1. Lars says

    Ugh. I love you Andy Towle, but you are badly in need of a professional editor. Mr. Belonsky: did you even watch the video? It clearly said/wrote 4.5 billion years. And your screenshot even says as much.

    I’m thinking maybe I should stop coming here on Thursdays. Even the weekends are going downhill :-(

  2. put in perspective says

    If all of the history of life was represented by the Eiffel Tower, then humanity would be the thin coating of paint at the top of the knob at the highest point.

    (I think Mark Twain said this a long time ago.)

  3. anon says

    They have a walk through cosmic history at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC. You get to mark off time as you walk with major events shown on the railing. Creationists are well away of what science is trying to say. The important thing is to teach kids what science is trying to say and why it’s relatively unbiased methods should be the trusted authority on the matter.

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