1. Chris K says

    It’s so strange listening to him speak nowadays, because being brought up in a conservative Christian household and having seen his tv shows and sermons countless times I remember how wise his words used to sound to my brainwashed little ears, and how this fossil windbag’s voice is now just unbearable. Watching a video of this pathetic waste of human skin makes me want to move to another planet (or an entirely different planetary system).

  2. Icebloo says

    I’m an atheist but I LOVE Christmas ! I hate all the religious bs of course but I love Santa, giving presents, the decorations and spending time with family and friends. I see it as a big party to help lift our spirits during the dark, cold winter months. I don’t view it as a religious holiday.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    “They are miserable so they want you to be miserable.”
    Sounds like the Religious Right to me!

  4. Aulton says

    If I recall, it wasn’t the atheists trying to convince me that everyone is evil and the world sucks and other such rot. Back under your rock, miserable religious filth! (redundancy, I know)

    P.S.: Can the drama about holidays, OK? No one entity has ownership to them.

  5. says

    well that was pretty funny.

    i still don’t know how one “steals Christmas”, exactly.

    you never hear the Jewish communities claiming that we’re “Stealing Chanukah”

  6. Paul R says

    Who with a modicum of sense cares about religion? There’s far too much information about Robinson, Graham Jr, and Perkins on this site.

    Everything that they say is entirely predictable. Who cares? They don’t like gays and say stupid things? Wow I’m shocked. Except that I’m not. What else are they going to say?

  7. BETTY says

    I can’t wait until they rerun “The Atheist Who Stole Christmas” on TV this year! A true holiday classic.

    What a maroon!

  8. andrew says

    The only place that I read about this bible believer is on Towleroad. Hopefully the reason that you post his views is for comic relief and not because you think they matter.

  9. Tom in long beach says

    Liberal Gay Christian here. I love the lights and spending what time I can with friends and family. I hate the commercialism of it all. I work in fine dinning so I miss out on the actual holidays. Wonder what is so hard about lighting the oven and throwing in a ham ? Some people pretend that their going out to eat on Christmas does not keep others from actually seeing family on Christmas. My Husband told me once that he cried himself to sleep on one Christmas eve. Another thing I really hate the about the Holidays is ads for cars and jewelry. Those really make me want to puke. It should all be about expressing love to the people in our lives. And if you believe you can celebrate it, or wonder what day of the year Jesus really was born on?

  10. says

    War on Christmas? I’d rather learn more about the waste of oxygen and energy every time people like Robertson open their mouths to say more vile and stupid things.

    Pure fluff punditry to incite people over conflicts not happening. The fake outrage isn’t even hot enough to be a viable energy alternative.

  11. brett says

    Having a terrorist group seize your town, burn your bibles and churches and force you to change beliefs would be a better description of a war or attack on religion. Besides there are three types of Christmas: Secular, Religious and the combo pack. Celebrate one, celebrate all, mix it like a bucket of chicken, do what you want.

  12. Ted says

    Christian put on a fake smile and pretend they are happy, under that fake smile is are unhappy people who live with the lies they are told to believe because everybody else goes along with it, not because it really makes people happy. Most of what they force on people is lies to keep suckers under control so they give money to the church to control more people. It is a power money and trip, just ask the Pope and the Catholic church who are the richest group in the world along with the world bankers. It is all about power to control people and get paid to do it. They are one big fraud and a scam. If people ever woke up and stopped believing in their power and lies the Christians Churches would fold up like a house of cards. But evil men run these religions who use other men who are afraid of them and so they do their dirty work to keep the “faithful” down and stupid and believing stuff like the use to tell them like, the world is flat and you can fall off. That is how they use you like slaves to a lie. People could walk away free if they knew this but the evil powers keep the truth out of their hands and kill anybody who tries to expose these evil power trip dictators of religion.

  13. johnny says

    Christmas has evolved into many things for many people, but at it’s root, it’s about the love and the spirit of giving.

    Whether you believe in God/Jesus or not, it is a holiday that celebrates our human abilities to love and give each other symbols of that love on one special day each year.

    By being accusatory and trying to deny ANYONE that ability… Pat, you’re the Grinch in this scenario. Now, go back to sleep, gramps.

  14. it's a crime wave says

    Dear Pat R.,
    I don’t think it was the atheists who stole Xmas. It was probably the same folks who stole America, from the Republicans.

    You may not get out much, but I have seen their bumper stickers saying “Take Back America” so I know it was stolen.

    I hope you get over it faster than Mitt Romney did.

    Best Wishes,
    A. Theist

  15. Brian says

    I’ll say it for the umpteenth time: if the media would ignore Robertson, he’d fall into the obscurity he deserves.

  16. Caliban says

    So if I understand this analogy correctly, that make him Cindy Loo Who, right?

    The Fox News “War On Christmas” schtick was a nadir of journalism. Ok, because people in stores don’t say YOUR preferred holiday greeting, you are under attack, right?

  17. Steve says

    Yet how many Christians you hear complain about atheists ruining St. Valentine’s Day? Typical Christian behavior to pick and choose fights.

  18. Will says

    I like Christmas for the following reasons {in the following order}: 1)Spending it with my boyfriend and our family…and that’s it. The food is good, the company is good, the mood is good. That is a merry Christmas for me.

  19. NeverEclipsed81 says

    It’s funny that he feels such negativity around Christmas, because I was starting to look forward to it. Not stealing anything over here buddy.

  20. says

    So nice to know that, now that Robertson is as old as a dinosaur, he still doesn’t know a damned thing. History, particularly religious history, utterly escapes him. Then again, he’s still one of the biggest damned liars and hypocrites on the planet so what would it matter.
    What does it matter to the troglodyte that every single “Christian” holiday has it’s roots in a far older Pagan past. Obviously it doesn’t. Nor does it matter that their one claim to fame – the resurrection of Christ – is predated by thousands of years by similar resurrection stories from Egypt, Babylon, India, the Norse, the Mayan… Blah, ptoey! Pagan Goddess that I am, I just can’t work up any sympathy for the old fart-blossom. When is the nurse coming to collect his dessicated ass, anyway?

  21. Eric26 says

    “Atheists don’t like our happiness, they don’t want you to be happy, they want you to be miserable…They’re miserable so they want you to be miserable.”

    This made me laugh out loud. I am an atheist.

  22. mmike1969 says

    Oh shut up you old windbag. You christians stole ‘Christmas’ from the pagans! Of course facts and history are irreverent to idiots like you and your lemmings!

  23. anon says

    I think the irony is that a lot of evangelicals (and this is not widely known, but there are typically a few articles every year about it) are opposed to the “secularization” and “commercial exploitation” of what should be to them a rather serious religious holiday. For them, it means no decorating or trees, only modest gifts and lots of prayer for the coming year. What fun.

  24. Caliban says

    It’s pretty clear that Pat Robertson is getting (or has gotten) age-related dementia. Just look at some of the statements he’s made about sex and relationships in the last year.

    It’s OK for a man to divorce his wife because she has Alzheimers and he wants nookie.

    Oral sex is only a sin if YOU think it’s a sin. (Oral sex is fine of course, but since when did Pat Robertson promote the idea that the Bible wasn’t the ultimate authority, that what YOU think [as opposed to what HE thinks] matters? His previous position was that non-procreative sex makes the baby Jesus cry.)

    He defended Petraeus because “she’s a good looking woman” and he’s “a lonely man.” Again, a complete reversal of his previous moral absolutism.

    I won’t be at all surprised if Robertson has a total “Where am I?!” meltdown on air. In fact I look forward to it.

  25. KZ says

    “You’re a mean one, Mr Atheist. You really are a heel! You’re as cuddly as a cactus. You’re as charming as an eel. Mr AaaatheeIST!”

  26. BETTY says

    @Caliban: did he really defend Patreus and say that? That’s funny since his ilk are all about the “sanctity” of marriage. I guess it’s OK to screw around and destroy a family as long as you are straight. But God forbid two gay people want to get married! No way! That will ruin marriage.

  27. Jerry6 says

    OH! GOOD, I can go to sleep Christmas Eve to await the visit by Santa knowing that good old Pat Robertson has made his annual tirade against every happy person on earth that does not put money in his collection plate on December 25.

  28. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Betty: TR on 14 November 2012.

    A bit of history about some of the Founding Fathers. The Puritans, who came here for religious freedom for themselves only, used to have troops visit homes on 25 December to insure that no one was celebrating Christmas. Three cheers for the Massachusetts Bay colony!

  29. Jerry6 says

    What a sick (Mentally) despicable old man. At his age, he should be worried about where his Sole(or is it Soil)is going to end up, and start asking forgiveness from all of the people he has harmed during his lifetime.