an award for ironic absurdity. It’s particularly ironic that a rich right wing politician who wants to gut all social programs that benefit poor and working class citizens would choose a soup kitchen to stage his compassionate conservative ruse. Since Ryan has been such a fervent upholder of corporate welfare and tax relief for the wealthy, maybe a more truthful photo opp would show him handing out deregulations to the banking industry or tax loopholes to wealthy GOP donors.

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