1. Henry Holland says

    I’ve smoked pot on a regular basis (i.e. 2-3 times a week) since 1975. I’m not a burn out, I don’t crave Twinkies or donuts when buzzed and I simply enjoy watching “Doctor Who” while stoned or getting buzzed before a concert. For me, music simply sounds better when I’m buzzed, but mileage may vary.

    Legalize it NOW.

  2. Jack says

    Not exactly a really good explanation at all… “You can’t even recall your last epiphany because you are so caught up in your current thought?” Nonsense, I know people who, while stoned, can run mental laps around other people.

  3. says

    i think some folks have this idea that cannabis users sit around doing absolutely nothing in some zombie’d-out state.

    while that may be the response of some it certainly aint the response of a great many others.

    most cannabis users are content to simply be cannabis users, and a lot of us don’t even touch alcohol.

    Tree of Life viewing at my place. bring your own mary jane. or i’ll share. cuz i’m a socialist.

  4. Reppin2 says

    I agree with two of the above comments, however, I have friends that have been smoking pot every day since 1978. Some of them are holding jobs, but do nothing else. The others do NOTHING all day. They have no desire to do ANYTHING. They are brain dead and boring and stupid. There are functioning pot heads like there are functioning alcoholics. I think alcohol is more harmful. I think pot should be legalized. Let it be up to the pot head to be a dead head. Should be a choice.

  5. says

    a m e n.

    up in canadialand there’s way less stigma about cannabis use. i dare say most canucks try cannabis before they try alcohol.

    alcohol is legal despite the way far too many abuse it. that cannabis remains illegal makes no intellectual sense whatsoever.

    the reality is that there are indeed folks who treat cannabis the way millions of other treat a beer or a nice bottle of wine – something to share with friends ,or a nice addition to a cozy night.

  6. Zlick says

    I’ve smoked pot on and off for a long, long, long time. Not nearly as much now as I did in younger days, but still a couple or 3 times a week. I was never the type to want to sit around and do nothing, must less if I’m buzzed in any way.

    This video illustrates why I like to create while I’m high. Work with visual media or sound. Yes, it enhances the experience – which allows for lots and lots of tweeking, revision, changes .. which is important to my creative process – and most importantly allows me to work with the same piece endlessly until it’s “right” without getting bored with it.

    My tolerance for working on the same thing over and over is greatly reduced without pot – so I usually use it most when I’m working on a project. Not so much otherwise, though the video did explain why most experiences are enhanced by it – and I’ll use it for some random ones, too.

    But sit around and just BE stoned??? Um, never. I guess, as with most things, mileage may vary. But this is a far less toxic and troublesome drug than alcohol, which remains legal. ???????

  7. johnny says

    The fact that weed is illegal has nothing to do with what it does to people’s brain. It has everything to do with two main factors:

    1. It can’t be controlled. Anyone can grow it almost anywhere for free. Unlike Alcohol or cigarettes (both legal yet taxed) which are harder to distill or grow. The government likes that tax dollar and likes to know exactly who’s growing or distilling tobacco or alcohol. They’d never be able to control what would happen if it were legal.

    2. The cotton, oil, chemical and drug industries can’t compete against it. Weed requires zero pesticides or herbicides, yet you can get cloth, fuel and/or pharma benefits from it. So, those 4 powerful lobbies help keep it from ever getting legalized because otherwise they’d have way too much competition, you know, that thing that republicans seem to think is a good thing.

  8. says

    legalizing cannabis, and FARMING HEMP, would aid the country. heck, every country. and help the environment.

    hemp plants? produce massive amounts of oxygen, regrow incredibl fast, and have an incredible variety of uses. we need to stop the deforestation, and get to using hemp fibres.

    heck, i’d love it if they’d tax cannabis. by all means, tax it. i’d rather pay tax than get arrested for enjoying, in public, my chosen vice.

    and you’re right, Johnny. spot freakin’ on. not to mention Big Pharma which doesn’t want people to have access to effective, and COST-effective, medically-used cannabis when they can instead charge a lot of money for some chemicals of their own.

  9. Thomas says

    For me, I’m for it being legalized- in the home or in a non-public space. I have allergies, for one, and no matter what, if i don’t want to get a contact high I shouldn’t be subjected to the stench of pot smoke in a public park, walking down the street, or, yes, at a concert. For those who say “marijuana enhances the music,” that’s fine for you, but what about the people who enjoy the music but can’t take the smoke? Why are we the problem at concerts? It seems so often that those who push for legalization because otherwise they’re being discriminated against don’t notice the or care about the harm they can cause others?

  10. says

    THomas, if those folks used a vaporizer or baked it into cooking it wouldn’t be an issue.

    and the day anyone gets a legit “contact high” from being in a park with people who are enjoying the reefer will be an hilarious one indeed.

    gurl, i’ve TRIED to get a contact high and it didn’t work. Mhmmm.

    that said – toke responsibly. use a vaporizer. it’s worth it.

  11. Jack says


    Hate to break it to you, but it’s not all that difficult to distill alcohol, and it’s quite easy to do without the government knowing about it.

  12. says

    folks have at-home wine and beer-making kits. why not ‘grow your own grass’?

    to realize the actual specific reasons that cannabis remains illegal instantly turns one into a conspiracy nut. why? because it’s actually a conspiracy.

  13. MaddM@ says

    I think the biggest barrier to legalization is the fact that the many people that use it and are successful intelligent people are under the radar because they’re not complete burnouts. Myself included. It would be a big career problem to come out and say “oh yes, I’m functioning at the same level as my peers despite my regular cannabis use.”

    I’m glad that the video mentioned common psychoactive substances such as alcohol and especially caffeine- the things we as people use to alter our minds and experiences are a continuum from minor to major effects and then branching out into different groupings like psychedelics, stimulants, etc with some fitting multiple groups. There is not an arbitrary line that exists outside of social perceptions of “good stuff” vs “bad stuff.” And for the most part, it’s not the substance as much as the amount as Paracelsus said “the dose makes the poison”

    The modern west has a very narrow concept of acceptable altered states compared to other cultures and times in history- pretty much alcohol intoxication is the mode of choice, and there are other non-pharmacologic methods like extreme sports, meditation both active and resting, breathwork, listening to Ray of Light, etc… I think we will see a loosening of this as it really only became restricted very recently in history with the advent of the hippie movement.

  14. UFFDA says

    I enjoy weed about three times a week but if I smoke it more than 3 days in a row I get a strong skin itch on back of neck and shoulders,on hands or wrists. It’s a warning tht weed can be overdone for me. I rarely smoke socially, mostly only when I’m working on art projects. I do find that I can go overboard with design work while smoking (one big puff does it), so that the next day I see that I have gone too far, then need to draw back and alter work in a straight state (ahem). I also usually crash with sore eyes after about four hours, then need two or more of shut eye to recoup. So for me it has it’s downside though it never seems to be very serious. Still, I’m a little sorry that I use it as often as I do…it does feel like a kind of crutch, but the first four hours are always wonderful, absorbing and definitely enhancing to most of the senses.

  15. jamal49 says

    If I had to choose between being in a room full of pot-smokers or a room full of booze-hounds, I’ll go with the pot-smokers every time, even though I rarely smoke.

    For the record, the roots of marijuana prohibition are based in racism against people of color.

    Pot should be legal. Marijuana is a plant, not a drug, no matter what the DEA propaganda says. The brain has receptors for THC. The body assimilates marijuana quite easily.

    The government could make a fortune with legal pot and the taxes it would generate.

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