Anti-Gay Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels Gets the Boot


Troy, Michigan mayor Janice Daniels, who made national headlines in 2011 over a Facebook update that read "I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there" and months later said she wanted an expert to testify that homosexuality is a mental illness at an anti-bullying forum, has been sent packing.

Voters recalled her last night, the Daily Tribune reports:

With all 31 precincts reporting, the yes vote won 20,763 to 18,993.

“We’re ecstatic,” said Matt Binkowski, spokesman for the effort to recall the embattled mayor. “We’re very happy that Troy can now finally move forward and the embarrassment of Janice Daniels’ short term as mayor is finally over.”

Binkowski said the campaign has been a long one. “Unfortunately, a lot of feelings have been hurt on both sides. I think this is the best thing for Troy.”

The Detroit News adds:

Ellen Hodorek, with a crowd of about 50 recall backers at Joe Kool's on Big Beaver Road, teared up and dabbed at her eyes with a napkin as she discussed the election.

"You don't know how important this is," Hodorek said. "This is important for the whole region."

Linda Kajma stood on a chair with a beer in her hand, exultant in Daniels' apparent ouster.

"I've lived in the city for 38 years. Don't mess with my city," she said. Speaking figuratively to Daniels, she added: "You can put on your red hat and get on the next train out of Troy."

Daniels was unavailable for comment.


  1. Brandon Frederick Jones says

    Hell Yes! I’m from Michigan and lived in Troy while she presided there… the good news just keeps rolling in!

    You say, “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.”

    Well Ms. Daniels… “We think we’re going to throw away our bigot Trojan mayor now because she earned that right to there.”

    Adios you homophobe!

  2. titus says

    i assume that this was a “recall” election and not a normal mayoral election. based on that i am glad it was schedule as part of the normal slate of elections and not contested during the primaries or set up as a specila election. so many “important” elections such as the recent north carolina election regarding same-sex marriage is contested during a primary or other special election when all the voters normally would not turn out.

  3. Bob says

    Great news! She got what she deserved. After this election the Tea Party and the homophobes must finally realize that it is unpopular to promote, support or perpetuate hate.

  4. Oscar says

    This is great but also the kicking out of Sherif Lombardi of Broward County,Fl.The anti-gay and minority hater is out.WONDERFUL.He is a disciple of the most disgusting sheriff in history,Navarro.This disgusting man,Navarro once came down on the roof of the disco Club 21 in Hallandale in a helicopter just to intimidate the gays while his cops broke into the disco by the frontand back doors with guns drawn.It was disgusting.Thank God Navarro is dead and hopefully in Hell.Two dirty anti-gay people bite the dust.YEEEEEEA.

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