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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1234

VIOLENTACREZ: AC360 interviews the Reddit troll exposed by Gawker this week.

ROMNEY: His new ad for women.

KAZAKY: "Last Night".

BABY ELEPHANT: Rescued from a well in Kenya.

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  1. Love those elephant rescuers!

    Posted by: jaragon | Oct 19, 2012 5:27:55 PM

  2. OMG that baby elephant video is charming. And to think there are Africans that butcher them en masse. Shocking how ugly those people are.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Oct 19, 2012 6:06:27 PM

  3. Sargon, have you ever seen a baby calf? OMG they are charming. And to think there are Americans who butcher them en masse. Shocking how ugly those people are.

    Posted by: ger | Oct 19, 2012 9:10:24 PM

  4. The internet can be a dark and sinister place. (notice How I used my REAL name to comment on the youtube clip of the Reddit troll)

    Posted by: David Hard | Oct 19, 2012 9:13:43 PM

  5. Ger cows are NOT endangered, their habitat is not being destroyed, their teeth are not harvested while their carcasses left to rot. It is NOT NOT NOT the same. Baby any animals are cute. I have no problem with Africans killing and eating elephants to stay alive, but that is NOT what is happening for the most part. Please educate yourself, not only for you sake but also for the sake of the endangered elephants.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Oct 20, 2012 3:44:18 AM

  6. Thanks for the reminder of your personal definition of atroll, Kiwi. BTW--is Little Kiwi the one you use on legal documents? I guess "real" is subjective, too...

    Posted by: Mark | Oct 20, 2012 9:38:56 AM

  7. Must be middle age. The scene where Baby Elephant and Mama Elephant are reunited left me with tears streaming down my cheeks. Sad at how those majestic beings are being slaughtered to extinction. I'm not real fond of human beings right now.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Oct 20, 2012 10:22:34 AM

  8. I was commenting on you racism, Sargon, not animal rights.

    Posted by: ger | Oct 20, 2012 12:27:51 PM

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