1. Randy says

    Chances are ALL of his children will be ashamed to be associated with him in not too short a time.

    The bigots of today are preserved on YouTube for generations to come. The hate you speak to day will never, ever go away.

  2. says

    Exactly, Randy – you know, the great-grandchildren of white supremacist anti-integrationists can thank their lucky STARS that there wasn’t as much easy documentation and video footage of that awfulness back in the day. They can bury the shameful histories of those who carried their family name and pretend if never happened.

    Santorum. Palin. Bachmann. Kern. Foxx. Huckabee. and on, and on, and on.

    Congrats, folks. You’ve ruined your family name for generations and made is synonymous with bigotry and hatred. And I wholly encourage future generations of young people to go for a big taco bell dinner, find your graves, drop trou, and in lieu of flowers leave a steaming pile of what you deserve.


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