1. Javier says

    As long as the leaders of the Illinois Senate and House are not anti-gay Democrats, Illinois should be the next state to legislatively enact marriage equality. There is a Democrat governor and Democratic supermajority in the state legislature. It should be rather easy. There is no way it can be put on the ballot without the legislature first approving such a move.

  2. Icebloo says

    Excellent news ! I was hoping another Mayor or Governor would have the balls to stand up for us. We have to keep pushing right now while the momentum is on our side.
    The evil empire of Republicans may well be back in power after the next election so we need to do all we can NOW before the Republicans come back and block us and try to turn all the laws against us again.

    I have already renewed my membership of the Human Rights Campaign this week and also bought a couple of T shirts from them. They put MILLIONS into the last four campaigns as well as giving millions to the Obama campaign so they need us right now to get their bank account back up again for the next fight.

    Studies proved this time that the earlier we can get our pro gay marriage ads on TV the more success we have. NOM didn’t show their ads until the last couple of months during this election and by then people had already been persuaded by our ads to support us so if you can afford to give any money to the HRC please do so early.

    I wonder if Rhode Island will be moving forward with gay marriage this session too ?

  3. Icebloo says

    So if it’s approved by politicians I am assuming the Catholic Church & the Mormons (under their disguise the NOM) will raise more signatures to get it stopped and put to the ballot again.
    Does that mean the earliest this can happen is the mid terms two years from now ?

    I SO hate religious idiots.

  4. Steve says

    The really good news in that is that Illinois doesn’t have a stupid referendum process. They are among the sane states. The churches couldn’t stop Civil Unions there either.

  5. Icebloo says

    @Steve – thanks for the update. I was hoping this would not be a major, million dollar battle again ! GREAT NEWS !

  6. Chitown Kev says

    Like anything else in Illinois, this will be done in the backrooms of Springfield, probably around 2014.

    And even if the legislature put it on the ballot (which it won’t) referenda in Illinois are not binding.

    Still, Governor Quinn (one of the original “community organizers” that a certain skinny big eared black man patterned himself after, to an extent) is not popular at all, the budget is a far bigger issue…and we will probably need 1-3 Republicans to get it through which, in Illinois, is not impossible. But we had 2-3 false starts before passing CU’s and I expect the same here.

    This will probably pass in 2014…and Oregon, Rhode Island, and possibly Delaware will beat Illinois to marriage. But…once it’s done here, it’s done.

  7. Emmy says

    This should be done before 2014. Thats when the governors race is and i don’t know if Quinn is going to run for reelection, because i don’t think he’d win since he’s unpopular in the state.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    If I remember correctly, Illinois was the first state to decriminalize sodomy, back in 1965. It’s about time they caught up with marriage equality.

  9. L'Herb says

    The one thing about crooked Chicago politics, from the perspective of an outsider who has recently moved there, is that when there’s a liberal cause, it gets DONE, democracy be damned. Corruption is bad, but I’d rather have corruption in my favor than the other way around, I suppose…

  10. simon says

    @Diogenes Arktos:
    Illinois never had a law prohibiting “deviate sexual” conducts between consenting adults over 16 years of age.

  11. says

    The times, they are a changing! For me especially. Chicago is my hometown. Back in 1953,I quit a Chicago high school because I had “those” tendencies and it was taboo just to know someone queer(that is what we were called)or be gay. At school,your own home,or in the workplace. I moved to San Francisco in 1960,at the tail end of the beatnik era and a little later the beginning of the hippies, flower children and war protesters. I met many gays who were part of those movements. I moved to a changing S.F. neighborhood in the Eureka Vally called the Castro to start the 1970s.

    By osmosis, I became involved in the early rights movement,I belonged to the first gay softball league in the country. I became a freelance photographer and publicist that specialized in gay clients and businesses . I even outed myself nationally (when I created the “Anita Bryant’s Husband is a Homo Sapien!” T-shirt) at a time it was not yet fashionable to be openly gay, even in San Francisco! I counted Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone as friends. hometoAfter their assassinations, the gay rights movement moved at a snails pace. I stayed there until the late 1980s after 23 years living in Exile from Chicago, to return to my hometown.

    I soon discovered it was not the same place I left. With each passing year came more and more gay acceptances. Under Mayor Daley the City establishes a GLBT office within City Hall,the Gay Pride Parade drew crowds of over 300,000, In the 1990s, The City helped host the Gay games and Boys Town became a popular neighborhood and the Gay World series of Softball was held here. Those events brought many thousands and thousands of tourist to the Windy City. At the beginning of the 21st century we even elected our first openly gay Alderman. Today many Chicago High Schools have Gay Straight Alliances after-school programs. No longer do kids have to quit high school or adults have to leave their hometown just to be themselves anymore.

    This year I was inducted into Chicago’s Senior Citizen Hall of Fame(primarily based on my involvement in GLBT causes). I’m proud that Mayor Emanuel has championed our rights and social justice for all citizens of our great city. So if your looking for a gay friendly city to live or visit… Come to Chicago!

  12. reality says

    This is great news …. Looks like he’s borrowing a page from Bloomberg, and that’s a good thing (in this case).

  13. Ken says

    Looks like there are five states where we may have the potential to enact marriage equality this year legislatively this year. Illinos, Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, and Hawaii. Maybe New Jersey but doubt we can get the votes to override a Christie veto. Oregon and Colorado would require going to the ballot to repeal amendments but might be winnable if we decide to go that route.

  14. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Simon: You need a history lesson. Sodomy used to be illegal *everywhere* in the US – that fact alone was sometimes used to justify denial of gay rights. Google sodomy laws illinois. Multiple sources confirm that on 28 July 1961, Illinois decriminalized homosexual behavior – effective 1 January 1962. I was off three years.