Rick Santorum Visits Washington State to Fight Marriage Equality: VIDEO

SantorumRick Santorum paid a visit to Spokane, Washington yesterday to speak at a private event opposing marriage equaltiy ballot measure Referendum  74, KREM reports:

Santorum appeared at a luncheon for the Family Policy Institute of Washington. He spoke against Referendum 74, the measure to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State.

Preserve Marriage Washington's Communications Director said "This will be a hard-fought campaign. This will be a contested election, all the way to the end."

The event began at noon at the DoubleTree Hotel. Tickets were $36 per person. Clergy from some local churches gathered Tuesday to oppose Santorum’s speech. In addition, nearly 100 supports gathered outside the event. Ref. 74 supporters were outside singing 'We Shall Overcome.'

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