1. Rob says

    If memory serves, didn’t it end with him dead and a bunch of teenagers being shipped off to die in Vietnam by Johnson?


    wow, sheer genius! she’s voting for her kitten and her tit! what a great character study.

    assuming this is part of the Obama campaign’s strategy.

    because there’s no way that this caricature of a human being actually exists.

    right? this is totally a comedy sketch. Isn’t it?

  3. Ronald says

    The only reason she made this video is to show her cleavage and let others know how dumb she is. She thought it would help her get laid.

  4. "The Gay" says

    Didn’t watch it. Don’t care. Don’t know why anybody would. It’s not “gay news”.

  5. says

    When people say America isn’t stupid we really can’t defend ourselves with bimbos espousing crap like this. If you ever wondered how George W got elected, look to dimwits like the nutcase above.

  6. Jon says

    I am sooooo glad I’m Gay! If I had to look down into that face while making love, I’d stick to jerking off forever.


    on her youtube page, right after her name it says:
    “I’m Andy Kaufman.”

    So there you have it. She’s basically Stephen Colbert with cleavage. Except that Colbert is funny. Andy Kaufman took his comic personas seriously, to the point that they weren’t even funny.

    But at least I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  8. Mark says

    Ok is she real or is this a comedy skit? Is
    the Bimbo Bad Bleach Blonde Barbie companion kit available with the live one?

    She’s like . . . . I don’t know . . . . I just lost where I was going with this?


    Its both alive and yet . . . .

    And she doesn’t like Sarah Palin ??? LOL Because like she could like be BFFs with Willow and like even Bristol.

    Cause like “Mitt is hot”???

  9. jamal49 says

    Well, there ya go. Just as everything about this bimbo is fake, it is only appropriate that she support the absolute symbols of fraud in American politics, Mitt Romney and, in turn, the GOP.

    They all deserve each other.

  10. WP says

    Romney “super gorgeous and hot”??? I can’t stand the way he minces onto the stage. And as someone who bullied fellow gay students when he was in school…I’m not sure he would really be interested in “Romney Girl”.

  11. Disgusted American says

    Honey I HOPE you like being Vaginally Probed, when you Next sexual encounter leads to unwanted pregnancy

  12. Jack M says

    Her bust measurement is obviously higher than her IQ. If this isn’t a joke, I feel really bad for her.

  13. Sarcastic Medved says

    Good, let the bimbo with a chest full of silicone vote for Romney. All that silicon has destroyed her brain cells.
    What a vacuous c***!

  14. Boo says

    The sickest thing is she represents a huge portion of Romney’s supporters and the reason they’ll vote for him. He looks ‘presidential’ and on the split screen with Obama, the stupid racist people will choose the one that looks like he came from Central Casting even though he’s got the soul of satan. They only care about the veneer and haven’t got a clue what each candidate stands for.

  15. woodroad34 says

    BFMs: ‘Bimbos For Mitt’. First Victoria Jackson and Babe ‘air chop’ Buchanan, now this ‘Hooters’ reject. What exactly are conservative values, anyways? What exactly is being protected by voting in this specious criminal? I think I just answered my own question: Conservative values are tax-evading, sociopathic criminal values. America has not advanced one iota with current conservative values. America is always stuck in a non-productive death knell when Republicans take over–we lose money, increase debt, create more criminals, go into more wars for personal/business reasons rather than our own protection,and develop increasingly more socially annihilating behavior. America is truly being ruined by the Devil of Ultra Nutwing conservative politics. I feel like Ellen Burstyn in “The Exorcist” trying to save her daughter from the demon within.

  16. Will says

    So her number one reason for voting for Mitt is because of looks? I’d sooner vote for a hunch back hag that I shared views with than someone because they are hot. What a moron. I’d like to hear what republicans think of her. If she supported Obama shed be all over Fox News with a caption that read this is what Obama supports look like…

  17. says

    I got physically ill just looking at that thing. Listening to it is a whole other story… Isn’t this the same chick that is addicted to sun tanning?

    The good news for her is that I’m sure she’ll be given a coveted “anchor bimbo” position on FOX News.

  18. Roman Bolliger says

    Silicone boobs and silicone politics: This porndoll and that artificial politician called Romney are really a matching pair on the same level.

  19. RandySf says

    It’s clearly a character bit she’s playing, but what I find most funny is the amount of judgmental bullcrap we get here in the comments section of a site that opposes bullying and promotes tolerance.

  20. millerbeach says

    Wow…and here I thought Snooki went platinum…oh well, one can dream…LOL Yeah, Mittens will probably do quite well at the trailer parks throughout this great land…until someone tells them he wants to cut benefits. Then, and only then, will the stupid understand how bad he will be for this nation. I sure hope the turnaround comes soon.

  21. Shaunie says

    Omg what a bunch of uptight assholes you all are. She’s PLAYING. You know? As in JOKING, BEING FUNNY? Wtf. If you’ve seen her ‘What Fat Chicks say’ video, then you’d know she doesn’t mean any harm. She was just trying to be funny.

  22. Joe De Hoyos says

    I’ve never liked people because they looked good, I’ve never watched a TV show because someone ‘hot was on it, and would NEVER vote for someone because of their looks.

    But there are idiots in America who voted for candidates because he/she was ‘cute’ even though he/she behaves like an moron. Remember Sarah Palin? George Bush? There are also moronic nitwits who voted for Schwarzenegger because he was famous.

    Need I say more?

  23. says

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  24. says

    She is not dumb…She is thinking of your future. Mitt Romney will save our Country and get us out of debt. Obama has not solved anything and he don’t really care to save our country. Are you going to vote for a weak nation in the condition we are in? Are you going to suffer another 4 years. Sorry, but Mitt Romney will make a better presidential candidate. I never voted but I will vote for Romney this time to restore America. We need a strong Leader who cares and Mitt Romney has proved my vote.

  25. says

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  26. says

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