1. Butch says

    But they also didn’t talk about poverty, or hunger, or global warming, or women’s issues, or a lot of other things, and some of these issues actually present real national security concerns – not just a fake discussion about what weapons we should build and who we should bomb. I’m not justifying the lack of attention to LGBT issues, just saying that a lot of important stuff got ignored.

  2. anon says

    It’s a good point that the topics picked favored Romney. However, it’s not clear if team Obama wants to talk about gay rights either.

  3. R says

    I thought he was going to say THANK YOU to politicians for being so blatantly oppressive, manipulative, and bigoted, that someday people all over the world will become utterly disgusted with it.. rediscover equality, and dismantle the trainwreck of increasingly fascist government.

    I have a dream…