Terrorism Charges For FRC Shooter Floyd Lee Corkins


This should revive the debate about whether 28-year old Floyd Lee Corkins was making a political statement when he shot and injured a security guard at Family Research Council's building in August.

From The Hill:

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted a Virginia man on new
terrorism charges for allegedly shooting a security guard at the Family
Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C., this summer.

The Justice Department is charging Floyd Lee Corkins, 28, with
committing an act of terrorism while armed, attempted murder while
armed, aggravated assault while armed and second-degree burglary while

This is the first time the government has used the District of Columbia’s Anti-Terrorism Act of 2002 in a prosecution. That "qualifies a person’s terrorist intent as an attempt to 'intimidate
or coerce a significant portion of the civilian population of the
District of Columbia or the United States'."


  1. Diogenes Arktos says

    “significant portion of the civilian population”??

    Since when is the Religious Right a significant portion of the civilian population? A recent poll showed that Protestants of all stripes are now < 20%.

  2. ratbastard says

    A mentally unstable gay man has been charged by prosecutors with committing a ‘Terroristic’ assault on FRC HQ. I agree if this is considered ‘Terrorism’, then why not assaults based on perceived sexual orientation? But, I also personally believe this is a mis-use of the post-9/11 ‘Patriot Act’ laws.

    The key words here are ‘Mentally Unstable’. Almost all the shooting sprees that occur in the U.S. are committed not for any political or ideological purpose, but by mentally unstable mostly males. Corkins is a fine example of this phenomena.

  3. John says

    The target was the FRC. The FRC is not a significant portion of the population.

    Prosecutors know they have a weak case when they resort to trumping up the charges with terrorism charges. The terrorism charges will probably be dropped or dismissed. It’s just a ploy to taint the jury pool.

  4. reality says

    This is the first time the terrorism charges have been used? Why weren’t they used on the neo-nazi who shot the guards at the DC Holocaust Museum? I’m confused.

  5. Billy Crytical says

    Terrorism charges are being used because the defendant is gay and heterosexuals are much more likely to convict a gay person because they see gay people as lower.

  6. Sam says

    The decision to charge this guy with terrorism was clearly made to appease the Right Wingers, and may make it difficult to obtain a conviction because it isn’t clear that the statute’s requirements are met here.

    With regard to the Holocaust Museum shooter, he was charged with murder and weapons chargers — significantly more serious crimes. And remember, that guy died in jail awaiting trial.

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