1. Lucas H says

    THIS is what I think he got fired for. Nobody gets fired for having an affair with another married person. That’s a red herring. Dude is in the Pentagon! He got fired for letting secrets get out BECAUSE of a sloppy affair!

  2. John in Bend says

    This is not what he got fired for. From the AP Wire:

    “On Wednesday, a New York businessman said Kelley was introduced to him at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August as someone whose friendship with Petraeus would help facilitate a no-bid deal with South Korea on a coal-gasification project. She would supposedly be in a position to help broker the billion-dollar deal directly with the Korean president, and expected a 2 percent commission, said Adam Victor, president and chief executive officer of TransGas Development Systems.”

    This is why Eric Cantor said nothing when he was informed of the scandal in October. This is why the Obama administration wasn’t informed until after the election. The Dems are keeping mum while they gather information and allow the Repugs to speak out in a manner that ultimately provides enough rope to hang themselves. This is a purely Republican scandal. Just wait until all the facts are revealed.