Tammy Baldwin Ahead 4 Points As She Heads Into Thompson Debate


U.S. Rep Tammy Baldwin, currently running for a Wisconsin Senate seat, is four points ahead of her Republican rival, Tommy Thompson. An NBC/WSJ/Marist poll shows that 49% of voters prefer Baldwin, whose win would make her the first openly gay person to be elected to the U.S. Senate. The news comes as Baldwin and Thompson head into a debate this evening.

That same poll also put President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney by a sizable margin: 51% to 45%. But another poll, this one from Gallup, has Romney up by seven points: 52% to Obama's 45%, so basically the exact opposite.


  1. Mike says

    Unfortunately there’s another state poll that has her down by one. It’s going to be a tight race. The one positive she has going for her is that Tommy, a known entity in the state, hasn’t been able to crack the 50% mark.

  2. Sam says

    She is one of two people who I want to see win this November (Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts is the other). I’m happy to see that Tammy has been maintaining a slight lead in the polls. I didn’t think she had a chance to beat Tommy when he won the Republican primary since he was so popular as governor. I’m happy to be volunteering on her campaign.