1. Brian says

    I agree, better looking than the girls. God, those eyes…what I would to him in…well you get the idea; is illegal, immoral and just plain wrong in this part of the galaxy.

  2. testington says

    I usually find Zac really good looking for a guy who isn’t my type (too short and young for my tastes) but that video was terrible and he looks so awkward in it, and he looks a little stoned or drunk in the close-ups.

  3. sam says

    No idea what this ad was for! Cars? Hats? T-shirts? As for Mr Efron – I’m sure that looking ‘cool’ is important for young Hollywood actors, but ‘cool’ is not synonymous with ‘bored out of my skull’ and that is exactly what he looked like. Also a bit concerned about the fairly consistent objectification of men here – gay men need to know that positive images are more than pretty boys with good makeup and excellent lighting.

  4. Tone says

    Thus sayeth the bitter vacuous queen:

    Cluck Cluck Cluck… *overcompensating*
    Cluck Cluck Cluck… *too pretty*
    Cluck Cluck Cluck… *closet case*

    Jealous much ladies?

  5. rjp3 says

    He looks beautiful — they dressed him and told him what poses to make.

    He is cool. Gay friendly. And beautiful.
    They hate here is sad since his also so young.

  6. EchtKultig says

    I’m sorry, I’m not being jealous or bitter to say he looks ridiculous trying to act so “street tough” or “bad a-s” with that small frame. (Yes, he looks like he’s been working out. No, if he were not famous he would not even make it past the casting call for an Abercrombie shoot. I’m sorry – fashion is a lookist industry.) It’s not about saying he’s a bad actor or bad person, just that there is no way this will make heterosexual men want to go buy this clothing. I can only assume John John is marketing to women & preteens with this spot.

  7. Dave says

    Zac Efron’s career transition from being cast in several antiseptic Disney high school musicals towards his most recent film roles reaching for a matured, young adult acting career has been nothing short admirable particularly when faced with an audience that never allows him to be anything new or evolved. Zac Efron has indeed evolved. And he’s doing a handsome job of it. Perhaps the problem is that his original immature audience hasn’t matured.

  8. says

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