1. jlavoy says

    I was expecting to get a nice chuckle out of this, but I was disappointed. This woman sounds so completely out of touch, so ancient. Nonsense. I was a gay RA at a small liberal arts school, not even a large state university. I hosted a drag ball, and it was so popular among wide groups of people: the gays, the frats, the pre-med students. Its fun to dress up in the “other gender’s” clothes. No one thought that anyone who wasn’t gay, was gay. It was good, drunk, clean fun.

    From an RA’s perspective, we’re required to do programming. It seems this RA’s supervisor was encouraging her to join in on this large group program (to save her some work, maybe?) and when she resisted, he wondered why.

    “My son or daughter has a gay RA. No wonder my son or daughter is coming home with these crazy Obama-ideas.”

  2. greggo says

    Even the tree in the background is a phoney… fresh from the fake plant factory. Nothing about this bag of lipids is real, except for the melodrama.

  3. Brad says

    Maybe the gay RA’s parents should be concerned about the Christianist bigots in the dormitory. What a non-concern. The poor little Catholic girl was a COWARD. So the underlying message is, gays should be banned from campus? Really?

  4. Abel says

    She looks like one of the witches in ROSEMARY’S BABY. Poor, sad, deluded woman, trying to put the best face on her hatred and bigotry.

  5. david says

    Well guess what dear, part of the responsibilities of a RA is to provide programming and activities for their students that they assist, so if she did not participate in this event, then it is her responsibility to provide something in exchange. so if you don’t understand the responsibility of her job, maybe you madame should do your research so you understand what you in fact know nothing about Dr. Morris. Doctor of apparently, lack of research.

  6. says

    y’know, it’s a decidedly north-american insecurity to get ones panties in a bunch over DRAG>

    the commonwealth countries tend to not be so terrified of it. Dame Edna, anyone? Monty Python?

    oh no. people were in drag.

    you should be more upset about kids joining university gun clubs

  7. Greggie says

    “I know…I’ll wear my necklace with the REEEALLY big cross. Oh, there it is…hanging on the wall.”

  8. Fictional Name says

    Because sooooo many college students want to “hang out” with people from this organization. I can only imagine how well that goes down lol

    This is nothing more than fundraising through fear. “Pay our bills because we are working to protect your children” is the basic message. It isn’t really about LGBT people – they would use any convenient minority group to instill enough fear to keep the money coming.

    She needs to hang out with gay RA’s at least long enough to get a hair and wardrobe intervention lol

  9. Daniel says

    Funny how she can’t recall the name of this ‘large university’ – of course with specifics people could look into it and reveal that the story was just that, a story, and not an actual occurrence.
    Lyin’ for Jeebus. If ya gotta lie about it then there’s not really much of an issue, is there?

  10. Bernie says

    omg….. the horror Dr. J?!?! better watch out or someone will turn her into a drag king and then she may poof into dust such silliness by NOM

  11. Icebloo says

    Do they have to have their brains removed to become a member of NOM ? They seriously think wearing traditional female clothes will make a man gay and vice versa ? SERIOUSLY ? So does that mean any gay man who wears traditionally male clothes will be “cured” ? Why aren’t I straight by now then ? How long does this “cure” take ?

  12. Icebloo says

    I would like to see documentation that this woman is a Doctor !

    I would also like to see documentation this woman is really a woman !

  13. says

    If there’s a problem, it’s not that there are gay RAs, it would be if the RAs are pressuring others into doing something they are not comfortable doing. Her message goes to far when she implies gay students cannot go to school, let alone be RAs.

  14. billydee4 says

    When I had the misfortune of seeing her in person last July she was wearing PANTS!!!!! Apparently she was unable to resist the allure of drag. Honestly, she wants everyone to follow the rules of the Roman Catholic Church. She wants to forbid divorce, criminalize adultery and all sex outside of marriage, and to outlaw all birth control. What a nasty woman.

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    Wikipedia says Dr J taught economics at Yale and George Mason, but doesn’t discuss any of her educational background. It is contemplating deleting her entry for lack of general interest.

    It sounds like the RC RA was very conservative and very much unsuited for her job. It was *her* problem that she did not present religion as the real reason for her discomfort. The chief RA should then have backed off. OTOH – I would be surprised if the majority of RC students on campus would agree with her. I suspect that Dr J would be hypocritically delighted if the RC RA held an anti-Dan Savage program.

    My dear Dr J, values should be taught in the home before the students go off to school. What is so hard to understand about that?

    @Daniel – You’re on to their typical routine of, at best, distorting the facts, if not full-fledged lying.

  16. LHN says

    The NOM people are grasping at straws these days and it will only get worse.

    Just for fun, I brought up this ridiculous video at lunch today. My daughter (college student) told me 1) her RA last year was gay; and 2) drag parties are held 2x/yr and are some of the most popular events on campus. Then she whipped out her iPhone and showed me a picture of a young man (his head was cropped off) with a very cute butt putting on his fishnet stockings for the party. I am sure JRM would be horrified…LOL.

  17. BETTY says

    I think there are much more important things going on in dorms that parents should be worried about. This alleged dress up party is not one of them.

  18. JAMES says

    I was am RA at a small liberal arts college, that was *gasp* christian as well. My last year on the job my Senior RA was super christian and threw it in everyone’s face, I was the gay RA who all my residents liked. Most of them were more comfortable dealing with me and who can blame them…I mean I got a letter from this girl, after I told my staff I was gay, that said (paraphrasing here)god loves all his mistakes. So before she talks about her poor defenseless Catholic RA she really should think how the overtly religious can make people feel. I don’t know what the problem is, I routinely had to plan 600+ person events by myself or one other RA. Besides, most residents just skip’em anyway…If a drag ball got people to show up good on that homo.

  19. bill says

    I agree with the above comment, she is in the wrong dorm, but should not be pressured to do what she does not want to do. This sad person commentator seems not to understand that EVERYONE we meet and deal with during our short time on this planet has or should have some influence and or impact on our lives, good, bad, or otherwise.

  20. Homer says

    Couldn’t she have been more conspicuous with her accessory? I think the next size of her jewelry choice is life-sized. c”,)

  21. MaddM@ says

    RAs have to do SO MUCH programming- and woman, give me a break, she has the potential of hundreds showing up to her own event and will get maybe 20 or a few hundred if she is REALLY lucky. Don’t act like it was some weird mandatory convocation.

  22. Diogenes Arktos says

    Good-As-You reports that Dr J is annoyed that her video has so few likes and so many dislikes. Please go to

    and dislike. I’m so shocked the comments are disabled;-)

  23. says

    Dr. Roback Morse’s concern on this ISOLATED incident may hold some validity, assuming that the accusation of bullying by a Gay RA is true. Today, the LGBT Civil Rights movement in the US is gaining tremendous ground and in a positive light! That being said, we must all remember that individuals in the LGBT community can be bullies too! LGBT persons can also abuse their power just like anyone else!

    HOWEVER, Dr. Roback Morse’s concern losses traction as she continues to group ALL “Gays” within a derogatory category. Speaking in hung generalizations, rather than solve the specific incident at hand, Dr. Roback Morse further insinuates (in an incredibly passive aggressive tone) that ALL homosexual RAs are bullies trying to enforce a negative agenda.

    Dr. Roback Morse:
    “and this holiday season, when your young people come home from college, ask them about this, ask them if they have a Gay RA in their dorms, because as I’ve talked to other people about this, a lot of them said, “gosh, now that you mention it, my daughter was in a dorm, even at a Christian college where she had a Gay RA.”

    She further attempts to reach out to parents and insinuate that if their children are students of a “Gay RA” that they are pre-exposed to becoming victims of a homosexual agenda.

    For her soft-spoken motherly appeal and crucifix around her neck is no disguise for the bigotry she preaches. Dr. Roback Morse is in no way spreading God’s teachings of LOVE.