Supreme Court: No Action on Prop 8 or DOMA Cases Today


Those of us waiting to see what the Supreme Court will do regarding cases concerning DOMA and/or Proposition 8 will have to wait a bit longer. SCOTUS today took no action on any of those cases.

So there are a couple possible scenarios left. SDGLN:

1. The Supreme Court, on Oct. 8, will release the list of cases that it will not consider. If the Prop 8 and/or DOMA cases are placed on that list, then the lower court rulings will stand. Gay and lesbian couples in California would again be able to marry, as soon as the lower courts sign off on the case.

2. However, if the Prop 8 and/or DOMA cases are not on the list, that means the Supreme Court could be postponing any decision on those cases until after the presidential election, making Nov. 19 a highly watched date. There is also the distinct possibility that the justices will merge several high-profile gay-rights cases to review en masse.


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