Towleroad Poll — First Presidential Debate… Vote and Forward

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  1. kp05 says

    All those calls to Wall Street make him a very convincing liar when it comes to dollars and cens.

  2. Billy says

    Really don’t like how Romney came out swinging. We know he lies, but most people will always like the guy on the offensive.

  3. vbsh says

    Obama was the best debater in the Presidential Debate. Lack of caring about Jim Lehrer, the person running the debate, by Romney was just plain rude. And the arrogant smirk on his face, while listening to the other debater was ridiculous.

  4. moreen kinfe says

    i know the president won that debate romey wants to squeeze the middle class.he is wealthy and dont know what the middle and lower class is going through.

  5. Julia Rodriguez says

    Romney came across as a deer approaching bright lights. Romney seemed to be fidgeting throughout the debate. Romney kept interrupting Jim Lehrer, when president Obama tried to interrupt he was polite. I’m still waiting to hear what former Govenor Romney will do for the 47% he stated he wasn’t going to worry about. The critics at CNN are already saying President Obama didn’t bring up several comments by former Govenor Romney, but how much can you hash and rehash this comment? The American people aren’t stupid, some of know who will serve 47% and who will serve the 100% of Americans. I want my President come across as Presidential and in my opinion, that is how President Obama came across.

  6. FanOred says

    Im not sure how anyone could say O won this thing. The president can’t speak intelligently on ANY topic without a TelePrompter. Look, the country is in dire straights. No one is better off than they were 4 years ago unless they have benefitted from a free ride from the govt. Free Internet, 250 cell phone minutes, free iPads…WTF! Entitlements are rampant and those of us pulling our weight are tired of carrying everyone else including the King and Queen who spend millions everyday taking lavish trips at taxpayer expense. I should by stock in Aleve my back hurts from carrying the dead weight free riders. BHO was completely unprepared and looked like a defeated man. Good ridance. Maybe the next guy will get it right.

  7. Randy says

    I viewed the debate as a draw.

    I did expect Obama to take the fight more to Romney, yet I’m baffled by the claims that he looked angry or listless or not looking at Romney. Was I watching the same debate at all?

    I know the fact checkers are already have a field day with Romney’s “facts” (and he dares to say you can’t make up your own…)

    But what I took away the most was how uncomfortable Romney looked.
    * His constant blinking,
    * His odd, jerking head movements,
    * His tense smile,
    This is not a presidential candidate. It’s a poorly-designed android.

    If there’s a winner, perhaps it’s the Chinese robotics firm that built it.

  8. EchtKultig says

    Oh yeah, new Republican troll here who can’t even spell “riddance.”

    Look, obviously Romney did very well. But the way he won was to counter every criticism from Obama with a lie. “Oh, I’m going to cover pre-existing conditions after all.” Romney’s advisers admitted 20 minutes after the debate that that wasn’t true. His own advisers! Lying can get you far in politics, there’s no doubt about that. Will it be enough lies, this late in the game, to make Romney seem like a “compassionate conservative” after all, erase the 47% fiasco, and win him the election? I can’t predict that.

  9. Francis says

    Romney’s lies will definitely catch up to him. He ran to the center today after veering right during the campaign. Obama and his team have A LOT of material to work with.

    With that said, man-to-man battles strike more of a chord with people and Romney won tonight’s debate easily.

    Oh, and Jim Lehrer…….gotta make sure he never moderates a debate again.

  10. says

    I’m with RANDY on this one. Obama could have done better, but he actually looked like he was enjoying this. Romney looked like he was trying to hold in a fart.

  11. xxx says

    Romney said that he would get rid of “expensive” things(referring to unwanted programs)because these things don’t help “family”……???

  12. xxx says

    In this time, we need Obama style of leadership.

    Romney lacked clarity in his answers and his aggressiveness is not going to make America move forward in these times.

  13. Patrick says

    Romney crushed him. Just shows how Obama is without a tele prompter! Can’t evenstare Romney in the eye. Talking about implementing plans right now… 4 years after his presidency started???? REALLY! I now see Obama is a joke. Not impressed with his vision, not impressed with his understanding of issues.

    Romney crushed him. Say hello to the new president Romney!

  14. andrew says

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the debate. It is of no importance to me. I know where Obama and Romney stand on the issues and I intend to vote OBAMA!

  15. EchtKultig says

    It’s cute how the tea party trolls scurry out of the shadows when there’s a bit of good news, like rats chasing after a couple discarded McDonald’s french fries. Yet they are nowhere to be found on posts showing that Romney/Ryan is the most regressive, anti-gay Republican ticket since at least the 1970s, and probably before that.

    As an article somewhere noted last night…if elections were about who wins debates, we’d have President Hillary Clinton. Or we’d have had President John Kerry in 2004.

  16. i could go on, but I won't says

    I found the “debate” too boring to pay close attention, so I expect the polls won’t change much because it just won’t matter to most people.

    I did notice that Romney is changing a lot, adopting Obama’s positions (at least verbally). That must kill the conservative base!

    Will the red states be happy with the liberal governor from Massachusetts who like a fish out of water is flip-flopping his way toward the center? I doubt it.

  17. Disgusted American says

    to me Pres. Obama came off as “Feeling Romney Out”….Trying to determine his SMUG Meter……I think the next debate is a diff. forum/town forum style…President Obama does great with those – when Romney just breaks out in crappy songs he cant sing…..Pres. Obama will wipe the floor with him next time, Romney backed himself into a corner with all his Lies last nite

  18. L'Herb says

    Full disclosure, I’m a bit drunk at the moment, so I don’t feel like reading all the comments, so forgive me if this has been said more eloquently than I can manage at the moment, but…

    Towleroad, do you really think these polls are in any way helpful to anyone? I mean, with the exception of a few LCR trolls on here, is anyone REALLY gonna give an objective-enough opinion on these questions? I mean, c’mon. Most of us here are total “commie pinko liberals” who know when we see the most pro-LGBT president in US history. He ain’t perfect, but no “decent” politician is.

    I love you guys, and swear by this blog more than any other, but let’s not waste the interwebz space when the results of a poll are more predictable than a Catholic priest’s boner in a daycare… lol.