1. TruthSeeker_Two says

    This is awesome news. Let’s hope Colorado skips past civil unions and votes to grant marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

  2. ***** says

    To anyone wanting to donate to help the Ali Forney Center recover from Sandy, here is the address.
    Ali Forney Center/ATTN: Andria Ottley,
    224 West 35th St,
    Suite 1500
    NY,NY 10001
    Helping homeless gay kids that have been tossed out on their ear by hate filled, homophobic parents would be a wonderful way to celebrate winning marriage equality in three more states.

  3. says

    Yes Colorado, there is equality and reality when Democrats replace Republicants! How sweet it is so far in the 21st century. In the movie “The Magic Christan”there is a scene where some people are playing a board war game… and someone ask”Will there ever be peace?” and their answer was “when the bomb the last cathedral”! I’m not advocating that, but when they separate church from states laws you not only get peace, but progress. That is happening in states that replace Republicans politicians that earn their votes in churches, and not in their state houses. Thank you Colorado for showing America the road to equality and reality!