1. Caliban says


    I was scrolling down and at first just saw the headline, Joss Whedon for Mitt Romney, and thought, “that motherf*cker!”

    Good to know it’s a joke.

  2. Iban4yesu says

    Now…. bring back Firefly! Joss can execute produce ’em.
    What the he world needs now is more of Nathan Fillion and none of Sh!t RobMe!

  3. Tom says

    Sorry not buying the Obama crap again. Joss Whedon is a great director but understands nothing about governing a country. I’m giving Romney a chance this year.

  4. Dogenes Arktos says

    @Tom: Romney couldn’t govern the state of Massachusetts. Those people know the real Romney. He’s projected to loose to Obama by at least 20 points.

  5. says

    I think Joss would agree… America needs a yellow crayon moment! We should all send our congressmen a yellow crayon…Joss would get a kick out of that and just think what kind of a stir we’d cause in Washington!