Windows Smashed at San Francisco GLBT Historical Society


The San Francisco GLBT Historical Society writes:

Two windows at The GLBT History Museum were smashed in an act of vandalism around 4:45 a.m. this morning (Oct. 29). Our staff responded immediately, as did the San Francisco Police Department. None of the historical objects on display were damaged. The museum will be closed today so we can start repairs, but we expect to open tomorrow for our normal hours (11 a.m.–7 p.m.). You can help the museum by making a donation here:


  1. jason says

    When liberals start smashing our windows, you know we’re in trouble. A lot of you have failed to read the tea leaves on this. In any culture based on sleaze, such as San Francisco, the ultimate trajectory of the “anything goes” philosophy is to commit violent acts against others. After all, it’s “doing whatever I want to do”.

    I got a hint of this a couple of years back when these dear liberals voted for Prop 8. You should have, too.

  2. wwolffus says

    Ummm, a lot of stuff got smashed and burned last night all over town. Giants fans, not homophobes, I suspect.

  3. Icebloo says

    Expect more attacks like this if we elect Romney. Expect more attacks on us when we are out in the streets if we elect Romney. Expect Romney to get rid of hate crimes laws so we don’t get any justice.

    VOTE OBAMA PEOPLE ! You will regret it if you don’t. Remember how awful EIGHT YEARS of Bush was ? Well Romney will be worse. NO EXCUSES – get out and vote for Obama.

  4. jason says


    This attack happened under a liberal Obama and under a liberal Governor of California.

  5. says

    I guess Gov. Brown and Pres. Obama and their liberal minions were raging in the streets of liberal SF! Because it’s just not possible that there is a single Republican or homophobe in SF.

    Oh wait… who voted for Prop 8 in the largest numbers? REPUBLICANS!

  6. MateoM says

    Jason/Rick is truly desperate. Isn’t it sad? Wait…not sad. Hilarious. Hopefully it will die off soon, be it by self-inflicted gunshot wound or boredom.

  7. David says

    Um… There is more to the story here.
    Not only did this happen, A MUNI bus was set on fire tonight in addition to countless other things being destroyed and covered in toilet paper because of over zealous Giants fans celebrating the World Series victory. 18th and Castro was a total madhouse.

  8. THE QUEEN says


  9. Jason says

    Yeah seriously guys the whole city got smashed up after the Giants won the world series. Likely not homophobia, so who knows.

    Also my real name is Jason and I am posting using my real name and I am NOT the same as the guy above, sheesh.

  10. jason says

    When liberal permissiveness prevails, gays become victims too, just as they did on Krystallnacht.

  11. andrew says

    @Mateom: Typical of you to respond to Jason’s obvious nonsense with the suggestion that he kill himself.

  12. Eric says

    This did NOT occur during any “riot”. The streets were cleared HOURS before this happened at 4:45 AM. This was an isolated act of vandalism. If it HAD happened during the celebration earlier, there would have been thousands of people in the Castro to prevent it.

  13. greggo says

    So Jason, you’re saying the Krystallnacht was the product of liberal permissiveness? On what planet did you learn 20th C history?

  14. Francis says

    Most likely, it was a drunken idiot and/or hateful homophobe that was still on the streets post-World Series celebration.

    What’s important is that none of the historical objects were damaged. Lastly, ignore the insane Jason everyone.

  15. jd says

    Two thoughts: 1. Probably not an anti-gay thing, at all. 2. I imagine Jason masturbates with sandpaper. You know, for simultaneous punishment.

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  17. Bill says

    Is there any physical evidence (video tape, object that had been thrown through the window, etc.)? There was a fair bit of vandalism last night on the part of a small number of individuals according to the papers, with 36 people arrested. That vandalism included burning one of the city’s buses, although fortunately the passengers and driver got away safely. With numerous fires set and cars flipped over, an assumption of vandalism in this case is easy to make. Barring evidence to the contrary that has not yet been reported, however, it could have been a stumbling drunk who managed to fall into the window and then staggered home.

    Finally, while San Francisco may be very liberal, those 36 guys are not going to be treated with kid gloves according to the D.A. and, as long as they didn’t arrest an innocent bystander, nobody is going to show them any sympathy, with the possible exception of their mothers. Well, maybe their attorneys will show them some sympathy – for a suitable fee.

  18. Paul R says

    Now SF has made the really bright decision to hold the Giants celebration parade tomorrow—Halloween. That should work out great. I’m sure that the city’s 15 or so police will be able to handle that fine, as long as they can work 20 hours at a time and arrest several people an hour. I’m dreading it. Sunday night was bad enough.

  19. ratbastard says

    @Paul R,

    You have my complete empathy. Lived through similar ‘Celebrations’ at least a half dozen times in Boston. I swear the city’s population swells to twice it’s size.

  20. bill says

    This demonstrates even more clearly why this museum is necessary….it is a living reflection of the violence gay people have endured for centuries. Clean up the mess and go on with the good work.

  21. ratbastard says

    Security cam footage? If not, why not?

    I’m tired of hearing these stories about vandalism or even assaults in places that should have decent security cams. Anyone can get them in 2012 dirt cheap.

  22. Paul R says

    Thanks, RatBastard.

    As for security cameras, how are they going to help? It’s 4:30 am and you get a picture of someone and most cameras suck and aren’t going to get an accurate shot when it’s dark. And you think the police are really going to go on a manhunt over a broken window? The person who did it could be from anywhere, and almost certainly wasn’t a resident of the Castro.

  23. Bill says

    The way security cameras would help (don’t know if they had any pointed at the windows) is that, even if you can’t identify the guy who broke the window or windows, you might be able to tell if it was vandalism or simply the result of a staggering drunk losing his balance.

    If it was a staggering drunk who simply fell, it was basically an accident and you’d know that the museum was not being targeted by some creep.