1. George F says

    It’s obviously a rather non-family-friendly way of protesting… But I gotta love them for their unconventional approach and support to the cause…


  2. Kyle says

    Femen is a feminist group. Until now I’ve only ever heard of them demonstrating for women’s issues. That they also support gay causes gives me new respect for their topless protests. I have less respect though for the Associated Press for regurgitating a doublespeak term like “pro-family” in their news release.

  3. jason says

    I’m sorry but we do NOT need these offensive feminists trivialzing the gay rights cause with their tacky topless protests. This is the domain of pornography, and I certainly don’t want our rights being trivialized thus.

    Tell these tacky feminists to buzz off. Feminists support the right of women to abort babies, including babies that might contain a gay gene. Do you support them on that, do you?

  4. jason says

    The other danger of associating these horrible feminists with the gay rights cause is that you are sleazing up the concept of gay marriage. Our rights – including our right to gay marriage – are NOT the domain of sleaze. There are those who would LOVE our rights to be associated with sleaze but that is NOT what our rights are actually about.

    I get so sick and irritated when outside groups like pornographic feminists attempt to hijack our causes. You are NOT welcome, feminists.

  5. dan says

    they got what they deserved. If they wanted to express themselves they had to organize their own manifestation, not disrupt someone else’s

  6. jason says


    I don’t care about you.

    I think the reason for the topless feminists was provocation – ie to provoke the opponents of gay marriage into violence.

  7. Merkel says

    The rightwing Catholics and the “queer” activists have a lot in common. They both see gay people as marginal and subversive. They both want to portray gay people as exotic and outlandish and in conflict with societal norms. In their own way, each group is homophobic and hurts gay people.

  8. Maguita says

    You go Ladies! Bare those tits in the face of those who deny the most basic of human rights to their fellow citizens, while protecting pedophiles, and dare to raise their hand at the fountain that fed, lullabied, and held them safe in their most vulnerable years.

    Jeezus those Catholics are enraged prudes who see sin everywhere they look, and cause war everywhere they step.

  9. Cecilfirefox says

    Although I admit the sight of such a ruckus might be funny or entertaining, a little, I think this sort of counter-protest nonetheless plays into the right wingers idea family unfriendly sex crazed fiends. I don’t think it’s particularly in good form. <_^

  10. UFFDA says

    Someone ought to come out on the fighting ground with a loud laughing track. It would hugely defuse everything and could actually cause hilarity in just about everyone. I mean really, how can this not be funny.

    Don’t bother telling me.

  11. Richard says

    I personally believe in gay marriage.

    While I deplore the act of men hitting women, it is obvious that these women were being provocative by dressing as topless nuns and directing profanity at these people and their faith. Not to mention spraying people with bottles marked as sperm.

    In saying their slogans in English, rather than French, it is also obvious that they are playing to an audience beyond the border. I agree with your goals, but you need to work on your methods. Consider that you were already on the side of strength, meaning a law was being proposed that others were opposing.

    The need for extreme acts to garner attention should be reserved when no one is listening, else the methods eventually will grow stale and cease to work when you most need them.

  12. scott says

    I don’t consider feminists by nature to be against gay rights- all one need be is simple humanist, a simple believer in the equality of all people, and the freedom and basic dignity of all peoples.

    That said, I liked what @MERKEL said- they weren’t doing it for us- they did it to generate attention for their group, and it probably hurt our cause in France to be seen associated (whether willingly or unwillingly) with these ridiculous provocateurs.

    I wouldn’t want my children to see women running around topless, or men with their dongs out. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in our bodies, but people do have a right to be in a public space and not be offended in the extreme by naked individuals.

    This sends the wrong message. This backs up the religious right’s message that marriage equality is about trashing the marriage word, about bringing it down and trampling it.I am a progressive, but I am most definitely not an anarchist or revolutionary. I believe in the stability of families, in their importance to a healthy, good life, and that’s why marriage equality is good.

    Definitely not what I would describe this.

  13. simon says

    Some people here say these women are provocative.
    Perhaps we should go after the Catholic bishops, NOM nuts etc and beat them up for saying those provocative hateful things.

  14. simon says

    Most domestic violence are due to the woman being “provocative”. Does that mean the violence is justified?

  15. "Provocative?" says

    Watching the adherents of this giant cult of pedophiles physically assault a bunch of women simply underscores that their “religious organization” is a loathsome cancer on the body politic with absolutely no redeeming social value.

  16. says

    Wow, France, the inventor of Love and Modern Democracy, still harboring bigots and homophobes after all this time. And I thought contemporary secular French society tolerates Catholicism because of the additional tourism it brings (Lourdes et al). It’s becoming apparent that France is still cowed by organized religion.

  17. Robert says

    Catholic men beating up women in the streets, Proof that Catholics are evil animals who attack women. Is this what the Catholic Church now teaches, evil cowards to beat up women in the street and pedophile priest who rape and abuse children and then the Pope and the Catholic Church hides them in the Catholic Church. What’s next, Catholic priest raping children while beating them to death?
    These Catholic animals think they are above the law and justice and it is time to rope these mad men in and stop their madness before they murder and harm more children and people.

  18. Mary says

    Pro-gay activists should not try to provoke outrage in traditionalists by going topless. Couldn’t the anti-gay side frighten the pro-gay activists by having Maggie Gallagher show up topless/ I mean if anything could stop gay marriage from being legalized in France this could be it!

    ….(just trying a little humor here! Hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s evening by conjuring up an image of a topless Maggie. It isn’t really a pleasant thought, is it?)

  19. oakpope says

    @MannyEspinola : 5% of 65 millions = 3 250 000. Even if they are not so many relatively speaking, they can muster few thousands people marches nonetheless. Whatever, the law will pass.

  20. millerbeach says

    I would be embarrassed to be filed or even seen hitting a woman. I was raised differently. I was taught to respect women. The idiot taking pot shots at the female protester is a wimp. He couldn’t even throw a punch. What an embarrassment…trying to hit a woman, and looking like one doing so. Why don’t these same people protest the cover-ups involving pedophile priests? Where is the outrage when a little boy is sexually molested by a priest? I have yet to see any in all the decades the Church has been “trying” to deal with this sick, vile issue.

  21. Emma says

    The catholic attackers in these protests are not true catholics. The bible emphasizes peace, not violence. There is little to be said in the bible about gay marriage, but some extremists seem to jump on the anti-gay wagon, while at the same time being violent!?! There is way more to be said about peace and non-violence in the bible opposed to gay-marriage. Why not focus on that instead? The catholics that protest against gay people are usually the ignorant and violent sadists. Although I do not have faith in any relgion, I do respect peoples opinions and beleifs but ONLY if they are not ignorant. Everyone is entitled to their INFORMED opinions and beleifs, but NOONE has the right to be ignorant. This being said, I do not agree that FEMEN should attack churches, preists, and nuns as a whole. There are a lot of good catholic or christian people that are fine with gay marriage, they should ONLY target those who are, in my opinion, idiots.